Lima, a place to discover

Lima downtown, Peru
Central Lima, Peru

Although the best known image of Peru that we all have is linked to the spectacular ruins of Machu Picchu, the Andean country also owes much of its undeniable attraction to its impressive capital: Lima.

Lima is not a city that makes it easy precisely to move around it, the subway does not reach the main tourist points and the bus or mention, it is a real madness. There is no other than, or take a taxi or pull uber. And the taxis can already be careful and negotiate before making the trip or if not, it is when you get a charge out of place.

Visiting the main tourist points of Lima

Needless to say, one of the best ways to visit the city is by taking a free tour of Lima, is the way to make sure that you are going to visit both its historical center and the three great urban periods that have shaped the city. Surely you fall in love with the capital of Peru.

When choosing an area to sleep in Lima, the usual area where tourism is hosted is the Miraflores area. It is the city's district with the largest hotel offer, in addition to having many pubs and restaurants.

The center of this area is Kennedy Park, surrounded by many shops and transportation options. From there you can walk to the sea reaching the so-called Costa Verde, the city boardwalk, and the Larcomar shopping center.

You will also find the district of San Isidro, which for years has been growing very important in terms of hotel offer and gastronomy.

The historic center of the city is known as the Cercado de Lima. There is the Plaza de Armas and the government house, as well as many of the most important buildings in the city. It is not a very safe place at night, and therefore it is not the best option to look for accommodation.

Something that we recommend not to miss the magical water circuit, it is an open-air night tour full of lights, music, water and lots of magic, it is perhaps the most visited tourist attraction in Lima. A visit that you can not miss in Lima and which you will not regret, especially if you travel with children.

If you are believers or you like architecture, you cannot miss visiting the cathedral of Lima. The cathedral is not only the largest religious building in Lima, but is considered the most important in all of Peru. In fact, one could say that it is unique in the world, since it is built in different styles. Of all of them, it is worth mentioning the Renaissance style of the facade, which even has plateresque details, or the neoclassical style of its towers.

Something very different that you can do is an excursion to the Palominos Islands, it is the trio of islands home to sea lions, part of Peruvian marine life. The walks on these islands are done in boats and it depends on the weather sometimes you can even swim with the wolves. It is a highly recommended visit to do in Lima especially during the summer.