Travel to Bali in 2008


Travel to Bali in 2008

Our trip to Bali departed from Darwin (Australia), flying with JetStar, the low cost company of Qantas, and as this means, it has nothing to do with the main company. Already in the airport from Darwin we had problems for the weight of the suitcases, more than 20kg in each one they did not like, and of course, as we carried a lot of things bought from Australia, then to carry 5 handbags. Finally, after this process, and after 2 hours and a half of flight, we reached Bali. After the beating of the 15 days in Australia, we did not really want to go on excursions, but we had 7 days ahead, so it gave us time to go for a walk around the island.



The accommodation: the Meliá Bali

Interior of the Meliá hotel in Bali, Indonesia
Interior of the Meliá hotel in Bali, Indonesia

We stayed in the Meliá BaliIt is a hotel that many Spaniards usually go to. Spectacular as him alone. It is located right on the beach of Nusa Dua. We took a duplex room, with the living room and a bathroom downstairs and the room with another bathroom upstairs. In some forums we have read that there is humidity in the hotel, but we did not notice anything. Anyway, in all of Bali there are a lot of humidity. At reception there is usually someone who speaks Spanish, anyway, the English spoken by the Balinese is not that it is very difficult to understand.

The hotel itself is very good, there is 5 restaurants where to choose, a couple of bars,Swimmingpool and piece of own beach. Of course, if you go to the beach, I give you two warnings: the first, that Balinese people walk along the beach trying to sell all kinds of products, and they are sooo heavy…. the second, the tide usually goes down around one o'clock, with which, after this hour, the beach disappears and those who want to bathe have no choice but to go to the pool. For Lunch or dinner, I advise going to the mall Bali Collection, who is 5 minutes walking from the Meliá and there are all kinds of restaurants and very cheap, even some with live music.


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First Day of Excursion

Typical Balinese dance: Barong and Cris
Typical Balinese dance: Barong and Cris

We had this trip included in the trip, but it costs about 30€. We start the day going to the town of Batubulan, to see a typical Balinese dance: Barong and Cris. The Barong dance is influenced by Eastern Javanese stories about the Kingdom of Jenggala that was tormented by diseases that could not be spared during the reign of King Erlangga (1019-1042 AD). After the dance, we continue towardsSebatu, where we visited the temple of the holy spring. Continuing with the tour and looking to see a bit of local art, we went to the villages of Batuan More, towns where they are dedicated to the art of painting and the size of the wood. If you want, you can take advantage to buy some of their products, they are not very expensive, and like in all of Bali, you can bargain without problems.

As we got on the way, we stopped to see some rice paddies. From here we went to a restaurant from which you can see the top of the volcano that exists in Bali, which is still active today. Prepare for people to approach you on the street asking you to buy things. The food was in the village of Kintamani and buffet style, it's not a big deal. In the afternoon, we go down towards Tegallalang, where we stop to try different types of coffee and admire the coffee plantations. After here, we returned to the hotel, which still had an hour to travel.


Second Day of Excursion

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This tour cost us about $30 per person, it was day to see temples. We start with the royal family temple in the village of Mengwi.

Formerly it could not be accessed, but today the entrance is free and there is only one area that can not be accessed. Advice for temples: DO NOT go to the bathrooms. If there is something that Bali has, it is dirt.

From here we head towards Kedaton wings, where we went to see thetemple of the monkeys. There are dozens of monkeys everywhere. At the entrance they give you a series of tips in case some monkey gets silly and gets angry.

Eye, to one that I saw, a monkey bit him in the neck, so be careful with the bugs with walking pricking. You always go with a guide, who kindly when you finish the tour takes you to your store if you want to buy something.

To end the tour, we ended up in the most famous of the temples: Tanah Lot. Tanah Lot means "the land in the middle of the sea" in Balinese language. Located about 20 km from Denpasar, the temple sits on a huge rock that the sea has been continuously during the years of the oceanic tide.

Tanah Lot Temple in Bali, Indosenia
Tanah Lot Temple in Bali, Indonesia

Tanah Lot is said to have been the work in the 15 century of the priest Nirartha. The story goes that, during his travels along the south coast, he saw the rock of the island and the beautiful scenery and rested there.

Some fishermen saw it, and they bought him presents. Nirartha then spent the night on the small island. Later he referred to the fishermen and told them to build a sanctuary in the rock, since he considered it a holy place to worship the gods of the Balinese Sea.

If you can go with the sunset, much better. The photo that remains is a postcard. Right there are a lot of places where you can do the shopping and bargain everything you want.

To end the day we went to dinner at Santi Café. Ask for it at the reception, it is located on the beach of Jimbaran, it is a place that you are going to look for the hotel, and they take you after dinner, dinners in the same beachLocustPrawns,clams, etc ... and by ONLY 30 €.

Try it, you will not regret it.


General Councils About Bali

1.- In Bali there is a lot of humidity, so get ready to spend the heat.
2.- The time difference with Spain is 6 more hours in Bali.
3.- If you want to go shopping, the best place is Kuta, there are hundreds of places to buy things, the best thing is to take a car / taxi and take you there.
4.- What to take the taxis: at the exit of most hotels there are Balinese waiting for tourists to offer a car, to bargain with them. It is quite safe.
5.- What to take the excursions: in the same beach they will offer them and cheaper than if you take them by agency.
6.- The currency they use there are the rupees. When we have been, 1 euro were 14.000 rupees.
7.- Currency exchange is similar everywhere (airport, hotels, towns).
8.- Actually, go to the Santi Café.
9.- Do not go to the baths in the temples. Bali in general, it is very dirty.
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