Formentera, that fantastic island to discover

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If, as it happens to us, you are already planning your vacations, and especially if you like the beach and the heat, surely you are looking as a holiday destination many of the islands that exist throughout our planet , both in national destinations and in international destinations.

Today we are going to tell you about one of those destinations that meets a wide variety of the requirements that many of us look for in our vacations: sun, beach, relax, tranquility and good prices: the island of Formentera.

Located south of Ibiza, the queen of the quintessential party, in the middle of the Balearic Islands, Formentera stands out as one of the privileged destinations where you can enjoy spectacular vacation days. That if, like any island worth its salt, in order to enjoy it, it will be necessary to find a car rental formentera because if not, with public transport, the thing is a bit scarce.

Beaches of fine white sand, turquoise and crystalline waters as in a few places you will find and accommodations to suit all types of pockets. Perhaps the only fault that can be put on this island is the excessive tranquility that dominates the entire territory although if that is why, we have Ibiza by ferry.

Reaching Formentera

Perhaps one of the most complicated points can be precisely to reach the island since it does not have an airport, the island is so small that it is not feasible to build an airstrip without destroying all its spectacular nature.

That said, you have no choice but to reach the island by Ferry. The options range from flying to Ibiza and from there going by ferry to directly taking a ferry from the ports of Barcelona o Valencia (logically with these last options it takes much longer).

Enjoying the island of Formentera

Formentera It is a World Heritage Site since 1.996. and it has a spectacular underwater fauna, that is why many lovers of diving and lung diving visit the island throughout the year. The warm temperature of its waters and its posidonia meadows full of marine life, make the bottoms of Pitiusa Island true wonders of Nature.

Beaches of Formentera

One of the biggest attractions of this island is its fabulous beaches. The white sand and the incredible blue of its waters make the Formentera beaches Be with total security of the best beaches in the world, we go with three of the best.

Ses Illetes

Ses Illetes is, without a doubt, one of the beaches that you cannot miss. Located in front of Ibiza and with one of the most complete offers to practice all kinds of water sports, its half kilometer of extension will have more than enough space for you to recreate and enjoy.

Cal� des Mort

It is located approximately 10 kilometers from Sant Francesc Xavier, and It has one of the most beautiful sunsets on the whole island.

It's Caló or Ses Platgetes

It is a fairly poorly crowded area. The fine white sand and water, once again, absolutely crystalline, are the perfect ingredients for this star recipe.

Other visits of interest

Because not only of beaches lives the island of Formentera, also It has very beautiful villages what is worth checking out, as much or more as its almost 20 kilometers of beaches, it is highly recommended to visit them to get to know it and enjoy the beauty of this island. Wherever you look, what is clear is that this island is an essential destination on your vacation.