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Guide with the BEST to visit TOULOUSE this 2023 with excursions and accommodations in which to sleep.

Cheap and budget accommodation to sleep in Toulouse

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Guide of the city of Toulouse in France

Toulouse It is a city with a lot of personality, even with color: it is called “the pink city”. It is worth enjoying a week of life in Toulouse, the mix of environments, the combination of noise and tranquility.

Located in the south of France, it houses thousands of students in several universities. As it is not a very large city you can choose the type of tourism you want: the students' own nightlife or go quietly to know the downtown streets and vernacular architecture.

Former Visigothic capital, today it is a great capital of aeronautics and space. Toulouse invites everyone to discover its two thousand years of history. Whether it is its Romanesque basilica, or its discreet Renaissance palaces with its imposing portico, or a façade with an incredible decoration of baked earth, or the murmur of a fountain or a hidden courtyard ...

Toulouse is the ideal city for a vacation or a weekend with many visits and walks. The "Pink City" is located in the center of the Southwest, between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic and is a compendium of heritage and way of life.

Best areas to stay in Toulouse

The city center

If you are going to stay in a hotel in Toulouse by the center, you will walk through the most remarkable areas and you will see beautiful samples of heritage such as the Basilica of San Sernín or the Convent of the Jacobins.

From the center of Toulouse you can walk to all the monuments, museums and places that may interest you. You will be in the heart of the city, which is a very lively nightlife with many restaurants, bars and pubs.

Being a prestigious neighborhood, hotels are usually located in historic buildings of great value, so prices increase considerably.

Therefore, it is interesting to consider staying for the Jardin Pierre Goudouli, where numerous chains aimed at a more modest purchasing power are concentrated.

How to get to the city of Toulouse by plane

If you're not near the border, it's best to go By plane. At 6 km from the city is the Toulouse-Blagnac airport, with more than 30 airlines. The flights to Toulouse are frequent, if you go with a good eye you can catch good offers.

Our recommendation is that use a good flight comparator to locate the flight that best suits your needs, here we leave one to facilitate the work of looking for.

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Move from the Toulouse airport

The easiest is with the navettes discounts, are bus lines that, due to their route or destination, have particularities that make them different from the others, for example, such as those that make the route to the airport every 20 minutes, with intermediate stops at important points in the city such as the metro station of Jean Jaures, where it connects with the two lines of the city.

The ticket can be purchased on the airport bus or in the vending machines and allows you to make up to three correspondences with other public transport lines in Toulouse in an hour and a half.

Apart from this special, faster and more direct line, the Toulouse airport is connected by other urban bus lines, specifically 25, 30 and 66 lines. The first two connect it with the northwest of the city, but the 66 leads to the station of St. Cyprien Republique, on the west bank of the Garonne, not far from the Pont Neuf and connected to the metro line A.

Arrive to Toulouse by car

Depending on which area of ​​Spain you go to Toulouse you may be interested in going drive or by plane By road, the most interesting thing is to climb the highways of the coast - Atlantic or Mediterranean, depending on where you come from - rather than crossing the Pyrenees, it is faster.

Get to Toulouse by train

There is also the possibility of going by train from Irún or from Barcelona. Connecting several high-speed trains, the journey becomes enjoyable.

How can you move around the city of Toulouse

Urban trips are simple in Toulouse, you can go wherever you want at a good price. You have at your disposal subway, tram, bus and commuter train to go to other cities.

As in the rest of France, there are simple tickets, 10 travel vouchers and temporary bonuses. For tourists there are 1, 2 or 3 day cards with unlimited trips on any type of transport, which go very well.

Anyway, if you are only going to know the city, the safest thing is to move around the center. It is not very large, so most tours can be done on foot. In addition, in the center there are many pedestrian streets and you will have to walk, or take the touristic bus, an electric minibus with an interesting tour.

There is also a public service of bicycle rental, Velo Toulouse, which also serves tourists. You can rent for one or several days, or for a week. The city is flat, the bike is more than practical even if you go in a group.

Anyway, if what interests you is move and visit the surroundings, rent a car, we leave you next a car rental comparator so you can see the best offer in the city.

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Toulouse by bicycle

Toulouse is a good place to get around in bike or, even, to take it as starting point or end of bicycle excursions through the nearby channels. The city ​​is very flat, so the effort it requires is not excessive and, in addition, there is a good network of bike lanes in the city that makes circulation much easier.

There is a municipal bicycle rental service in fixed stations, called VeloToulouse. This means that you can request a subscription to take bicycles freely at any of the stations in the city and leave them in others.

Transport tickets in Toulouse

To move around Toulouse you can choose to buy various types of simple tickets or catch the Carte Pastel, where you can recharge certain types of tickets of greater temporal duration.

The simplest of all is the ticket for a trip, which can be purchased on the bus, in the subway machines and allows you to travel for an hour through the entire urban transport network, with a maximum of three transfers. There's also round-trip ticket on the same day with a slightly reduced price and up to travel 10 passes.

If we talk about the most special, you have the Soiree Ticket, which allows unlimited travel on the public transport network after 7 pm, 1 and 2 day passes and an especially interesting option for groups, the Tribe Ticket, which allows you to make up to 12 trips during a day for a really reduced price.

The best what you can see and do during your stay in Toulouse

A little escape to the beach?

If you have been wanting a beach, even if it is not a city with sea you can make a day trip. You have Narbonne. an hour and a half drive to the east, with incredible beaches next to the Natural Park.

Just halfway there you have Carcassonne, in which you could visit the Citadel and the Castle of the Count. Since you make the trip you should not miss it.



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