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[sin_anuncios_b30] The pleasure of traveling means that many bachelor or single bachelor groups look for destinations to carry them out, but if you are one of those who like to do summer vacations, we give you a list of destinations. Meanwhile, do not miss getting to know Madrid by bike, the means of transport of the future.

Traveling is a pleasure and any excuse is good to do it, for example, bachelor parties or single. Maybe it's time to leave behind the erotic restaurants and theme nights and there are already many people who perform trips for farewells, the most original way to spend a bachelor party with the group of friends and above, enjoy a destination.

Ibiza is usually chosen by the groups that do the farewells in summer and it is not strange, because there they find all the leisure offer to make the trip one of those that are remembered all their lives, but it is also a good time to meet other cities where you do not live, for example, Madrid

Go on a trip to the capital of the kingdom to dismiss the bachelor? It is a great plan in this place that has the motto more than suggestive "From Madrid to the sky". The question is to leave the place of origin during a weekend to know another day as well as at night and have a great time in another scenario, which will surely welcome the groups as they deserve.

Unrivaled destinations to discover this year

But if your thing is to take vacations in the summer months, this list of destinations Count on everyone you've dreamed of and many more.

Santorini - Sunset in Oia
Santorini - Sunset in Oia
(c) Can Stock Photo

Now it's time to design the holidays and tourism experts have made a selection that heads Budapest, the Hungarian capital known as The Jewel of the Danube. Public spas do not cost more than 10 euros there, so go thinking if this palatial city is the chosen one or what will be the Santorini or Mykonos Islands, both in Greece, two privileged places in which to enjoy a landscape of whitewashed houses of sailors and rocky beaches where it seems that time has stopped.

There are many more destinations awaiting you, such as Vietnam or Thailand, for those who enjoy knowing the oriental culture, but we also have Malta, one of the most festive islands in the Mediterranean.

Bicycles, very present in the streets of Madrid

If you go to Madrid or you are from there do not stop using the service bicycle rental in Madrid, it is the most ecological, sustainable and environmentally friendly way of moving around the city that has tours designed to know the city or simply to be able to pedal hard and exercise with the bicycle, because the bike is also a means to play sports.

Cathedral of the Almudena of Madrid
Cathedral of the Almudena of Madrid
(c) Can Stock Photo / tomas1111

Many groups of friends use it for it, especially on weekends, and if you are one of those who are afraid of staying stuck in the middle of a climb you can rent electric bicycles that do the work for you in these cases.

El Bicycle Rental It has become a good option for leisure and groups have a great time with them. They are ideal to make the city known to a group of tourists, so that the family can spend the day outdoors, so that groups celebrating anniversaries or bachelor parties do so in the healthiest way and even to use them as an advertising medium.

Bicycles are very present in the streets of Madrid, which has led to some problem with the drivers of cars, accustomed to feel the kings of the public road, but this is over. Car drivers should start to get used to the idea that a new and much healthier world also wants and should have a presence on the streets of the capital.

The pollution will be lower the more they are used as a means of transport and many people are aware Will we turn Madrid into an urban landscape similar to that of Amsterdam? Time to time.

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