Havana: Essential Guide


Travel guide of the warm city of Havana in Cuba: everything basic and essential.

Havana - Capitol Building, Cuba
Havana - Capitol Building, Cuba (c) Can Stock Photo

80% of trips offered to the Caribbean are to this city. It is recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site from 1987 for its great variety in culture, architecture and art. Despite being a Caribbean city, it is much more than a beach.

What city am I talking about? Yes, you are right. Is about Havana.

Havana It is the perfect destination if you want to travel to the Caribbean. It has several names, but it is even known as The Key of the New World.

Do you have any doubt? Let me tell you all about this tropical paradise.

How to get to Havana

You are facing a marvel of communication. This Cuban city is perhaps the best communicated in the whole country, it is one of the key destinations in the classics travel to Cuba all inclusive. If you travel from Spain you have two options: you can arrive by sea and by air.

El José Martí International Airport It is the principal not only of the city, but also of Cuba itself. This is logical considering that Havana is the capital of Cuba. There are regular flights that communicate with Europe, North America, Latin America and other countries. It is located at 18 km south of Havana, so once you have collected your bags you will arrive at the hotel soon. If you are curious about the name, it is due to a famous Cuban poet. To the west of the city there is another airport in Playa Baracoa; This is used for domestic flights.

If yours are the Cruise, the main port of Havana will be your entry point to the city. Especially in summer there are many offers from Europe that link to the Caribbean through Cuba. You can consider it a double vacation: the first is the cruise, and the stay in Havana the icing on the cake.

Move in the city

Havana - Great Theater of Cuba
Havana - Great Theater of Cuba (c) Can Stock Photo

Once in Havana it is easy to do tourism. It is the capital, so it has many train and bus lines.

Regarding buses, just one detail: if you want to know the schedule, ask for the bus.

They may understand you, but that's what Cubans call buses. It is a very cheap transport, especially if you come from Europe. The equivalent of the ticket price is about ten cents or less.

You can also travel to other cities with the Bus. They are smaller buses that connect Havana with nearby cities; Some bus lines connect between provinces.

Public transport is very effective, as it should be in such a famous tourist destination. But if you prefer private transportation you can hire the services of a taxi driver. The city's road network is very extensive and taxis abound, so you won't have any problems.

Things to do in Havana

Havana - Varadero Beach, Cuba
Havana - Beach Varadero, Cuba (c) Can Stock Photo

Traveling is nice, but not just to try the bus. What do you want to see? This city has many possibilities. The architecture that shows Havana is impressive. It can be said that it is a true journey through history since the city is a living reflection of the past.

The cathedral of Havana, la fortress of San Carlos de la Cabaña, the Castillo del Morro and the Convent of Santa Clara are examples of the typical baroque architecture of the 16th to 18th centuries. In the Military Historical Park, built in 1630 you can live every night a recreation of the battles of Cuba.

The neoclassical had a very strong influence, with entire neighborhoods inspired by this cultural movement to reach the modern era, with unique buildings. The central railway station and the Capitol are the most emblematic buildings of this era.

Apart from the architecture, you can enjoy the National Museum of Fine Arts, the Havana Film Festival, or the international book fair. Music and dance are also an intrinsic part of Cuban culture that will make you laugh and enjoy as you've never done.

To take a pleasant walk I recommend the Coco-Taxi. They are as curious as their name, you will find them in front of the National Library. Did you ask about transportation?

Or you can also enjoy the beaches ...

Varadero beach

This is the most emblematic beach in the entire Caribbean. It would be a mistake to be in Havana and not enjoy it even for a few hours. No matter what time of year you visit Cuba, the tropical climate is a joy: mild temperatures all year round. In summer the maximums are around the 30ºC, and in winter they do not usually lower the 18. A swim in this stunning beach feels good almost any time of day, even before bedtime.

It is a charming beach both day and night. Its fine white sand and clean, crystalline water make the Varadero beach A wonder of creation. Many consider it the best beach in the world. With more than 20 km in length you have a place to choose to look for corals, catch lobsters, see sea turtles ... It has nothing to do with the beaches you know. You will enjoy it so much that you will be a child again.

Where to sleep? Recommended areas

The best of your well-deserved vacation is rest, so you cannot leave the hotel at random. If you are looking for a prestigious area, I recommend the National Hotel of Cuba, or the Saratoga hotel. They are located in central, very prestigious areas.

The hotels near the beach are very good. They are usually filled with tourists in high season for their affordable prices, and they are also comfortable, clean and the employees are very friendly. If you want to live Havana in its purest state and spend an unforgettable vacation, I recommend the most tourist area.

Like all Cuba, Havana is a city of very marked contrasts. Ancient times and modern times coexist without borders. It is a delight to spend a few weeks in this tropical paradise.

Why don't you find out for yourself? It is an area prepared for visitors, so you will have everything you need. Perhaps the best communicated tourist destination, so you will not miss interesting things to see and do. You dare?

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