Traveling studying at a distance, an increasingly common option

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With the situation that we have experienced in recent months related to covid-19, distance education is becoming an option that is not ruled out at all. The good thing about this option, in addition, is that it allows you to have much more time (by avoiding travel) since we will be able to practice our favorite hobby, go to the gym, spend time with the family, have more social life, take care of our pets or any other personal need that we have.

But not only that, distance studies have been modernized and have left behind old models in which only the most applied could carry out their studies in this way. We are going to go into its advantages a little more in detail and you will see why it is a good option.

It's easy to organize your time

Studying remotely will allow you to adjust your times in the way that suits you best while you work. With this methodology it is much easier to be able to reconcile both tasks.

You can study from anywhere in the world

We live in a globalized world, where we move from one place to another almost immediately. Thanks to being continuously connected to the network, it no longer matters from where in the world we carry out our work ... or better yet, our studies.

Adequate teaching for each of us

In distance courses, a tutor is assigned to each student to carry out a personalized follow-up of the student and help him at all times. It is success if we talk about user experience.

We do not spend money to travel

We must not forget that the use of transport on a daily basis represents not only an expense for families, but is also a great challenge for the mobility and sustainability of cities.

That's English !, the distance learning English course

In line with everything that we discussed earlier, it is presented www.thatsenglish.comThis is the distance English course created by the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training that is taught in the Official Language Schools and is adjusted to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

They have recently made a couple of improvements that, we believe, will make your online presentation much more attractive; On the one hand, we have a Quiz where you can compete to be the best and whose objective is to bring the CEFR levels closer to anyone interested in studying English.

On the other hand, we find that they have made available to anyone who is interested, a demo of the operation of the platform aimed, above all, at those people who are not sure whether to sign up for these distance courses. This is appreciated since many times we pay the first installment only to realize that the platform is not going to provide us with what we need.

It is, without a doubt, one of the great options to consider if we are evaluating learning or improving our level of English by studying at a distance.

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