Discover the best excursions, from the Marrakech desert to Ouarzazate

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Morocco is one of the tur destinationsístaticás exóticos You can find on the map. One of the most visited cities is Marrakech, also known as “Red City”. During your trip you can make various excursions to the most varied spaces that are nearby.

From the imposing deserts of Zagora and Merzouga to the scenes of iconic series and movies like Game of Thrones o Star Wars. These impressive places are located near the imposing Marrakech, with a road trip, crossing the dunes and palm trees you can reach them.

The Marrakech desert: Zagora and Merzouga

Near this beautiful city, you can find 2 areas where you can see a landscape as inspiring as the desert. Unlike what you can expect, these excursions are some of the jewels that crown any trip to Marrakech.

The main areas to visit are the Merzouga desert y the Zagora desert. The latter is the closest to the city, so many tourists decide to visit. On the other hand, the least visited, Mezouga, is also one of the most beautiful. The main difference? The time you have To make your excursion.

Area Zagora It is rather arid and rocky, and is far from any expectations you have created about it. In it, you can contemplate so much dunes of the calida arena of the Sahara as areas with more vegetation and if you don't have much time, you can do this excursion in only two days. Ride a camel while watching the sunset or spend the night in one of the jaimas (tents) of the Berber, the desert town.

On the other hand, enter excursions to Marrakech desert you will find the area of Merzouga, that if you have a few more days, it can be your ideal visit. TO 562 km from Marrakech, this movie venue meets all desert stereotypes, with huge dunes Up to 200 meters high, there you can ride a camel and also know the culture of the Berbers. Admire the Milky Way and feel part of the cosmos during the nights you spend in Merzouga.

The cities that starred in your favorite movies

If you are up to date with the best series and movies, Ouarzazate It will be the perfect visit. From the odyssey of Star Wars until the epic scenes of Game of Thrones or the thrilling adventures of branchérix and Obélix; This city is a favorite by directors of great successes of the small and the big screen.

In addition, you will see the imposing kasbah Berbers, magnificent fortifications that will teleport you to Arabian Nights. The most visited is Ait Ben Haddou, the fortified town most famous from Morocco. You can walk the cobbled streets that make up this space and enjoy a unique experience and High Atlas views, the rocky mountains that crown this splendid corner.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a contrast in excursions, Essaouira is known as "The Pearl of the Moroccan Atlantic". This fishing village is located on the coast and has been declared Heritage by UNESCO. The white and blue streets in contrast to the warm tones of the Red City make this town an almost obligatory visit of your trip

Nature excursions: the oases of Morocco

In addition to the imposing deserts and large cities, in Morocco you can visit some of the wonders that make this one of the most exotic and contrasted destinations you will know. From the Marrakech palm grove but also the waterfall and the valley of Ouzoud.

If you are looking for a break from the dunes and hustle and bustle of Marrakech, the Palm It is one of the best options regarding natural spaces. This little palm forest It will be a rest where you can enjoy a maze of vegetation and natural wealth. Try the givestiles that occur this plantation or beam a tour in quad For this enclosure.

If you prefer to enjoy a wetter space, the Ouzoud waterfall It is a favorite destination for those who dream of bathe in an oasis lost in nature. The fertile lands of Ouzoud Valley they will provide you with a space in which hiking or simply breathe fresh air in one of the green oases of Marrakech.