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The weather in Sicily

Province of Palermo
15 ° C
17.8 °
11.7 °
13 °
15 °
17 °
18 °
18 °

Map where the island of Sicily is

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Trip to Sicily (Italy)

Visiting Sicily It is the perfect plan for an unforgettable vacation. It is the most important Italian island, and the largest in the Mediterranean Sea.

Due to its strategic position it has been conquered by many peoples, which leaves a historical and cultural heritage very interesting that you should not miss

It's amazing how quickly you are transported to ancient Greece or even Rome thanks to archaeological sites or cities such as Syracuse, Agrigento and Palermo. You breathe coexistence of several civilizations, and the result is simply wonderful.

Sicily is the ideal destination for any tourist. Be it beach or mountain, you like the old or the modern, you can find it on this Italian island. Do you want to know more about this little paradise?

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How to get to the island of Sicily

By plane

The first thing is to know how to get to Sicily. Despite being an island is very well connected, is only 3 km from the Italian peninsula. He ferry It is one of the most used transport, there are several ports in Sicily and in the peninsula and the journeys are daily. It also communicates with the island of Sardinia and Tunisia, which is at 140 km.

If you want to get directly to the island from Spain, you can go by plane. There are two airports main: Catania and Palermo, each one at the tip of Sicily. There is also the Trapani airport, although less important. All airports are well connected with trains and buses, it is easy to get to the city.

Our recommendation is that use a good flight comparator to locate the flight that best suits your needs.

Flights to Sicily

Moving within the island is not a problem, since there is a combination of public transport for the most common tourist routes. He bus it's more popular because it's something else economic than the train. In both cases there is a wide availability of schedules, excursions a la carte.

Car rental service is also available, in case you do not want to be aware of the bus.

What to do in Sicily

You've arrived in Sicily, you know you can get around by bus ... to do what?

Sicily - Ancient ruins of Taormina, Italy

Sicily - Ancient ruins of Taormina, Italy (c) Can Stock Photo

What you can not ignore is a journey, so to speak, of the gastronomy Sicilian It is very varied and peculiar, product of the mixture of cultures. So many conquests had to be noted in the daily life of the Sicilians, especially the Greek, Maghrebi and Hebrew influence.

The ingredients used are typical of the Mediterranean diet, olive oil being the protagonist. Fruits, vegetables, and fish form the most well-known dishes of Sicilian cuisine. You can not leave the island without trying the arancinni, cannoli, bucellato, caponata and different types of pasta and pizza. Eating well will give you the strength to visit the beautiful places that Sicily offers.

Something that calls a lot of attention is the archeology. You can find both ruins and buildings in use that belong to all the towns that inhabited the island. Taomirna is an example of the Greek-Roman mixture, with the theater being its main symbol.

Syracuse It is a purely Greek city. It was declared in 2005 World Heritage for its beauty and historical value. In the Neapolis - the most important neighborhood of the city - you can find several Greek temples, the fountain of Aretusa, altars, arches; In short, a diamond of Greek culture.

Sicily - Village of Ragusa, Italy

Sicily - Village of Ragusa, Italy (c) Can Stock Photo

In this area there is also a Roman amphitheater. You can also visit different palaces, castles and basilicas in other areas of Syracuse.

Other interesting cities are Agriento, Messina, the province of Trapani, Palermo - the capital -, and the heart of Sicily, Enna, where archeology and nature merge.

Perhaps the most popular excursion on the island of Sicily is the Etna volcano. It is located between the cities of Catarna and Taomirna, making it easily accessible. You can see the volcano from above mounted on a cable car, and also enjoy the hot springs that Acireale thanks to the heat of this active volcano.

If you prefer a more active holiday, there are routes throughout Sicily Hikingthat you can do on foot, by bike or even on horseback.

And if you like the beach more?

The best beaches in Sicily

Before talking about beaches you should know that there are not one or two seas that bathe Sicily, but three: The Mediterranean Sea, the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Ionian Sea. This makes Sicily a special island, as well as its beaches. 1500 Km of beach They give to talk a lot, so I bring three, one for each sea.

At 13 km from the capital, Palermo, you will find the beach of Mondello in the Tyrrhenian Sea. It is the preferred destination of the beach tourists of Sicily. It is characterized by its crystal clear waters and white sand. It has 2 km in length and is located between two mountains: Monte Pellegrino and Monte Gallo. It is worth visiting.

The beach of Selinunte It belongs to the Mediterranean Sea. There may be better beaches but this offers a spectacular view, next to impressive Doric temples.

From the Ionian Sea the best known are the beaches of Taomirna and Syracuse, east of the island.

Recommended hotels

What can not fail in your vacation is the hotel. Rest well is essential to enjoy the trip and replenish energy. Being a tourist island you have a wide variety of hotels to choose from. Any recommendation? I have chosen the cities where the airports are located.

In Palermo the best area is the historic center. You have the Palazzo Brunaccini hotel, which as its name suggests is a restored baroque palace; It is considered a jewel. A cheaper option is the Mediterranean hotel, also in the center, in a modern style.

In Catania you can enjoy the romantic hotel Liberty, which transports you to the 19th century. A hotel without doubt original. The San Demetrio hotel, located downtown, is housed in a beautiful building protected by UNESCO. More economic than the previous one, with a more current (interior) style.

This has been a brushstroke of SicilyIt is a lovely island where you can make the most of your holidays. Cheer up, and discover it for yourself!