Oktoberfest: Essential Guide

The Oktoberfest festival in Munich, Germany
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Oktoberfest: guide with the most important of the festival and the best activities to do.

Surely everyone here has heard about the Oktoberfest; a popular party in which everything related to fun and excitement is worthwhile, but what is this famous Oktoberfest? He Oktoberfest is a festival that has been taking place since the 1810 year in the Bavarian city of Munich and it is known, among other things, by the number of visits it receives from all over the world.

In the German city is a classic and during the months of September and October in more than half of the two months, you can see people dressed in classic costumes of the time and drinking tons of beer. Said thus, it may seem that this festival makes some kind of apology for excesses such as, for example, the fact of drinking beer at all hours until the first dawn but the truth is that it comprises one of the most emblematic celebrations in Germany and a classic to this day. // //

The influence of Oktoberfest in Spain

A festival as unique as the Oktoberfest that lavishes the party and drink beers at all hours of the day, was not going to stay only in Munich and is that regions around the world have signed up to make their own version of this festival as long as , keep the respect to the classic.

In Spain the Oktoberfest has been the most influential and everywhere we can find bars and taverns that make apology during these months to the more than cited Oktoberfest festival always having beer and celebration as the main protagonists of the event and the streets that they join the party.

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There is no specific region of Spain that stands out because of the Oktoberfest that it celebrates but the truth is that the main cities of the country, Barcelona y Madrid, they notice an increase in tourism when this date arrives basically because they are the ones that put the most intensity on the cause. Other cities like Sevilla o Valencia They also make important congregations of Oktoberfest but it is not as noticeable when it comes to tourism.

The streets are filled with people who remember the walks of Munich and everything that is wrapped there at that time. Taverns and bars everywhere offer important offers in beers and some tapas and food to peck so you have a good variety to choose from.

The types of beer are many and we can enjoy a lot of different brands that maybe, on another occasion, you do not have them. The vast majority of beers as you can imagine are imported and, with exceptions of some international taverns where you can take them throughout the year, it is very difficult to find all those that are offered here.

The simulations and homages to Oktoberfest that we find at certain points of the planet are very good, however, many people prefer to take a few days (those who have that possibility) and go directly to Munich to enjoy the top of the original party.

When can I go to the Oktoberfest?

As we have said, this festival is celebrated between the months of September and October in the city of Munich more specifically on the Saturday after the 15 day of September and usually lasts from 16 to 18 days in which we can find all kinds of individuals down the street looking to drink beer and enjoy the company of people from all over the world to the fullest.

During that time the bars in Munich are plagued by people, musical rhythms of all styles and also, a lot of beer. In the Oktoberfest what is not missing without a doubt, is the beer and you can enjoy many types. The brands and models of beers that are offered are the following:

These are some of the beers that you can enjoy in the city of Munich during the Oktoberfest event. However, there is a beer that none can overshadow and is precisely what gives the festival its name; Oktoberfest is the perfect beer for these dates and belongs to the Club Cervecero de Munich that in those days, make a faithful tribute to one of their favorite drinks.

The dangers of the Oktoberfest

It should be remembered that in any situation in which there is a lot of alcohol and stimulating substances in addition to a good volume of people around us, the dangers that it has because accidents may not be very pleasant. It is important that we maintain control and that we know that a good amount of alcohol in blood can play very bad tricks such as falls, accidents that can end in tragedy. It is much better that we have the necessary precautions before a bad pass can cost us more than a dislike.

Oktoberfest is a multinational party to have fun and enjoy with all your people and also meet people, according to which parts of the world, additional festivals are held in which we can participate. There are also often interesting competitions in which we can win prizes or even trips to any part of the world, everything is based on the originality that the organizers of these events want to manifest.

Every time there are more provinces and places that are added to celebrate the Oktoberfest festival and something that moves so many masses everywhere is usually interesting for people especially, in this case, for those who are lovers of the party and of beer. All beer lovers have an important appointment with the beer party (in many places in Spain is known as well) and also, first hand therefore, it is not something that you should miss if some of your hobbies are these that we have mentioned .

The Oktoberfest festival is gaining in popularity and prestige, so it is not surprising that next year we will see it through many more areas that we know so far that directly honor such a busy event.

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