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We are already arriving at the summer months kings, that is, July and August, it is time to book stays in those destinations that we want to go and enjoy a good holiday.

This is something that both the owners of the hotel chains and the main web hosting search portals know, which is why we have to walk very attentive and look and much offers that there is that depending on several factors we are going to be able to save a good money for the same trip.

That said, let's go with some tricks and tips to save in accommodation in your trips and get the hotels cheaper or the best hotel at a better price.

Avoid the days of high occupancy

It is common sense, but there are people who do not take into account this important detail. As we have said before, this is something that companies know and control perfectly and that is why every day Accommodation prices can change.

The beach outside of summer?

Yes, I know it may sound crazy, but if you like coastal destinations but not especially the beach itself, travel in times like autumn or winter, you will see how the prices of the accommodations go down, it's amazing!

Avoid local parties and events

For this you have to have very controlled the calendar. Needless to say, at the moment there is a local festival of importance or a city celebrate an important event, the accommodations raise prices. The truth, I can understand that they want to take advantage of a little, but sometimes it is shameful the increases that apply.

Beware of seasonal events

Yes, yes, it may seem silly, but it can happen (as it has been) wanting to go a weekend to Barcelona and it turns out that the World Congress of Mobility is just celebrated and you suddenly realize that the cost of accommodation multiplies by 500%. Beware of these things that can give more than one dislike to an @, inform you well of the possible events that may be in your holiday destination.

Do I save with time or at the last moment?

Well, you are not going to believe it, but it is not that simple ... Tripadvisor (does it sound familiar?) Every year a market study does a market study to try to find out the trend of people and a similar pattern is not followed, not even in the months in which people book much less in the destinations to which we go on vacation.

These are the data that Tripadvisor provides:

  • For hotels in Asia, travelers who book within the previous five weeks to your summer trip can save up to an 22% compared to the highest rates at the beginning of the year.
  • En Europe, travelers who want to spend their vacation in august in the most wanted cities, like Paris o London, they will save an 23% and an 25% respectively, reserving five weeks before the trip.
  • As for the last minute reservations, made during the month before making the trip, the best savings in hotels for summer can be found in several destinations in the United States, as they are New York, Las Vegas, Washington, DC, Miami y Philadelphia, among others.
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