Vaucluse, a place in France to discover

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Located between the Alps and the Cote d'Azur, Vaucluse is a corner of France that we can not miss. In their cities there is history and quantity of places that we can enjoy. Organizing a holiday here can be a dream for those present. In this article we want to talk about those cities that you should visit in your trip through the region. Have you ever been around here?

France is a country that we must all visit. If Americans create so much expectation, being Europeans and knowing how close we have it, it is important that at least once in our life we ​​pass through here. Renowned for its history, its cuisine and its exquisite customs, this republic is necessary to know.

Of all the spaces in France that we could talk about, Vaucluse has been chosen. Surrounded by rural beauty, you will discover a section of the neighboring country that will undoubtedly leave you with an open mouth. There are many places that we can discover carefully in this land near the Costa Azul. Would you like to know which ones you like most?

What cities of Vaucluse do I have to visit?

Maybe when you think of France, the first vision that comes to mind is Paris. As the capital of the country is a must but beyond the Eiffel Tower and the Cathedral of Notre Dame, there is much more to discover. Then, so you do not miss this vacation, we leave you with the most amazing places in the department:


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As capital of this department, it is almost a sacrilege not to visit Avignon. Any Vaucluse guide will recommend that you are here even if it is only for one day. The Papal Palace, its famous cathedral or the Rocher des Doms are some of the things you can not miss from here. Go preparing the agenda!


If you want to get closer to a town that looks like it's taken from a postcard, you should not miss going through Gordes. Known for its villas and fields, any outdoor activity is what you will most enjoy here. If you want to know another perspective of France and see how beautiful rural life is, this is your place.


For those who are in love with the mountain Luberon is one of the best places we can go. To be calm and enjoying a few days off, this space is one of the best ones. The Lavende Museum as well as the Tire-Bouchon are the ones you can see here if you want to enjoy something more urban.


Again we are facing a natural environment of the most attractive. The Mines de Bruoux or the Natural Park of Roussillon are some of the charms that this region has. As if that were not enough, many users say that the best Vaucluse restaurants so in addition to everything, we are going to eat well.

How can I book a good holiday in Vaucluse?

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Vaucluse may not be the most crowded or famous area in France but if we want to enjoy a much quieter and / or relaxed environment here we have a good opportunity. Knowing the region or having been told about it is what makes more and more people want to be here.

To book a holiday in this French department today is quite simple since we only have to look on the Internet the options that there are and all of them, request the one that suits us best. The online agencies are the ones that take care that we have exactly the experience we have always dreamed of.

Do not you think it anymore! If you have been looking for a region in France other than Paris for some time, Vaucluse may make you see much beyond the capital and what it means for many. Bet on a different French republic and sure, you will love discovering!


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