Strasbourg - French city travel guide: all the basics and essentials


Travel guide of the French city of Strasbourg with all the basics and essentials to know.

Strasbourg - La Petit France District
Strasbourg - District La Petit France (c) Can Stock Photo

Its origins were Roman and its name is a literal translation of German.

Still, you could say that this French city is the second capital.

Note Strasbourg on your list of pending trips.

On the banks of the Rhine River rises one of the most important cities in Europe, in fact it is the current headquarters of the European Council, as well as other international institutions.

Is there anything more than impressive buildings and bureaucracy?

Of course! You will find true jewelry of history, architecture and nature.



How to get to Strasbourg

El airport It is located in a small village west of the city called Enthzeim, at 12 km. At the moment only two airlines travel from Spain to Strasbourg: Vueling and Iberia.

It is tempting to go to Strasbourg in train, since the infrastructure of this city is impressive. They say that in German its name means "crossroads"; It is very well connected. If you come from the east or the center of Spain, you have to take the line of the AVuge Fiugeres-Montpelier-Paris.

It is also an area with many highways. Depending on the purpose of the trip, maybe it's worth it to go in your car. But if you do not have to stay long (a trip of one or two weeks to know the area), better choose the plane.

Urban displacements

Strasbourg - Panoramic Couverts Bridge
Strasbourg - Panoramic Couverts Bridge (c) Can Stock Photo

Once in Strasbourg, moving around the city is not difficult. Although the city is extensive, the area that most interests tourists is smaller, and everything is at hand. You can move easily on foot or with the public transport.

There are regional trains, urban and interurban bus and tram (they call it TRAM). The network is very complete: it covers the entire city and communicates all the municipalities of Alsace (eastern part of France bordering Germany and Switzerland), the region comprises about 200 km long by 50 wide.

The system of inter-urban travel is especially good within the Alsatian region.

The typical pass Transportation for tourists that last 1, 2, or 3 days, here are 24 hours. They can be valid only for Strasbourg, or for all of Alsace, including regional trains. If you plan to visit nearby cities, it is worth taking the opportunity.

I almost forgot! Rent a bike It is a good idea. Public bicycles are in charge of the town hall and you can also rent one. There are 430 km of bike lane and bike paths throughout the city.

What is interesting about Strasbourg?

You can start with The Big Island. It is the oldest district of Strasbourg, and it is located on the river Rhine. Several bridges connect the city with this medieval neighborhood. Here is the Notre Dame Cathedral, one of the highest in the world. This island is like a giant museum.

Strasbourg - Church of Saint Paul
Strasbourg - St. Paul's Church (c) Can Stock Photo

Within the Island is La Petite France. When you enter here it seems that you are in a small town. What happened to the big city? It reminds me of the German people, perhaps because of the proximity. But it is beautiful, the houses are very characteristic of this part of the city. There are several monuments, squares and museums throughout the neighborhood that you will like to discover.

Out of the Big Island, the Republic Square It looks like a 'perfect' square. Replete with buildings of neo-classical style and as important as the National Theater, the Bibliotheque and very close is the National Opera. The ideal complement to this square is the beautiful garden with attention to detail in the center of the square.

Other monuments and places of interest are the Cathedral, the Rohan Palace (which houses three museums, open from Wednesday to Monday), and the important buildings of the European neighborhood: the European Parliament and the Human Rights Palace.

The parks and gardens de Strasbourg They are another attraction. In the configuration of the city you can see that it is close to Germany, there are huge parks scattered everywhere. The park of l'Orangerie It has a lake with a waterfall and a shelter where they take care of storks and other animals. In front of the park is the Josefine Pavilion, an imposing eighteenth-century building that Napoleon built for his wife. It is the oldest park in Strasbourg. On the outskirts of the city there are two forests that deserve a visit: the Robersau forest and of Neuhof. The two gardens are huge (the Neuhof is the largest), and they have a great variety of animal species.

Like architecture, the gastronomy It also has German influence. It is what has to be so close to the border. It is often said that Strasbourg is half French and half German. Actually it is an advantage, because the combinations of different cultures are usually pretty.

It is also true that there winters are very cold, so the most typical are hot dishes like the Baeckeoff, the rösti or Choucroute. Personally, I'll take the Roesti. Alsatians eat a lot of river fish, such as salmon and trout. Try them in a restaurant, they have a very peculiar way of preparing them ... and tasty! The desserts and the pastries - sweet and salty - deserve a prize.

Strasbourg is a city more interesting than meets the eye. You can enjoy it alone, as a couple or with your family. If you travel with children, an interesting site for them is the interesting theme park is the Europa Park. You have to cross the border, as it is in Germany, but it is close. You arrive more or less in 40 minutes.

Hotels and recommended areas

How would you like to have the hotel in Petite France? Well, you're in luck. There is a luxury hotel called Regent Petit France with room service the 24 hours, so you do not have to worry about anything.

A cheaper option is the Appar't City StrasbourgAlthough it is not in Petit France, it is a few meters away. If you prefer hotel, The Grand Hotel 3 stars is on the same street as the train station, a central and convenient location.

What do you say about Strasbourg? You sign up?

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