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Guide with the BEST to visit LISBON this 2019 with excursions and accommodation in which to sleep.

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Guide to the city of Lisbon in Portugal

Comfortable, cosmopolitan and with a lot of history. This is Lisbon, a city to which nothing can be reproached, It has everything the visitor needs to feel at home, while knowing another culture, customs and language.

Legend has it that Ulysses founded the city of the "enchanted harbor" when he returned to Ithaca, after the Trojan War. When hero left the old Olissipo after having rejected the love of a terrible mythological creature, she shook the enraged land and created the seven hills on which the Portuguese capital sits today: São Jorge, São Vicente, São Roque, Santo André, Santa Catarina, Chagas y Sant'Ana. Be that as it may, Lisbon has a rich millenary history of splendor and decadence that makes it unique in the world.

Guarded from above by the Castle of St. George, of Arab origin, and bathed by the Tagus River, is the only European capital from which you can enjoy some of the best beaches on the Continent, because most of them wear the blue flag of quality.

Busy day and with a lot of nightlife, Lisbon is a city both for those who enjoy quiet tourism, and for those who want to enjoy their stay both day and night. Present and past come together in the capital of Portugal. TheYou are taking a long time to visit her!

Best areas to stay in Lisbon

One of the biggest advantage offered by Lisbon in terms of accommodations it refers is that it has as much variety as tastes and economies they visit it. Hotels, hostels or apartments of different sizes and prices, which are spread throughout the Portuguese capital.

And if to this you add that you you stay in the best areas of the city, the success of your stay is more than assured. For this reason, when looking for accommodation we invite you to do so in the following areas:

Baixa, the neighborhood with more life

It is without a doubt, one of the liveliest neighborhoods in the Lisbon capital. In it mix the warmth of different shops, modern and traditional, along with passers-by and travelers of the tram that travels through its streets.

Precisely, to be near the tram will allow you to comfortably move around Lisbon, in case you do not feel like andar, although it is true that the Portuguese capital invites to it and, in fact, It is the best way to meet her. There will always be something that surprises you!

Also, from this neighborhood you will have some of the best views of the city, since it is in the upper part of it. Staying in the Baixa neighborhood, you will always have all leisure and tourism options at your fingertips and the possibility of resting when you want, you will have your accommodation at hand.

Chiado, the Montmartre of Lisbon

Known as the Montmartre of Lisbon, this neighborhood is known for being one of the most elegant and bohemian of the Portuguese capital. From the same you can comfortably access any of the touristic points of the city.

Ideal if you are looking to be close to museums, art galleries or shops.

In short, it is the best place for those who seek daily life, but quiet at night, although, of course, you will always have the opportunity to go out to dinner or have a typical Portuguese coffee in one of the quiet terraces that are located in this neighborhood.

This neighborhood was completely rebuilt after the fire of part of the city in 1998. The same sIt is located next to the Barrio Alto, one of the fashionable areas to go out at night.

The high district, to enjoy the night

If what you are looking for is to be able to stay in a downtown area, where besides enjoy daytime life from the city, you can also enjoy the night, the Barrio Alto is what you need. Do you like fados or would you like to know the typical music of Portugal? Here you will find the best places to do so.

In order to reach it, it is necessary to access in Tram or in the different elevators that you have available in the city. Something that makes it a Very comfortable area to access at any time of the day, which is greatly appreciated if you carry a lot of luggage.

To know from the inside how is the life of many lisboetas is easy if you stay in this neighborhood, where the alternative shops, bars, cafes and the typical Portuguese stamp of streets with hanging clothes, they intermingle to offer a show and unique environments.

Alfama, the old fishermen's quarter

Whoever was the neighborhood where fishermen had their houses, has become today one of the most emblematic and visited of the city. In it, you feel the traditional environment from the capital city of Lisbon.

Like the previous areas, this one is also located at the top of the city, next to the Castle of San Jorge. At the same time you can Access by tram or walking from the center of the city, while enjoying its characteristic streets.

It is a part of the city with very much charm of narrow and meandering streets, old trams, small squares, and viewpoints with spectacular views.

If you like the Fado, in this neighborhood is the famous museum dedicated to it. Precisely, the typical and traditional life that is breathed in this neighborhood has been the one that, for years, has inspired the lyrics of this famous Portuguese music.

The park of the nations

El nacoes park is most modern and innovative area of the city, which was specially built for the 1998 Expo. In it is the second largest aquarium in Europe, as well as the famous Vasco de Gama bridge, the longest in Europe, thanks to its 18 kilometers.

The Park of the Nations is the place of ideal accommodation for those people who are looking for a quiet place where to stay, in a modern area, from which you can access without problems to any point of the city and where you can enjoy its wide outdoor spaces.

Es perfect both for those people traveling alone or as a couple, as for those who do with children, since there are many spaces where they can enjoy the outdoors, visit the Aquarium or ride the cable car in the city.

How to get to the city of Lisbon by plane

Undoubtedly, the most comfortable way to get to Lisbon is by plane. Aeroporto da Portela, which is the official name of the airport in the Portuguese capital, is located at 7 kilometers from the city and is the most important in the country.

In it operate some of the most important airlines and to get to the city, as well as private transport, you can do it comfortably by bus or airbus, being the second option much more comfortable than the first.

Our recommendation is that use a good flight comparator to locate the flight that best suits your needs, here we leave one to facilitate the work of looking for.

Move from the Lisbon airport

There 4 bus lines that take you from the airport to the city center, but have the disadvantage that you have limited the measures and number of suitcases, to be general transportation. Something you can do in the Aerobús, which has exits every 20 minutes, from the 7 to the 19 hours and each 25, until the 23 hours.

Finally, you also have the option of get from the airport to Lisbon city on the metro. The journey hardly lasts 4 minutes and circulates from the 6 in the morning to the 1 in the early morning and leaves you in the center of the Portuguese capital.

How can you move around the city of Lisbon

While it is true that Lisbon is a very comfortable to walk on foot, it is also true that there are very high areas, among others, some of the best neighborhoods to stay, as well as the most tourist, so it is convenient to take into account the Lisboa Card, with which you can afford unlimited bus, metro, tram, elevators, as well as the train ticket of some lines of nearby locations.

To this we must add the free or important discount to access museums, monuments or main entertainment venues in Lisbon.

El trolley car is, without a doubt, one of the more comfortable ways to get around for the city, besides being something different and one of the tourist attractions of Lisbon. If you intend to reach points away from the center, so he bus It can be a good option, as are the elevators to comfortably access the highest areas of the city.

The best thing you can see and do during your stay in Lisbon

Actually, you will always find something to see or surprise you as you walk the streets of Lisbon, but so that you do not miss the places you must visit, we have compiled for you the TOP 5 of the best to see in Lisbon.

What are the best beaches in Lisbon?

As we said above, Lisbon is the only European capital that has beaches around him and, in addition, of excellent quality.

Cascais Beach Portugal
Cascais Beach Portugal @https: //pixabay.com/en/photos/cascais-lisboa-portugal-de-viaje-1346899/
And while it is true that the tourist who goes to Lisbon does not have this type of visit in mind, it is worth going to the locations where these beaches are located, such as:

  • Cascais and Estoril: both locations are connected through the seafront.
  • Cacabelos: continuing with the previous line of beach, the one of Cacabelos is one of the most famous, for its amplitude and all the services related to the sea that are offered in it. You can reach it, comfortably, by train. The journey takes about 20 minutes.
  • Guincho: it is the beach preferred by surfers, since the previous ones are more tourism with family or friends. It is located at 5 kilometers from Cascais.
  • Santo Amaro de Oeiras: one of the favorites for the proximity to the capital, although with a very small size. Perhaps, the only bad thing is that it has windy days.

Day trips near Lisbon

If you have a few more days to enjoy Lisbon and its surroundings, we recommend 3 very interesting visits:

Sintra and its fairytale palaces

Sintra Portugal
Sintra Portugal @https: //pixabay.com/en/photos/portugal-castillo-espuma-sintra-3895332/
Known as the City of the Palaces, is a town located about 30 kilometers from Lisbon and which can be accessed comfortably by train, on a journey that lasts about 45 minutes.

We recommend that you you wear comfortable shoe to walk to visit this town and plan your visit as to arrive early in the morning and leave mid afternoon, so that you avoid unnecessary queues and enjoy as much as possible of your visit.

Among some of the places that are worthy of this Portuguese town, it is worth mentioning the Palace of Pena (World Heritage), the Castle of the Moors or the National Palace of Sintra.

And if you like to taste the typical products of the places you visit, before or after visiting Sintra, do not forget go through the famous Casa das Queijadas, located in the train station itself, where you can taste the pastries that give name to this pastry shop and that are made with cottage cheese.

Belem and its famous cakes

Pastel Belem Portugal
(c) Can Stock Photo / betochagas
Beyond being the district of the Portuguese capital where the famous Cakes of Belem, this is a place that is also worth visiting and it may well take you mid morning to visit some of the most important points in this area.

Arriving to Belem is very easy from the center of the city, take the trolley car 15 in the plaza da Figueria or in the Plaza del Comercio. You can also arrive in train from the station of Cais de Sodré as well as in bus from areas such as Saldanha, Marqués de Pombal or Entrecampos.

Here there are 4 touristic places to visit: the Belem Tower, the Monastery of los jeronimos, the monument to the discoveriesAnd the Belem pastry shop. The order does not matter, although it is always good to take into account that the pastry shop is the closest place to the center and the tower is the furthest away, so it is a good idea to start with one or the other.

In addition, we recommend you to walk through the estuary of the Tagus River or if you go to the tourist season, sit down and enjoy the many cultural activities, especially musical ones, that take place in Belem.

Fatima and its sanctuary

Fatima Santuario Portugal @https: //pixabay.com/en/photos/fatima-lugar-de-peregrinaci%C3%B3n-227255/
One of the Most visited shrines in Europe, the city that gives its name to it is one hour by car of the Portuguese capital. It has the Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary; The Church of the Most Holy Trinidad and the Chapel of the Apparitions. Of course, the colonnades, which are responsible for linking the Basilica with the rest of the buildings, also deserve special mention.

The most option easy to get even fatima both for its price and for the tranquility of not having to think about roads, tolls and directions is the bus. You must reach the station "Sete Rios" located on the blue line of the Lisbon Metro, and walk to the station area where buses are taken.

Although it is possible to get to Fatima from Lisbon in train, it is not a recommended option to do it. The reason is because the nearest station is too far from the Sanctuary, about 10 km.

When you go to Fatima, you will surely see the pilgrims approaching on your knees to the Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary; The most common is that pilgrimages are made on foot, through the Caminhos de Fátima, several routes that the Portuguese government has been enabling from different parts of the country to reach Fátima.



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