Follow this guide and your holidays in the Czech Republic will be unforgettable

Czech Republic - Prague Surroundings - Cesky Krumlov
Czech Republic - Prague Surroundings - Cesky Krumlov @Wise Lee / Shutterstock

The holiday season is approaching, you have been keeping countdown and there is not much left to end it. Your adventurous spirit has taken you to explore different places and this time you will go to a magical place in Eastern Europe, the Czech Republic.

Still do not know to what places you will dedicate your visit? Do not worry, in this guide we will give you the necessary information so that you can choose the best season to travel, the most fascinating places to visit and we will guide you on how much money you can spend in what it comprises to arrive to this beautiful country, to know its landscapes, gastronomy and to realize recreational activities.

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In what season is it best to vacation in the Czech Republic?

You can travel to the Czech Republic at any time of the year, everything depends on your tastes and budget. Definitely, most tourists prefer to visit this country during spring and summer, so at this time its streets, squares and spas are very crowded.

If your thing is to meet new people, then this is the ideal season for you to start your trip. But if you are one of those who prefer to vacation in a less crowded time, the best option for you is in winter.

In relation to the cost, traveling during the winter may be more accessible due to low demand, but it is necessary to consider the rainy and cold weather that can subtract time to the walks. In any case, it is a matter of taste.

What cities in the Czech Republic can not miss?

On a trip to the Czech Republic is implicit to travel to the romantic, elegant and traditional capital, Prague. This wonderful city has impressive architecture, beautiful castles, palaces and landscapes.

Among its most famous landmarks are the Charles Bridge, an imposing structure that perches on the Vltava river. Also the Plaza of the old city, with its Gothic and Baroque architecture. Finally, the famous Prague Astronomical Clock, wrapped by a legend that dates back centuries.

Another city that you can not miss is Brno, a mixture of nature and architecture, the nation's wine center. It has diversity of palaces, cathedrals and museums. It is still impressive Kroměříž, with its Palace and Flower Garden - UNESCO Heritage -.

When the issue is money ... What should my budget be for traveling to the Czech Republic?

The Czech Republic may seem expensive, however, you can find affordable prices to visit. A plane ticket on the route Paris-Prague offered by the travel provider eDreams It can cost between 44 and 61 €. One night of lodging can vary between 5 to 35 €, depending on the location and quality of the service.

The beer in this country is one of the best that can be found, with a price of € 1.16. You can visit daily menu restaurants for 4.5 € or à la carte restaurants for 12 €. Make use of public transport - one-way ticket 0.92 € - or take a taxi for 0.96 €. Museum visits can go from 5 to 14 €, depending on what the visit entails.

Follow this guide and your holidays in the Czech Republic will be unforgettable
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