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Marseille City Guide (France)

Marseilles… this word evokes many sensations. Did you know that it has nothing more and nothing less than 57 km of beach? Awesome, right? It is located between hills, and that makes Marseille a very special city. But it is not unique just because of the location, the beach and all that. Marseille is much more.

The art, the historical and cultural heritage and the multitude of traditions make the visit to this city unique and unrepeatable. As in most French cities, there is something for everyone: small and large, city and nature, culture and fun. I notify you in advance that you will need several days to get to know the city. Here are the essentials.

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How to get to Marseille

A half hour from the city airport International Marseille Provence, also known as Marsella Marignane. The almost 40 airlines that operate offer international and intercontinental flights. As it is about regular flights it is easy to find good deals.

To get from the airport to the city and vice versa, the most common is to use the bus. There are a couple of lines that connect with Marseille and the journey takes 20 minutes. The price is about 9 € or something less. You can also take a taxi, but it is much more expensive.

Other options are the train (since LyonNice o Barcelona ), and the ship. There are passenger and cruise routes, depending on your preference. A cruise does not hurt: when you arrive in Marseille you will have a "second vacation".

The displacements in Marseille

With a population of almost one million inhabitants, if there were no public transport it would be to die for. But is not the case, the public transport network works very well.

For example, the metro It communicates the whole city. There are two metro and three tram lines that complement each other. The downtown area is the best of all. He bus It is also a good option, there are 24 urban lines and other buses that connect with a dozen nearby cities.

You could also rent a car or a bicycle - by the way, very typical of Marseille life - but I recommend you use public transport. Is much more cheap and you can go wherever you want. The best bicycle reserves it for a relaxing day, an excursion through the countryside or a day at the beach to walk along the nearby avenues.

What to see and do in Marseille

All the  bicycle routes They are very interesting. As is typical of the people of Marseille, there are many bike lanes and routes for cyclists and tourists who want to try it. The truth is that you enjoy it very much. Tourism and soft exercise at the same time, and also outdoors. What more could you want? The perfect plan for a relaxing holiday, to charge batteries.

El City of Marseille It is one of the oldest buildings that houses the city, it will be compulsory. And the Longchamp palace It is also very important. Currently, it houses the Museum of Fine Arts and the History Museum. While you are cycling, you can visit the city. What can be seen in Marseille? The Basilica Notre Dame de la Garde is the church most visited by tourists due to its historical, architectural and religious value.

Another nice place to see is the Castle of If, although you will not be able to go by bicycle. It is a fortress located on an island near Marseille that was once used as a prison.

Continuing with the urban nucleus, a very interesting neighborhood is Le Panier, where you can still live Marseille centuries ago. The workshops crafts at street level, the most traditional bakeries ... By the way! Chocolatiere du Panier is the most emblematic chocolate shop in all of Marseille, write it down in your travel calendar.

I recommend that you go with a little bit of hunger because their products enter by sight. You want to try everything! In addition to chocolate, the cuisine of Marseille in general is very interesting. The relative closeness of Italy has exerted an important influence that is worth contrasting.

And after visiting Le Panier you should take a tour of the museums and archeological sites of Marseille. Or do you prefer to rest under the protection of nature? Then you should think about taking a bath at the beach. But in which of all?

The beach of Marseille

Marseille - Castle of If, France
Marseille - Castle of If, France (c) Can Stock Photo

Good question. I've already told you that in Marseille there are 57 km of beaches, so you will not have time to visit them all. That's why I made a selection and I'll talk about only three beaches. Only three, but with charm.

The beach The profit It is one of the closest to the city. It is small, but there lies its charm: cozy, quiet and familiar. Also from here you can see the Castle of If. In high season it fills up fast, so you better go early or at the end of the afternoon to enjoy the play of lights at sunset.

Prado Park It is a walk where you have access to several beaches very well equipped, with all the services you may need. Beaches of sand, rock and gravel, with hotels, restaurants, areas for children (so you can enjoy the sea quietly) and everything you can imagine.

And following this walk, the colophon is Pointe Rouge, which is considered the best beach in Marseille. With fine sand and access to the port, it is the ideal place for tasting fish and seafood.

Choose a sleeping area

And finally we come to the hotels section. You can choose between two zones different: The beach or the city. Either of these two is incredible, but first you have to choose what will dominate your holiday: rest on the beach or active tourism in the center of Marseille. Being such an important destination for travelers from all over, there are hotels for all tastes and budgets. But if I had to choose, I think I would choose a hotel in the city since access to the beaches is easy.

This has been a summary of the essentials in Marseilles, but there is still much to discover. Will you stay with the desire?


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