Enjoy a different holiday and have a good travel insurance with you

Travel Insurance
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By the end of the year, many people decide to opt for a tourist destination outside the borders of their country as an alternative to visit distant relatives or discover new geographical latitudes.

Planning a trip outside the country does not only involve select the destination, compare prices and even determine the travel time. It is also necessary to think about the safety and integrity of people, always remembering that we are going to an unknown place and that any incident can occur. For what to prevent must be the value that predominates.

Countries where you need travel insurance

Each country and continent has its own tourist attractions and also its regulations to regulate the access of foreigners.

In the case of Europe there is an area of ​​countries where it is mandatory to contract different medical travel insurance called the Schengen area, and where tourists must enter with mandatory insurance coverage.

The Schengen area is a regulation issued by the European Parliament that brings together 26 countries that require an insurance policy to travel, even when the traveler plans to enter the territory more than once.

The countries covered by the Schengen area are several, but the most visited are Germany, France, Italy, Portugal, Iceland, Switzerland, Spain and Norway. The policy can be extended to the so-called micro-states, such as Andorra, Monaco or Vatican City.

The main requirements for this coverage to take effect is that it must have a minimum of 30.000 euros of insured sum, which will be used to cover medical care, emergency treatment, repatriation in case of serious illness or death.

In addition to the countries of the Schengen areas there are other regions where it is advisable to take out health insurance, like Russia, Belarus, Iran, the United States, Algeria, Cuba and Ecuador. In most countries the procedure is carried out through their respective embassies and has the same characteristics as other insurance coverage in the world.

Characteristics of travel insurance

Travel insurance is designed to protect travelers from the consequences of any incident when they are out sightseeing in their country.

The traveler can contract a policy for a specific trip or for a series of trips, choosing the coverage that best suits them according to their needs.

Various types of coverage are included in the travel insurance such as lost luggage, delayed flights, accommodations and, of course, medical care.

At the moment of contracting a policy, you will be asked for the information about the destination where you will travel and the duration of the trip.

When travel is short and a few days a common travel insurance is usually purchased. In case the client makes many trips during the year he will have the opportunity to contract an annual coverage or even a long stay abroad insurance.

In the case of medical coverage for travelers, it is designed to protect travelers in case of illness or accident during the itinerary. The most common services covered by these policies are:

  • Management of assistance services (emergency and consultation).
  • Translation service in case the tourist speaks a foreign language.
  • Accommodation for a companion in case the patient is hospitalized.
  • Procedures to prolong the stay in case of aggravation of the patient.
  • Repatriation of the insured.
  • Repatriation in case of death.

The advantages of acquiring travel medical insurance include full coverage in case of accidents or any situation that requires medical attention, assistance 24 hours at any geographical point of the country to visit and compensation in case of loss or theft of luggage.

As in other types of policies, travel coverage has some exceptions such as previously existing illnesses, accidents caused by insured persons, hospitalization or death due to the consumption of narcotic substances or alcohol.

When consulting the budgets and the coverage that each company offers, it is important to verify the scope and limitations of each one.

In this manner you will have peace of mind when traveling.

Enjoy a different holiday and have a good travel insurance with you
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