All the details for traveling cheap this Christmas

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Skyscanner announces that booking Christmas flights during the next two weeks can save 15%

  • December 29 day is the cheapest day to travel by plane
  • The 43% of Spaniards claim to have planned a Christmas getaway
  • The 32% of respondents say they will travel alone

Madrid, 16 October, 2018.- Two and a half months after Christmas, the time has come to start looking for the best destinations to enjoy the last days of the year. According to a survey * conducted by the metasearch engine Skyscanner, the 43% of the Spaniards consulted intend to make a plane trip during the next Christmas and only the 9% of them have already bought their tickets. They are lucky those who want to take advantage of the holidays to make a break because they are still on time to book their trips at the best price.

The last trend study ** of the metasearch engine shows that the month of October is usually the best time to book flights to most of the favorite destinations for these dates. In fact, you can find domestic tickets with discounts of up to 8% and international with a saving of 10% with respect to the average price. But for those who want to spin thinner and make it even cheaper, this is the best week to buy flights to the main international destinations, with an 16% discount on the average annual price. The next, that is, 9 weeks to start the holidays, will be the optimal time to book domestic flights with savings that can reach up to 14% with respect to the average annual price, depending on the origin and destination chosen.

Nearly half of Spaniards plan to celebrate Christmas away from home. Being such familiar dates, the 48% ensures that it will make this last getaway with its close friends, the 20% will travel with friends and the 32% will do it alone.

The December 29, the cheapest to fly

As detailed in the study **, the cheapest date to travel by plane is the 29 in December and the most expensive the 22, the day of the Extraordinary Christmas Draw. But with how much foresight are flights managed? The Spaniards reserve their flights for Christmas with an advance of 75 days of average with respect to the departure date. Of course, there is no clear forecasting trend when it comes to managing the trip. The 17,5% does so with a term of between 20 and 40 days; another 17% between 40 and 60 days before departure; the 16% does it in the last 20 days; the 14% with an advance of between 60 and 80 days and the 11% between 80 and 100 days before its departure date.

As far as price is concerned, the average cost of the last flights of the year ** is 560 €. Going into detail, more than half of the Spanish travelers (58%) moves for less than 500 €, the 22% invests between 500 and 1.000 € and the remaining 20% is paid for airline seats between 1.000 and 3.000 € for the Christmas break.

The preferred destinations and the cheapest ones

Madrid, Tenerife, Barcelona, Gran Canaria and Palma are the main destinations ** national to which the Spaniards travel on Christmas dates. London, Paris, NY, Amsterdam and Rome they form the 5 top of international cities in which to bid farewell to the year. Maybe because they are the most demanded but there are other destinations that can be cheaper. So, it is possible to travel to Ibiza, Vigo and Luqa (Malta) for less than 50 € and Malaga, Lisboa and Stockholm for less than 90 € ***.

In the words of Cristina Ávila, spokesperson for Skyscanner, "both those who prefer to enjoy a nearby getaway and those who choose to travel a little further can book their flights at a good price if they do so during the next two weeks. Obviously, this is a general reference date that may vary depending on the origin and destination of the trips, so the most advisable is to use Skyscanner tools that, in addition to presenting the most economical alternatives, simplify searches and provide inspiration so that a last escape is within reach of all pockets".

All the details for traveling cheap this Christmas
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