What are the 5 best travel pillows in this 2020?

Today we bring a very functional element when traveling by plane, train or car and we are talking about best travel pillows Part 2020. Those long hours traveling must be accompanied by a good pillow in order to have a much more comfortable and peaceful tour.

Its five very good options that you must try in order to choose the one that best suits your needs, since each one has a particular use that makes them unique and differentiates them from each other. They are very practical to carry, they do not take up much space because some swell, fold or are placed on the shoulder.

Those long hours of flights or travel on the road undoubtedly tire and make you desperately want to reach the destination, but with travel pillows How are you, without a doubt you will be able to enjoy and rest more.

Without many detours, this is the top 5 you have wanted to see, but before it is important to mention that we work together with Amazon. You can buy the product at the end of the description quickly and safely at the click of a button, the best prices on the market, free shipping and with a guaranteed guarantee.


It is an orthopedic memory foam rebound memory foam neck pillow, ideal for the cervical, which includes an eye mask, caps and a transport bag.

It has been the most purchased so far this year, due to its ergonomic design that provides excellent comfort. Here are some advantages of using it:

  1. Protects the cervical vertebrae at different angles.
  2. Softens the pressure on the neck and shoulders, allowing better relaxation for the body.
  3. Multipurpose also for the office, home, etc.
FYLINA Memory Foam Viscoelastic Travel Pillow, Cervical Orthopedic Pillow Neck Pillow for travel plane train with Eye mask, Caps and carrying bag
  • 【Bring maximum comfort to your neck】 With an ergonomic design, this travel pillow in line with the cervical curve design and the hump-shaped support, protects your cervical vertebrae in multiple angles and dissipates pressure on the neck and Shoulders, relax your body.
  • 【Premium slow bounce memory foam】 This neck pillow with 100% rebound memory foam, which is soft and comfortable, absorbs pressure on the head and neck. Let me sleep well. The removable pillowcase is made of magnetic fiber cloth and velvet that protects the cervical spine and is easy to wash.
  • 【Multipurpose pillow for any place】 Ideal companion for home, office and travel. It is an indispensable luggage for long trips or business trips. Whether on a plane, train, bus or car, this practical travel pillow will help you sleep comfortably.
  • 【Pocket Small pocket and adjustable buckles】 With the perfect size for mobile phones, iPods, headphones, masks, headphones or other small handheld devices. Adjustable buckles help you easily adjust the size of the neck pillow and choose the right size for you.
  • 【What you get】 The kit comes with 1 x travel pillow, 1 x eye mask, 1 x pair of earplugs, and 1 x carry bag. We are committed to providing our best customer services.

Power Of Nature

This is a brand that has been on the market since 1985 making products aimed at serving the well-being of people when traveling. It is a memory foam orthopedic made of 100% slow rebound foam, ideal for people suffering from pain in the neck.

  1. It has a closure, which allows you to remove the cover and be able to machine wash quickly and without damaging it.
  2. It does not discolor since it is made of lycra material which makes it soft and breathable.
  3. It includes a sleep mask and sound blocker and you can buy it in colors such as gray, black, blue and pink.
Orthopedic Viscollastic Cervical Travel Pillow - Cushion Neck Memory Foam Travel for Airplane and Car, with Eye Mask and Ear Plug
  • ❤100% memory foam memory foam pillow with 5 seconds slow bounce memory, soft and comfortable. Curl reduces pressure on the neck. anytime, anywhere to protect the cervical spine.
  • ❤Zipper design, the pillowcase is machine washable, so you will always get a fresh and clean pillow on your travel. Exceptional moisture wicking ability , fast drying and excellent breathability.
  • ❤With button design, fixed position to make you more comfortable. Ergonomic design, enhancing back, comfortable been. Body curve positioning, dispersing neck and shoulder pressure, relaxing pressure.
  • ❤Lycra material, comfortable and soft, no pilling, uncoloured texture, soft and breathable.The most considerate companion in home and travel. Our pillow provides support to protect your neck from pain when sitting in the seat of an airplane, car, train or bus.
  • ❤If you are not satisfied with our product or service for any reason, please feel free to contact us.


This is a traditional U-shaped model cushion, without a doubt the most used and the one that we commonly see with people when they go to travel.

  1. Easy to inflate or deflate.
  2. Made of PVC and velvet material which gives the touch of softness.
  3. Small, practical and light to carry.
Houdian Inflatable Travel Pillow, Airplane Neck Pillow - Portable Compact Head & Neck Support Pillows in Flight, Small U-shaped Headrest Cushion
  • Small, compact and ultralight.
  • Ergonomic design for comfortable neck or head support.
  • PVC material for good support and velvet fabric for a soft touch.
  • Easy to use, inflate or deflate in seconds
  • Adjustable firmness for your comfort.


This is a new orthopedic cushion on the market, it also has an ergonomic design that dissipates tension in the shoulders and neck.

  1. It should be washed by hand when the cover becomes dirty.
  2. Soft materials that allow you to have a good sleep.
  3. Includes mask and caps.
Newdora Memory Foam Viscoelastic Travel Pillow, Neck Pillow, Camping Pillows, Cervical Orthopedic Pillow, Neck Support, with Eye and Cap Mask, Dark Gray
  • Gentle on the skin - with soft materials, you would feel comfortable and sleep better
  • Protect the cervical vertebra - is ergonomically designed to gently support the head, neck and shoulders, matching the curves of the cervical vertebra. Effectively relieves load on shoulders, cervical vertebra and neck, mitigates fatigue
  • Premium Memory Foam - Cotton pillow core with 5 seconds slow bounce memory, comfortable and breathable. The bend reduces pressure on the neck. Flexible support serves as a cervical spine to relieve fatigue
  • Easy to care - the lid can be removed and washed if it gets dirty, so it can be used many times. Attention: Hand wash
  • Easy to carry - essential luggage for long-distance trips such as planes, trains and buses

LBLA travel pillows

This memory foam memory foam pillow is unique in that it is made of plush velvet with an anti-sweat magnetic therapy lining. It has an M-shaped hump design and at the end of the contour it reaches the jaw for a better fit to the neck, although at first glance it is U-shaped.

  1. The velvet cover is dustproof, removable and easy to wash.
  2. It is ideal for children and adults.
  3. It has a high density of foam padding which makes it more comfortable, ideal for sleeping on the go.
  4. Bring a hood that differentiates it to a unique style from the others.
Memory Foam Viscoelastic Travel Pillow, LBLA Cervical Orthopedic Pillow, Neck Pillow, U-shaped Pillow, for Airplane and Home Use
  • 【Soft and breathable velvet cover】 The LBLA viscoelastic foam travel pillow includes a soft 100% plush velvet cover and a magnetic anti-sweat magnetic therapy lining to protect the health of the cervical spine. The velvet cover can also be dustproof. The pillowcase can be machine washed, removable and easy to clean. Suitable for adults and children to travel.
  • 【Slow rebound soft memory foam】 100% high density memory foam padding, our high quality memory foam uses 5 seconds, soft and breathable back technology, keeps the head in one position, provides support Durable and effectively absorbs neck pressure.
  • 【Unique ergonomic design】 Conforms to the European neck and head curve, M-shaped hump design, our travel pillow has an outline of each side of the jaw curve, providing a high degree of neck adjustment and head. Preventing excessive head tilt is beneficial for neck health.
  • 【Adjustable drawstring, adjustable comfort length】 Inspired by the drawstring hood that young people like to use, they create a way to change the size, a touch and a touch, and adjust the size according to comfort. Meet the different neck size requirements and reduce the pain caused by prolonged use of pressure.
  • 【Save space and versatile scenes】 Our travel pillows are designed to be easy to carry. You can roll them up and store them in our case. It can also be attached to telescopic luggage and backpack straps. Suitable for travel, airplane, family, office, etc.

The prices of each of these travel cushions are very cheap and range between 6 and 17 euros, really very good costs. And if you buy through our website, you would be obtaining an additional offer discount that is fantastic. It is essential to highlight that all these mentioned products can be purchased from our website since we are in direct connection to Amazon.

The ideal travel pillows for 2021

These are new, unique and different designs that are also ideal for you to know, following today's methodology with a count of only the best. This is the top of 5 travel cushions to be worn in 2021, without further laps we start the ranking like this:

Ostrich Pillow Original

This is a very particular design since it looks like a padded diving suit with three holes for the mouth, nose and hands, ideal for offices, airports, buses, etc. Aspects that must be highlighted are:

  1. Ideal if you want to feel darkness in order to achieve a dream wherever you are.
  2. Handmade with elastane exterior view and last generation micro-sphere filling.
  3. It can be washed with soap and water, allowing it to air dry without problem.
OSTRICHPILLOW ORIGINAL Travel pillow for airplanes, car, office, neck support to fly and sleep naps. Travel accessory for Man and Woman - Blue Color - Sleepy Blue
  • DREAM WITH STYLE: After becoming a revolution in the media, OSTRICHPILLOW ORIGINAL is the ultimate immersive pillow! Use it for a quick nap at the table, lying at home or anywhere without having to move. Simply put it on and travel to the land of dreams
  • REVOLUTIONARY DESIGN: The travel pillow for the head is designed to feel a dive, providing you with disconnection from your surroundings, reducing ambient light and sound. The design has a front opening to breathe easily through the nose and mouth. It has two more openings for the hands that will allow you to easily insert them over your head.
  • CUSTOM FEELING: Handcrafted with care using a dreamy combination of viscose and elastane for the outside, and a state-of-the-art microsphere filling, creating the perfect accompaniment to help you reach a mode of total relaxation and calm.
  • COMFORT AND FUN: ORIGINAL is playful, fun and so relaxing to play ... Whether you wear it on your head like a champion or just use it as a pillow for the living room at home, it is always ready to help you make your moments much more comfortable and pleasant.
  • HAND WASHABLE: You can hand wash your ORIGINAL using soap and water, making sure to allow it to air dry so it looks like new. Please visit our website for complete instructions.

Ostrichpillow Light

El ideal cushion in case of going by car or bus since it allows to support the head without feeling discomfort and to be able to sleep and rest while traveling.

  1. Double function at the same time head support and mask.
  2. Light, reversible and practical to use.
  3. It can also be used as a scarf in case you are in a cold place.
OSTRICHPILLOW Light Travel Pillow for Aircraft, Car, Office, Neck Support for Flying, Neck Pillow for Naps. Travel Accessory for Men and Women - Green Color - Blue Reef
  • SLEEP WITH STYLE: OSTRICHPILLOW LIGHT is a stylish pillow, which thanks to its versatility and lightness allows you to rest anywhere. Use it as a travel pillow, during the day, to read, in transit, as head restraints or masks, on airplanes, trains or anywhere. Light weight, deep sleep!
  • SUPER VERSATILE: The versatility and dynamism of LIGHT adapts to your urban style at any time. Use it over the eyes and rest your head easily anywhere, or put it around your neck for a little head-on-the-way home.
  • CUSTOM FIT: Lovingly crafted using a dreamy combination of viscose and elastane for the exterior, and a state-of-the-art microsphere filler, creating the perfect accompaniment to help you reach a mode of total relaxation and calm.
  • INTELLIGENT DESIGN: Its unique design allows it to be easily transportable, comfortable and fully adaptable for your comfort thanks to its integrated fit. It is 100% reversible, giving you two color options depending on your mood. It is comfortable and truly enjoyable, designed for an active lifestyle.
  • HAND WASHABLE: You can hand wash your LIGHT using soap and water, making sure to let it air dry so it looks like new. Please visit our website for complete instructions.

J-Pillow travel pillows

It has a capital J shape since it was created by Gemma Jensen. It offers many options of uses but makes it comfortable to support the chin, head and neck.

  1. Avoid nodding while sleeping.
  2. It is foldable and takes up less space than a traditional pillow.
  3. Despite being invented several years ago, it is still a trend.
J-Pillow, Travel Pillow Design of the British invention of the year 2013 - (Black)
  • The J-pillow works amazingly well with over 12,000 GENUINE product reviews worldwide on Amazon.
  • WINNER OF THE BRITISH INVENTION OF THE YEAR 2013 and patented worldwide
  • SLEEP SITTING UP - this pillow actually helps you get some sleep on cramped planes, trains, buses or cars. Also perfect for relaxing at home, whether on the couch or reading in bed. Great for sleeping upright in bed too.
  • EASY TO CARRY - use the handy snap-loop fastener to attach to hand luggage. The pillow can also be squeezed down to be more compact than most "U" shaped pillows.
  • MACHINE WASHABLE - The whole pillow can be washed, not just the cover. Just pop the whole pillow in the washing machine on a warm wash and your pillow will come out good as new!


It has shape of coma and it is placed from the shoulder to the waist, an ergonomic element that can be used in planes, cars, wheelchairs, etc.

  1. It is the only complete lateral support that has come out so far.
  2. Does not take up much space.
  3. It allows to have a correct alignment between the neck and the head.
Travelrest® - Ultimate Travel Pillow / Neck Pillow - Ergonomic, Patented and Adjustable for Airplanes, Cars, Buses, Trains, Napping Office, Camping, Wheelchairs (Small Rolls)…
  • The only pillow, neck pillow or travel accessory that provides FULL LATERAL SUPPORT for the upper body, facilitating relaxation, sleep and stay for longer. The best for sleepers!
  • Promotes the correct alignment of the head and neck: KEEPING THE HEAD TO FALL FORWARD. Ideal for people with chronic pain. INFLATION EASILY with a few breaths and INSTANTLY DISINFLANS. It is stored neatly when laminated to minimize packaging space.
  • Patented ERGONOMIC design provides adequate support to avoid neck strain and strain. SIDE OWNERS LOVE IT!
  • MULTIPLE AND ADJUSTABLE USE - Position across the torso or side. Use as a courier bag or tether to an airline seat. It easily passes over the headrests of cars and the wings of airline seats.
  • INFLATABLE - WASHABLE - VERSATILE: Adults and children from 8 years. Ideal for planes, buses, trains, cars, camps, backpackers, wheelchairs, airport terminals, watching TV. 2 years warranty. Great gift! OPTIONAL COVER SOLD SEPARATELY Luxurious Travelrest velvet and memory foam COVER is also sold on Amazon.

Huzi Desing Infinity

This It is a perfect model for people who do not like to attract attention and be discreet because it works like a scarf.

  1. It can be wrapped as you wish and it will not take up much space.
  2. Created with bamboo fabric, soft, durable and breathable.
  3. Hypoallergenic and antibacterial.
Huzi Design Infinity - Travel Pillow, Scarf Shaped Infinity Sign Navy Blue
  • The versatile Moebius band pillow provides comfort to any need, wrap it however you like for a perfect nap.
  • Unique design, featured on NBC Today, Washington Post and Travel and Leisure
  • It is made with bamboo fabric that is durable, super soft and breathable, as well as machine washable, hypoallergenic and antibacterial.
  • Powerful nap, boost your creativity with a 15 minute nap.
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