Tuscany - Travel guide of the Italian region: all the basics and essentials


Travel guide of the Italian Tuscany region with all the basics and essentials to know.

Tuscany - Classical Panoramic Fields, Italy
Toscana - Classic Panoramic Campos, Italy (c) Can Stock Photo

The Toscana It is the most representative northern region of Italy.

Presents a totally different world, perfect to disconnect on your holidays and regain strength.

Maybe that's why the sign of "Se busca. Reward".

Many feel overwhelmed by the range of possibilities that open in Tuscany.

How to get there, what to do, what to eat, where to sleep ... are questions with many answers.

You can not trust the first thing you read, because each person has a different opinion.

That's why I made a good screen and I bring you the best of Tuscany. You are ready?

Let's go there. I'll start with the basic question:



How to get to Tuscany

And so basic, huh! You cannot complain about this aspect. In this region there are two international airports with more than 30 airlines, many of them low cost. It was never so cheap to travel to Italy.

El first airport is that of Pisa. I already told you little things about him. It is very well connected with Pisa (how not), Florence and other important cities. And you do not have to go to die to the taxi, you have bus and train.

The other international airport in Tuscany is the Campo de Marte. Well, that's the popular name, it's actually called Americo Vespucci and is very close to Florence, the most famous after Pisa. The communication between this airport and the city is also good. You will have to choose one or the other depending on what you plan to do on your days off.

How to get around the Italian region par excellence

Theirs is to reach the heart of Tuscany. For it you can not less than to cross it from top to bottom. How? It is easy.

Almost all of Italy is connected by a railway network with regular trains. You can get where you propose. And if the train does not arrive, the bus lines cover the cities of interest. By combining public transport you can do good tourism. You will be happy to know that in Italy the train has the cheapest rates in Europe - I think I know what transport you are going to use 😉

If you prefer to go your own way, you can rent a car, a motorcycle or a bicycle. For rural areas these last two options are the best ... and the most typical Tuscan. You will feel like an authentic Italian.

Interesting activities to do in Tuscany

Florence - Panoramic Exterior City, Italy
Florence - Panoramic Exterior City, Italy (c) Can Stock Photo

Linking with the point above ... if you do not want to concentrate solely and exclusively in a city, but you want to know the region, a vespa route will enchant you. It is ideal for a couple holidays. The girl, the helmet and the picnic. You do not need anything else to have a great time.

There are two routes, say recommended: one rural and one urban. The best thing is to take several days to do the route and thus be able to enjoy its charm. Think it over and choose:

  • The urban route: Actually the route is mixed. Between Pisa and Florence you can enjoy several beautiful cities, apart from spotting the Italian hills. The route is from San Miniato al Corazzano. You will pass through several historical cities full of charm, with museums to visit.
  • The purely rural route: From San Miniato to Poggio to Caiano. This route passes through the Corazzano, so you will see part of the first route. Gardens, painting museums, ceramics and others will leave you enchanted.

You can also choose to the wine route. It is of special tourist, historical, cultural and artistic interest. You will learn how the life of the Tuscan was centuries ago, which revolved around the cultivation of the vineyard and the olive tree. Still using traditional methods for the production of oil and wine, it gives an added value. The touch of craftsmanship makes Tuscany special. Actually, this is the essence of the region. Lucca and Montecarlo are the recommended villages.

San Gimignano - Panorámica Torres City, Italy
San Gimignano - Panoramic Towers City, Italy (c) Can Stock Photo

A fatal mistake would be to be in Tuscany and not see your capital, Florence. It is an incredible city that you can not miss. To see it calmly and be able to enjoy its beauty, breathe its atmosphere and feel the same as an authentic Florentine, you would need at least 3 days.

So you can organize well, here I leave the most important thing of Florence: squares, museums and streets that you should not overlook. The Piazza del Duomo It is located in the historical center (which by the way, was declared a world heritage site a few years ago). It is the most emblematic place in the city and houses the cathedral, the bell tower and the baptistery. Here you can begin to breathe the architecture of the Renaissance.

The Arc of Triumph and the Palazzo Strozzi They are emblematic monuments, a reminder of the Medici family that brought a vast heritage to the city. Palazzo Vecchio, the Uffizzi Gallery, the National Museum Bargello or the Ponte Vecchio are also worth a visit. Everything very close to the center, it will be easy to get oriented.

But do not forget about the gastronomy. It cooks a lot with vegetables and mushrooms, sure you have not eaten so well in many years. A traditional restaurant will make you go back to childhood, when you discovered your favorite dish.

The best beaches in Tuscany

Apart from city and mountain you can enjoy the sea and the beach. The city par excellence is Viareggio. Its wide beaches are linked to one another throughout the city, which combines beautiful gardens, exquisite restaurants and a nocturnal activity almost typical of Spanish beaches. Has life!

Almost any beach in Viareggio that you choose will surprise you. Clean sand and clear water are, without a doubt, strong points.

Where to sleep

What kind of tourism have you chosen? Whether you go to Florence, Pisa or any other large city, the best is a hotel in the center of the city. You will have at hand important places of interest, and you can visit a different area every day. It always gets you close.

If you have chosen a more rural tourism you can not miss the charm of the more traditional hostels in remote villages. The tranquility you'll find will help you rest as never before. Or maybe a hotel on the beach, you decide.

Go ahead and discover for yourself the charms of this wonderful region of Italy. Do you dare with the Toscana?

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