Varadero - Travel Guide of the Cuban city: all the basics and essentials


Travel guide of the city of Varadero in Cuba: all the basic and essential.

Josone Park in Varadero, Cuba
Josone Park in Varadero, Cuba © Aygul Bulté -

Varadero is a wonderful place full of beautiful natural landscapes that make it a unique place in the world, it is considered as the Caribbean paradise due to its beauty and tranquility that invite nothing more than rest, pleasure and fun.

Varadero It is the most visited tourist destination in Cuba, preferred by its beauty and places of interest where people can live a great experience that they will undoubtedly forget. It is located in the Hicacos peninsula, in the north of the province of Matanzas, its location is very close to the United States, it borders the Strait of Florida to the north and Cárdenas Bay to the south.

It is an ideal place for those who prefer natural activities, here they will be able to enjoy beautiful beaches, diving, deep sea fishing, natural parks and much more where everyone can enjoy a direct contact with the natural environment and even some species own of the place.

Varadero is a perfect place to practice sports and water activities, its waters allow you to enjoy the natural beauty of the sea, visitors can live a great adventure knowing a great variety of fish and marine species or if they are lovers of extreme adventures they can enjoy a walk in jet ski or take advantage of the waves to surf.



How to get to Varadero? 

To get to Varadero we must take into account that Cuba has important 3 airports, El José Martí Airport in Havana, Antonio Maceo de Santiago, and Juan Gualberto Gómez from Varadero. To get to Varadero we have these three options in charge of receiving tourists who arrive from other parts of the world in order to visit Cuba and obviously without leaving aside the wonder of visiting Varadero.

By land it is possible to arrive from Havana Traveling on very comfortable roads and for tourist purposes, the whole route turns out to be very interesting thanks to the wonderful landscape and curiosities of the road that make the trip more pleasant.

The last option is by sea in which Varadero receives cruises and ships in its three marinas.

What places to visit in Varadero? 

Beach of Varadero, Cuba
Varadero beach, Cuba © jshutter -

When visiting Varadero, apart from going to enjoy its wonderful beach and natural landscape that offers us just by taking a tour, we can not stop going to know places with tourist purposes designed to make you live a very pleasant and unforgettable experience. Among the places you can visit in Varadero we can find:

Josone Park: it is a place with a history of the 40 years, it currently operates as a restaurant and has several ecological reserves colo gardens, lakes, animal species, flowers, etc. In addition, it has a recreational area with a pool, bars and crafts.

Varadero Dolphinarium: this place is wonderful for those who wish to live a great experience having direct contact with the dolphins, here they can enjoy several show besides having the possibility of swimming with them.

Varadero Golf Club: for golf lovers, here you will find a golf course with an incredible design where in addition to golf you have the opportunity to relax in a quiet place surrounded by beautiful landscapes.

Dusk on the beach of Varadero, Cuba
Dusk on the beach of Varadero, Cuba © Sergio Rodriguez -

Coral Beach: this place is ideal for diving lovers, it is one of the places most visited of the Caribbean and known for this practice, there you will find a marine landscape with abundant and highly visible species.

Other options for diving are the Saturn cave, the Ojo del Mégano and the area located east of the Hicacos Peninsula, these places are also rich in species and have their particularity that makes them special for diving.

In addition to these activities we can find many more, the place is full of things to do, after knowing a bit of history, culture, landscapes you can go at night to a night spot for dancing, drinks and fun.

What are the means of transportation in Varadero? 

In Varadero tourists can move comfortably by taxi, bus or rental cars, surely will reach a time when you want to move to a distant place and for this you will need a means of transport like this.

Taxis can be somewhat expensive depending on the route, no single fare is handled but charged with the taximeter.

The buses are quite comfortable and with a fixed price, they can be a great option since they pass through the main places to visit.

The rental cars are somewhat expensive but the tourist can make the journey he wants in the most comfortable way and according to all his needs.

What can you eat in Varadero? 

Varadero as a tourist destination offers a wide gastronomy made with all kinds of tastes in mind, there is a great variety of restaurants of all levels and prices. The meals can be found in combinations with Beef and pork, chicken, fish, seafood, different marine species, rice, banana and much more.

Among the typical dishes we can find is the roasted suckling pig, picadillo a la criolla, Cuban rice, ajiaco, yucca with mojo, meat with potatoes, fried fish, seafood in sauces and of course the famous Cuban Sandwich.

In addition to the meals you can choose a dessert and we can also find different cocktails, as the tourist advances you can see a variety of places where they will offer typical and international food.

Going shopping in Varadero 

Varadero has many places for those who love shopping, there will be different craft details, reminders, clothing, liquor, gifts and much more.

It is very normal that in places close to the beach or to places of attraction there are different crafts or fairs with a variety of interesting objects, but if you prefer it is also possible to visit shopping centers where apart from craft shops we can also visit important boutiques Fashion and accessories.
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