The 5 best destinations near Barcelona for a getaway in Easter


Are Easter holidays coming up and you still do not know where to go? Are you looking for a destination that does not require long trips but is worth visiting? Next we talk about the best offers in escapades near Barcelona:

Sobrarbe, Huesca: The Aragonese Pyrenees to 293 kilometers

If you are a lover of nature, the earth, the mountain, the valleys and the regions with historical value, this destination will become one of your favorites.

In just over 3 hours by car, the region, located in the central stretch of the Huesca Pyrenees, offers a perfect combination of historical architecture, exquisite cuisine, dreamy landscapes... in addition to numerous activities and thematic routes of which you can enjoy using museums, towns, mountains and nature.

Province of Tarragona: The Costa Dorada to 102 kilometers

makamuki0 / Pixabay

Especially if you are a passionate about Roman architecture, the historical footprint of the province will fascinate you. The ancient Tarraco offers you ancient relics like: the Roman Amphitheater, where you can relive the gladiator fights, the Roman circus, where horse competitions were held ...

In addition, in just over an hour and a half you can also visit its beaches of fine white sand, go shopping on the Rambla promenade and visit its famous Cathedral.

Besalú, Gerona: The Middle Ages at 133 kilometers

In the previous destinations we talked about historical relics, but, if you truly are a passionate of the Middle Ages and you look to travel in time to know how our ancestors lived, History who lives in the roots of Besalú will fall in love with you.

The constructions like the Fortified Bridge, the Monastery of Sant Pere, or the Church of Sant Vicenç they will make you live in your own skin the conquests, wars, friction of cultures ... that welcomed the population of Girona more than ten centuries ago.

Valencia: A dream city at 350 kilometers

In this case, making a trip of three and a half hours is worth it, of that there is no doubt. The city is the perfect example of a combination of history, modernity and futuristic research.

Plaza de la Reina and Torre Micalet in Valencia, Spain
Plaza de la Reina and Micalet Tower in Valencia, Spain - © JackF -

An example of this is the Barrio del Carmen and its Palaces, where you will enjoy a city that coexists with two completely different realities: the Christian and the Muslim. The medieval constructions and peculiar alleys will make you travel hundreds of years ago.

Moreover, the City of Arts and Sciences will show you a reality totally parallel to the one already mentioned, with its enormous Aquarium and interactive exhibits.

Lleida: Sports and adventure at 174 kilometers

In a time like Easter where you can still enjoy the last snowflakes, if you are a sports fan and especially skiing, the Ski Pallars station, in It's possible, will offer you one of the best deals on escapades.

You can also Canoeing, explore the mountain and the wildest rivers doing canyoning, and canyoning, rafting or hydrospeed. If you are more of land and speed, you can live an unforgettable motorcycle experience in the circuit of Alcarràs.


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