5 essential places to visit in Canada

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What are you going to find in this article?

We begin with this city full of culture and politics, known for being the capital of this country and the fourth largest city, through it they cross the Outaouais river and the Rideau canal, which allows you to see spectacular sunsets and in winter these become rinks.

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In the center, visit the National Gallery of Canada and the famous sculpture Maman (giant spider), the Canadian museum of nature and aviation. Go shopping at the ByWard Market, with a strategic location to get to know the modern and old Ottawa, as you can observe different styles of architecture through its facades; At night this district has several bars, restaurants and a great nightlife.

Toronto and Niagara Falls

It has been called and called the clean version of New York. You must walk this city to soak up its culture and know its districts, the basics: a) hype in Kensigton Market in cafes and organic restaurants and gourmets, buy vintage clothes, visit cool stores, admire their gratifis and more; b) Chinatown, eat and go to the Art Gallery of Ontario; c) Distillery, know the old city and its market Saint Lawrence, also a neighborhood to enjoy the nightlife; d) Downtown, know its buildings and historical monuments.

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For jazz lovers late June and early July will live partying in this city, since year after year the international festival is held, but not only that there are tastes for everyone, because there are festivals of circus, humor, film , sleepless night and more. It is characterized for being a city with great cultural diversity.

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You will walk along the cobbled streets of a walled city surrounded by fortresses, declared a World Heritage jewel, the famous old Quebec. You can also walk the 4,6 km., Of walls that surround the city, as well as travel in time and know the Place Royale in the Petit-Champlain neighborhood. Whether by bike, on foot, on skates, you have to visit the San Lorenzo River from one end of the city to the other and go to the aquarium, part of the river, to take the Samuel-De Champlain promenade. The plains of Abraham were the main scene of the battles of Quebec, today the green lung of the city and one of the most beautiful urban parks in the world.


Imagine this city that aims to be the greenest on the planet for 2020, so you must visit it, you will be amazed by its beauty with its 200 parks and its commitment to the environment, it also has one of the largest islands in the world. Peaceful.

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To know from north to south the city, the indicated street is GranVille Street, you will pass through the Downtown, through the Waterfront financial zone, through the places for purchases such as Robson Street and the exclusive area of ​​Gastown reddish pavement, you can shop at the Public Market and try a donut with honey and bacon.

Cyclists, will love this city, this means of transport plays a fundamental role in the streets of Vancouver, you can also travel the city renting a bike in Spokes.

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