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When it comes to enjoying all that the Costa Brava has to offer to the thousands of visitors who come to it every year, nothing better than taking a look at the incredible range of high-quality nautical activities that we will be able to find in the area. , above all, if we go to professional companies with years of experience in the sector such as Nàutica Borrat, where we can find all kinds of boats to buy or rent, as well as all kinds of related services so that we do not lack for anything. 

The Costa Brava is one of the best-known and most popular beach areas in our country, with many people coming to its coast every year to enjoy everything it has to offer. But if we want to make the most of all the benefits of the Costa Brava and live an unforgettable experience, one of the best decisions we can make, is to buy or rent a private boat with which to sail the waves calmly, with all the necessary guarantees of quality and exclusivity. 

To carry out this task and be sure that the nautical services that we are going to hire are the best in this entire area, go to specialized professionals in this field with years of experience such as Nautica Borrat on the Costa Brava It will always be a good decision. The perfect place to go to find high-quality boats that can be perfectly adapted to our needs, both in terms of size and price, so that this year our visit to the Catalan coast will be even more special and thrilling. 

New and used boats

One of the most interesting advantages that we can obtain when we go to Nàutica Borrat has to do with being able to access a large number of boats of all kinds from which we can choose. in your catalog we can find some of the most popular and acclaimed brands in the sector, such as Fratelli Aprea, Marinello, Monterey or MV Marine, with different models, sizes and prices, so that finding the perfect boat is a much more comfortable and simple task to carry out. 

In addition, we can find both new and used boats in its catalog, so that money is never a problem when it comes to enjoying the best nautical experiences. We just have to access the Nàutica Borrat page on the Costa Brava and take a look at some of its incredible offers to find out how to get them. We also cannot fail to mention that we have both the possibility of buying these boats, as well as renting them, depending on the use we plan to give them. 

nautical services

At Nàutica Borrat, in addition to acquiring first class boats, we have the possibility of contracting certain complementary services with which we can always have our boat ready to be used. For example, it is worth noting the carpentry service, management, maintenance and cleaning, fiber and paint repair workshop, upholstery, etc., everything that a boat may need, we will be able to find it at the moment if we go to professionals like those of Nàutica Borrat, who know everything there is to know about the nautical sector.

That is why if with the passage of time or use, our boat has any kind of damage, both aesthetic and functional, inside or outside, We can easily hire some of these services from Nàutica Borrat on the Costa Brava, to leave it as good as new and once again enjoy everything it has to offer to the fullest. In addition, if we are going to spend several months without using it or we do not plan to go sailing again until the summer, we can also turn to these professionals to keep it in the best possible conditions.

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