Krakow Express: full two-day trip

We have all the details of our full two-day trip through Krakow

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Krakow, the city of perfect charm for a weekend getaway

Are you thinking about going to Krakow? Well then it is great to have a look at our recent stay of 2 (full) days in the Polish capital, we have all the details that we can what have we done (including excursions), where have we been housedhow have we movedwhere have we dined y eaten... do you dare to meet him?

We arrived in Krakow on a Thursday night, so we could take advantage of 100% on Friday and Saturday and we returned Sunday morning, it was the only way to be able to spend two full days visiting Krakow.

Although it may not seem so, Krakow is a ideal destination to go two or three days, not only because of the beauty of the city and many of its surroundings but also because it has a very affordable economy (at least from the point of view of the euro) and some super attractive nearby excursions.

Perhaps the only "economic" downside that can be put on the trip is the cost by plane. If, like us, you are not lucky enough to live in Madrid or in Barcelona and you also want to go to enjoy the weekend, the thing is quite expensive if you do not catch the typical offer.

Flights to Krakow

Krakow airport
Krakow airport
We were watching flights and flights for many weeks and in the end, what worked best for us (keep in mind that we left from Bilbao) is flying with Lufthansa and stopping in Munich on the way and in Frankfurt on the way back.

Total, that between one thing and another we needed almost 5 hours to reach Krakow at the modest price of € 260 per person (yes, you read correctly, we couldn't find anything cheaper on the dates we went).

From Krakow airport to accommodation

As we landed at 23.30, we didn't get very complicated and we booked days before flying a taxi through the accommodation staff where we were going to sleep in Krakow.

By the way, the cost were 100 zloty, about 23 euros, maybe a little expensive for 11 km but at that time we weren't for the job of catching the night public bus since the train ends at 23: 00.

Train to Krakow airport
Train to Krakow airport
If you are interested move from the airport by public transport, the fastest way to go to the city center is to take the train (it takes more or less 18 minutes).

This train that leaves every 30 minutes from the airport station (Kraków Lotnisko) and operates from 04h to 23h and leaves you at Kraków Glówny station, very close to the Barbican.

You can buy tickets at the automatic machines, at the information windows or even at the same train reviewer. Be careful on Sundays that the frequency of the train is every hour!

If you want the cheapest, take the bus, the lines 208, 252 and the 902 (night) leave you in the city center in 35-40 minutes. The 208 line It has an output frequency of one hour and leaves you at the Krakow Central Train Station (Kraków Glówny), located 15 minutes walk from the Market Square.

La 252 line It leaves every 20 minutes and leaves you at the ICE Congress Center in Krakow, 15 minutes from Krakow Castle. He night bus It works from 23: 30h to 05: 00h and leaves you at Kraków Glówny station.

Our accommodation in Krakow: Salve Aparments

Salve Apartments, Krakow
Salve Apartments, Krakow
To our surprise, we have discovered that Krakow accommodations are quite cheap if we compare them with other cities in Europe, so we start pulling recommendations between booking and tripadvisor and we end up choosing the Salve Apartments, good location (very close to the barbican), unbeatable price and full of good recommendations.

We were not mistaken, even before arriving we were already assisted by organizing a taxi that would look for us at the airport to ensure that our arrival at the accommodation was successful, remember that we arrived at 11.30 at night and at that time from Krakow airport there are no trains and only the night bus works.

After having slept 3 nights in these apartments, we leave you a summary of the good, the bad and above all, for what kind of people this accommodation should be suitable or not.

  • The good: Economical, very central (train station and central square of the historic center at 10 minutes walk), the rooms are new, clean, the bathrooms are perfect and the attention by the staff is fine (although as everything is improvable).
  • The bad: the beds are sometimes found in the upper part of the room and to reach them there is a very steep staircase which can sometimes be dangerous.

Who is this accommodation NOT for?

Well, for families with children or people with mobility problems. For couples looking for a place to sleep without frills at a very good price and very central it is great.

Note if you stay here: breakfast is not given in the same accommodation, but they have an agreement with an aparthotel located 1 minute walk and you have to go outside to have breakfast, but come on, it is something that did not bother us. Breakfast was a small buffet that wasn't bad at all, it had a bit of everything.

First day in Krakow (historic center + Jewish quarter)

We started our first day in Krakow, how could it be otherwise, with a free tour of Krakow. For this we choose the ones we like the most, which are those of Civitatis. The free tour of Krakow was leaving at 10.15 from the Market Square, just in front of the Basilica of Santa Maria, about 10 minutes walking from our accommodation, was the perfect plan to occupy the morning and start discovering this spectacular city.

Market exterior in Krakow Square
Market exterior in Krakow Square
Were 2,5 hours of travel with one stop (to go to the bathroom and have a coffee) in the middle of the tour where we could see all the main details of the square, the Basilica, the market and all its surroundings ending in the spectacular wawel castle knowing the dragon legends.

For those who don't know, in the historical center of Krakow There are 40 churches, obviously and for time, we only saw the main ones. By the way, from the wawel castle we could see the spectacular views of the Vistula river.

Wawel Castle in Krakow
Wawel Castle in Krakow

Lunchtime in Krakow

As we finished for almost 13: 00, we decided it was a good time to search for a place to eat. We had read a lot about the “milk bar”, This is a type of bars with more homemade food than anything else and at a good price.

We pull opinions on google and end up in the “Gospodo Koko”(C / Gołębia, 8). We were not mistaken: € 8 per person, included a main course, a soup, a mini salad and french fries, all accompanied by a good half-liter jug ​​of beer, a success!

Krakow, food at the Gospodo Koko, a milk bar
Krakow, food at the Gospodo Koko, a milk bar

After lunch, and since we had the whole afternoon free to do what we wanted for Krakow, we started to take some informational brochures of the city in some kiosks that bear the name of “krakow info" The truth is that there is a lot throughout the city, but as we were caught nearby, we approached one that is about 100 meters from the barbican in the park that surrounds the historic center.

The first plan we decided to make is catch a boat on the Vistula riverFrom the Wawel Castle you can see the area where some boats offer excursions and river trips, just in front of the Sheraton hotel. They left us the one hour trip for about € 8 per person so from 5 to 6 in the afternoon we toured the river enjoying the views of the two banks of the river. I will be honest, who likes boats I recommend it, but really the two banks of the river have little to offer.

Krakow, boats that travel the Vistula river
Krakow, boats that travel the Vistula river
Once we finished the walk, I played route and dinner in the Jewish quarter of Krakow, the other great tour that is advisable to do if you visit a city like Krakow. From the area of ​​the ships we arrive in 15 minutes and, thanks to the map in front of each of the synagogues of the area we made the route of the 7 synagogues (10 - 15 minutes) ending in the new square of the Jewish quarter where we take the opportunity to eat something quickly.

Civitatis offers a free tour of the Jewish quarter, we did not take it for lack of time and the truth is that we regret it later, although we visit it on our own we remain without knowing the stories that hide these streets and their synagogues.

Having dinner in the Jewish quarter of Krakow

Of course there is one area where we recommend you eat, dine or have drinks is without a doubt the Jewish district of Krakow, there will be nothing else, but bars and restaurants have all that you want and much more. There is one thing we loved to discover in the new square of the Jewish quarter and it is a building located right in the center of the square where he sells a lot of fast food typical of the area.

Eating a zapienkanki in the Jewish quarter of Krakow
Eating a zapienkanki in the Jewish quarter of Krakow
We really advise you to stop by at least once, for a little money you get to the top, our advice is to try the zapienkanki They are very similar to panini but in huge format and full of ingredients (€ 4 approximately).

Second day in Krakow (Auswitch + Wieliczka)

Tiring day since we decided to do the two main excursions that can be done in Krakow, I talk about Auswitch concentration camp and Wieliczka salt mines. Of course, again we chose to do the two excursions with Civitatis that we already know that they work very well.

The excursions can be hired separately and made on different days but Civitatis offered to do Auschwitz + Salt Mines in one day and with the little time we had, it was the perfect solution, and if we took it like this, the price was somewhat cheaper, so great.

The "bad" of the Auswitch excursion is that it starts at 6: 00 in the morning so the early morning is a heart attack, and is that the Auswitch concentration camp is an hour and twenty by bus from Krakow. He pick-up point was right in front of the Barbican, again very close to our accommodation, at least we didn't have to walk much.

In the Auswitch concentration camp

Entrance to the Auswitch II concentration camp
Entrance to the Auswitch II concentration camp
The day dawned cold and with a fog that was not seen at 50 meters away Imagine how even more frightening the visit to Auswitch can be if the fog surrounds the entire enclosure. In addition to this, along the way they put us a official documentary of the days of the liberation of the Auswitch camp, If you are going to see it, go ahead that the documentary has some scenes that are a bit hard.

We saw a lot of people visiting the countryside on your own no guide and if I am sincere I do not recommend it. See empty barracks, walls full of floral offerings or personal effects of the people who were there does not contribute much but instead if someone tells you the details of each place in this field and the people who unfortunately passed through there, the thing Change, and believe me, it changes a lot.

Once again, I recommend and without any doubt this visit to everyone, I think it is something that each and every one of the people who inhabit this planet should know, specifically to know the pain and the detail of what happened there and thus try to avoid something similar to happen again.

Entrance to the Auswitch I concentration camp
Entrance to the Auswitch I concentration camp
I will not give more detail because as I said it is something that you have to live in the first person without any doubt, and yes, there are some moments that can be hard, but it is the reality of what happened and that is why we must not forget it.

Yes i would like to leave a special note for those who go to Auswitch and selfies are made as if this were a fairground attraction or simply for those who still arrive totally drunk: put yourself just for a moment instead of the people who were there and ask them if it would be funny if after your death someone took it to joke. Respect these sites, it is not so difficult, that it is overwhelming to have to see someone piss on the side of a wall of a hut in Auswitch II.

After the visit to the Auswitch concentration camp we returned to Krakow, we had the right time to eat and set course in the afternoon towards the salt mines of Wieliczka.

Where did we eat in Krakow?

Krakow Milk Bar Kuchnia-U-Babci-Maliny
Krakow Milk Bar Kuchnia-U-Babci-Maliny
Well, as the day before it was great in one of the so-called “milk bar”, We took the phone, we looked for good opinions on the internet (of course) and we ended up eating at Kuchnia U Babci Maliny (c / Sławkowska, 17). Now, here we try one of the most typical dishes of this area, I mean the soups that go inside a round pair, we try the one that has mushrooms and the truth is that ... it was super good!

This site was a tad more expensive than the day beforeWe ate two dishes to share and two drinks for 16 € but as the dishes came with enough food it was worth it.

If you are going to eat here, we already warn you that it can be a little harder than normal to find it since it is necessary to cross a wide corridor inside a building and it is not very well indicated. If you want to eat here, look first in the street for the poster that we show you in the photo.

We left eating almost running to return again to the bus of the excuse we had hired to head for the second great excursion of this getaway in Krakow ... Wieliczka salt minesIt took us half an hour by bus to reach them from Krakow.

Road to the Wieliczka salt mines

For those who do not like walking a lot, go ahead that this excursion may not be highly recommended for you. Just start, the journey through the mines begins walking down near 800 steps. And then you walk about 3 km between galleries and mine galleries making a very special stop in the spectacular Chapel of St. Kinga, it is an overwhelming room 54 meters long decorated completely based on salt.

Chapel of St. Kinga in the salt mines of Wieliczka
Chapel of St. Kinga in the salt mines of Wieliczka
For a fan of Lord of the Rings as I am, going through certain points of these galleries was something fantastic since there were moments that I promise you that it seemed we were in the interior of Minas Tirith and that Orcs were going to appear by any corner.

Today the mines are no longer used to extract salt and only They are used as a tourism claim. We encourage you along the way to taste both the salt of the walls and the water that runs through the interior of the mines, the amount of salt they carry is tremendous.

Such is the salt concentration of the interior water that is almost impossible to dive in many of the inland lakes, as the guide commented, we would have to add an extra weight to our bodies of about 40 kg to be able to go underwater.

Several areas of the mines are used for different events: concerts, masses, weddings... as you can see, profitability continues to be obtained. At the end of the tour it ends up reaching a depth of 133m, thankfully, to get back to the surface there is an elevator that goes up in a matter of seconds.

After the visit in Wieliczka, we returned to Krakow. It was such a tiring day, so exhausting that we did not complicate at all for dinner, we took something in the mcdonals on the main street very close to the entrance to the historic center of the barbican and went to sleep. The next day we took the flight back to Bilbao in the morning, so here we ended our super getaway in Polish lands.

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