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Who has not ever wanted to spend a few days away from home, travel without a fixed destination without worrying about where to spend the night? Well, for all those dreamers I have two words: Camper vans. For those who do not know, they are modified vehicles to be able to carry out most of the things that are done at home, such as cooking, eating, and even using a bed.

If you have been interested in this "camperizar" your vehicle, to complete the equipment of your van or caravan we advise you to visit la camper accessory store, site where you can find camper accessories y qualified staff that will help you turn your vehicle into a camper van From the feet to the head.

Camper destinations in Europe

Europe is best continent to go with Camper Vans: its beautiful landscapes and the different types of tourist destinations will not leave you disappointed at any time. That is why we invite you to stroll through the following places:

Fatima, Portugal

This city is one of the The largest Catholic pilgrimage centers in the world, thanks to the apparitions of the Virgin Mary registered in 1971. The city of Fatima has many restaurants and pensions that pilgrims are served, but its greatest attraction is undoubtedly the Sanctuary of Fatima, which is the largest Catholic sanctuary in Portugal and one of the most revered in the world. It is said that the view of the sanctuary at night is incredible and also has camping areas and multiple toilets.

The Dolomites, Italy

They are a mountain range cataloged by UNESCO as Heritage. In these mountains you can go hiking, mountaineering, skiing and observe beautiful natural landscapes. The main characteristic of the Dolomites is that they are grayish in color, so at dawn there is a phenomenon known as enrosadira which is that the reflection of the light on its surface makes them turn into a beautiful purple, a wonder!

The Landes, France

Beaches, forests, castles, museums, nature reserves… has it all! This French department is made up of 106 km of beaches, forests, lakes and famous places such as Hossegor or Capbreton. In terms of nature, there is the Orx Marsh Nature Reserve, where you can see picturesque birds. Similarly, it has a great historical heritage, which highlights the Abbey of St. Jean, declared as Heritage by UNESCO. In Landes there are all kinds of accommodations, although the numerous campings, which have swimming pools and recreational activities programs.

The Fjords, Norway

In this wonderful destination you will find the best landscapes and views of the world. The Fjords are an area between Alesund and Stavanger, which obtained the recognition of Heritage of UNESCO in 2005 thanks to its landscapes and places of interest, such as the Urnes Wood Church. And if you ask for accommodation, do not worry, Norway is a country of free camping.

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