Why do young people choose to study English in Ireland?


It is no mystery that studying English in an Anglo-Saxon country is ideal for learning and practicing on a daily basis more effectively. Although the United States, Canada and Australia are among the favorites for language exchange, studying English in Ireland is an increasingly widespread alternative among young people around the globe.

There are several reasons to study english in ireland. According to GrowPro, a leading company in educational experiences in Ireland and other world destinations, among the main advantages of choosing the Emerald Isle is the possibility of working while taking a course.

In the case of Latin America, the study and work visa enables you to study English in Ireland and work part time to recover the investment, save or continue traveling. While for countries of the European Union, the entrance to the island is much more accessible.

Likewise, the variety of types of courses is another of the strengths of the country of Saint Patrick. Among the infinity of English schools, there are options that adjust to the objectives and needs of each student. For example, these schools offer intensive courses, general English, business English or preparation for official certificates.

Added to this range of educational proposals is the high quality of education in Ireland. in the last report PISA of 2018 (taken every three years), the Gaelic country ranks eighth in the world in reading skills.

Dublin as the epicenter of the educational and cultural scene

Dublin is the most popular city to study English on the Emerald Isle. The Irish capital is a small city but it has everything. It is not only home to hundreds of English schools, but also to universities and multinational companies, due to its connection with the United States.

This translates into greater study and work opportunities for foreign students, with one of the highest salaries in Europe. Furthermore, the strategic location of Dublin facilitates entry and transit between major European cities such as London o Berlin, which allows you to take the opportunity to explore the rest of the Old Continent, especially if you come from as far away as Latin America.

The multicultural factor is also very important when studying English in Ireland and especially in Dublin, a city where cultural exchange is a daily occurrence and another phenomenon that attracts people from all over the world. Meeting people from Ireland and other countries with folk music in a pub in The Temple Bar area sounds like an ideal plan for many. And it is better if it is to celebrate St. Patrick's Day in the place where it originated.

Another not minor fact is the great ecological awareness in Dublin. In fact, Ireland is ranked 13th among the greenest countries in the world, according to the 2021 Sustainable Development Report. Among its highlights are the use of clean and accessible energy, as well as responsible work with a growing economy.

You can explore Dublin by bicycle, one of the most used means of transport in the Gaelic capital. This is due both to government campaigns to promote its use, and easy access at strategic points in the metropolis. For this reason, Dublin has the characteristics that make it an ideal city to learn another language without sacrificing fun and adventure.

Studying English is just the pretext

To the study and work opportunities, the variety of English courses and the Irish educational quality, we must add other strengths that do not necessarily have to do with studying. According to GrowPro, the attractions of Ireland are also in its Celtic tradition, a history rich in mythology, its landscapes and friendly people with whom you can practice English in confidence. Of course, enjoying a good whiskey or a world-class beer are factors as important as the previous ones, since fun and nightlife are also included. Although Dublin and other cities in Ireland are small and relatively quiet, they are nonetheless dynamic. That is why many young people come looking for adventure while learning English.

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