Do you know the beginning of tourism in the Cíes Islands?

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The beginnings of tourism in Cíes, at odds with nature

It was in 1920 when the tourism to the Cies Islands would give its big starting signal. He did it thanks to the company "Vapores Correos de Pasaje y Turismo", a company that defined itself as "created for the progress of Vigo" and thatand ordered to make excursions by the estuary.

The steam "Puebla" of said shipping company would be the first move hikers to the North Island of Cíes, in which the 1 day of August would remain several hours. The ticket had a cost of 2,50 pesetas.

The Cies do not begin to be seen as a place of leisure until the end of the First World War

At the end of the First World War, and thanks to the initiative of the British consul Nightingale to build a monument in homage to the deceased sailors, some Vigo people begin to contemplate that visit Cíes islands can be a great leisure alternative.

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Initially, a first tourist tour was scheduled for 6 in June of 1920, which could not be done due to weather conditions. Throughout the next three years, the most frequent summer excursions by the "Vapores de Pasaje" estuary they had the destination of San Simón Island, in which you disembarked.

A time when nature was not particularly valued

It was in the decade of the twenties in which the phenomenon of landscape tourism would begin its slow walkura. Then also begins the consciousness of awareness by nature, which was not particularly respected.

In fact, there are two clear examples of this low regard for nature in the advertising itself that disseminated "Vapores de pasaje". Of which, one makes reference to the island of San Simón. The visit to the Lazaretto was reduced to tour the interior of the island, and warned that "Without abusing this kind concession".

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The warning not to cause damage to the "little vegetation" of the Cíes Islands

The other one makes reference to Cíes, after two great excursions that arrived at the 24 of July of 1923. One left in the morning, and the other at 3: 30 afternoon hours. Were more than a hundred families that were encouraged, and the success achieved led to organize the next Sunday.

Well, on this occasion the following was recommended to the expeditionaries "do not cause damage to the little vegetation". Something that does not miss anything taking into account that the previous Sunday had even come to cause fires, causing mortality in rabbit caves.

Excursions with menu included

There was a canteen service on the boats, and a restaurant on the island itself, so that the hikers did not have to take food. The menu to serve in the Cies was chicken with rice, octopus a la marinera, fillets of hake with salad and steak with fried potatoes.

From 1923, the excursions to the Cies are fully consolidated. Although it is true that they did not cause the same fury at that time, in a more rural society, with a spectacular environment such as that of the estuary, and without the impact of urbanism and industrialization, which lead nature to be more precious

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