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Find cheap trips to the Czech Republic and visit medieval structures in perfect condition, modern art of international prestige and literary traditions.
The Czech Republic offers a fascinating combination of contrasts: perfectly preserved medieval cities and a very modern culture. The capital, Prague, It's a good example. Here, the literature and architecture of Franz Kafka and Frank Gehry mix with cathedrals of the fourteenth century and narrow cobbled streets. Also, a flight plus hotel to the Czech Republic allows you to visit other smaller towns with medieval roots that also bear the stamp of creative and restless art that developed in the country in the twentieth century.

The medieval old town of Prague is one of the most popular places in all of Europe. Prague offers the look of a place that has not been touched for centuries. This is due, above all, to places like Charles Bridge, from the 14th century, a astronomical clock that was built in 1410 and that still works, and the Prague Castle, who watches the city from the top of a hill. You will experience a very similar feeling in the old town of Cesky Krumlov. This enclave, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, has a design and an architecture that has changed almost nothing since the Middle Ages, so do not hesitate and consult the offers of trips to the Czech Republic to see it in all its splendor.

Along with the oldest structures in the country, the proposals of its dynamic twentieth century also rise. One of the most experimental buildings of the modernist architect Frank Gehry is on the banks of the river that runs through Prague. We talk about The dancing house, which is characterized by its curved lines. 

We also recommend you to explore the great city of Brno, which houses a spectacular example of design of the twenties, the Villa Tugendhat, angular silhouette. If you want to see how old and new come together in the Czech Republic, visit the Konopistě Castle, south of Prague. Here Archduke Franz Ferdinand lived, at the time. Subsequently, it was used as an SS barracks during the German occupation.

In addition to its art and architecture, the Czech Republic also has a popular culture of leisure. Carlsbad It is one of the largest spa cities in Europe, with more than a dozen hot springs and many majestic hotels. Take advantage of travel offers to the Czech Republic and rest in resorts that have attracted visitors such as Goethe and Beethoven. And do not leave without visiting Pilsen, the place where pilsner beer was invented. You can visit the brewery that still manufactures the main pilsner in the world, Pilsner Urquell, and try it directly from the barrel.

You can get to Prague from most European cities, by train or plane. Discover a country of medieval architecture and modernist art, and get ready to travel back in time.