Taormina - Italian city travel guide: all the basics and essentials


Travel guide of the city of Taormina in Italy with all the basics and essentials to know.

Streets of the Interior of Taormina, Sicily, Italy
Streets of the Interior of Taormina, Sicilia, Italy © GAP_Antonino Gitto - Fotolia.com

Taormina It is a small city in the Northeast of Sicily. Although it has only 10.000 inhabitants it is far from being a quiet place.

An avalanche of tourists fills it almost every day. You want to know why?

It is a special place, it is called the terrace or the balcony of Sicily. The beaches, the history and the culture that can be read in the city and the wonderful ones views of Etna volcano make of Taormina A must stop if you visit Sicily.

Still have not decided what your next vacation will be?

Come with me and discover in advance the benefits of the city. You will be willing to visit it.



How to get to Taormina

If you travel from Spain it is likely that you look for a plane that leaves you as close as possible to your destination. He Catania Fontanorossa airport It is the most suitable for you, it is about 60 kilometers to the south. In addition there are several ways to get to Taormina.

In the center of Catania there is a railway line that runs along the east coast of Sicily that leaves you near Taormina. You will need a bus that will take you to the train, they leave the airport every 20 minutes and the ticket costs only 1 €.

You can also choose to travel only with bus. In the same train station you can buy the ticket to the city. The journey is one hour and a half and costs 4 €. Is not it wrong, right?

If you are tired of the trip and prefer to be left at the door of the hotel you can take a taxi. Of course, comfort has to be paid dearly: the fee is around 25 €. Another option is to rent a car at the airport, but it is not recommended by the 'configuration' of Taormina. In the next point you will understand what I tell you.

And if airplanes are not your thing and you prefer to travel by sea you can get to the island by boat and use public transport to the city in question. The Cruise and the tickets to Sicily are frequent.

Get around town

It is the ideal destination for the whole year: the summers are hot without reaching the extreme and mild winters. That is why the city is designed more to visit it than to live in it. It is a small city and, if that were not enough, the center is full of pedestrian streets. The ideal in Taormina is know it on foot, or maybe by bicycle. It is not recommended to go by car, but if you already have it you can leave it in a large parking lot at the entrance to the city.

To cater to tourists who, like you, want to visit other areas that are a bit out of the way, several bus lines. You know, the center on foot and the periphery by bus.

What to see and do in Taormina

Descent through the Alcántara Gorge, Sicily, Italy
Descent through the Alcantara Gorge, Sicily, Italy © Letizia - Fotolia.com

Since you are at 200 meters, about Mount Taurus, we must seize the occasion. The highest part of the city is a viewpoint with breathtaking views. You will see at your feet the sea of Naxos and in the background, Etna volcano. Also on top of the Taurus is the Castello Saraceno, the ruins of a medieval castle of the thirteenth century.

Going down to the city, just seeing the streets is a spectacle. Narrow, picturesque, full of vegetation and decorative objects. In the center you have the Piazza del Duomo that houses the cathedral and a fountain decorated with a centaur, a meeting point for visitors and locals. The Chiessa of San Giuseppe It is another temple, but this time gigantic.

In the same square is the clock tower, which serves as a transition to the old quarter. Each Taormina building tells the history of the city. It is incredible the heritage that is discovered in so little space. The Palazzo Corvaja, the Greek theater and the odeon are the essentials of a visit in conditions.

And how about a tour of the surroundings of Taormina? I recommend you visit the Gorges of Alcántara, about 25 km. But this excursion can only be done between May and September. In the coldest months it is impossible because of the water level, since the excursion consists of crossing a part of the Alcántara River on foot.

An erupting volcano formed several columns of Basalt of about 50 meters high ... you feel small at such a demonstration of power. The sensation of walking on the water (notice, very very cold) between the throats is incredible, you have to try it.

The best beaches

Beach of Isla Bella in Taormina, Sicily, Italy
Isla Bella beach in Taormina, Sicily, Italy © Anna Lurye - Fotolia.com

Are you more of the beach? You're lucky. In Taormina there is one that is considered one of the best beaches in Europe: Isla Bella. You can make a similar excursion to the Gorges of Alcántara to enjoy nature. The flora and fauna of the place are beautiful. And if you want you can dive to discover the treasures that hide under the crystal clear waters. To get to this beach you will have to get on a cable car, which gives it charm and excitement. You can also get there on foot by walking on a well-conditioned path, but it is a bit far away. If you want to try both, you can walk and when you are back, when you are more tired, use the cable car.

Another beach that is very good is Recanati, although it belongs to the area of ​​Grindini is very close. It is an open beach, with more sand area than the rest.

Recommended areas to stay and sleep

With so many activities you will need to regain strength. There are two different areas to find a hotel: on the beaches and in the center of the city, in the mountain. Depending on your plans, it will be more convenient for one area or another, but both are very good. Of course, the hotels on the beach are quite more expensive than the hotels in the center. Since there is good communication with the beaches and public transport works very well, I recommend the cheapest area so you can afford a longer stay, or some other excursion.

This has been a brushstroke of what you can enjoy during your visit to Taormina. Do you dare to discover something else?

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