Aspects to consider before a rural trip


Rural tourism, bet more and more demanded

Rural tourism has become an option increasingly demanded by tourists seeking to mix nature, gastronomy, adventure and disconnection; but it is interesting to know some references before embarking on the trip.

We have found interesting data in the barometer of rural tourism published in the 2016 by Clubrural that we want to share with you, where it shows that the trend in rental accommodation is focused on full rental. This report shows that an 70.06% of rural houses have this characteristic. A figure that has increased by 3.76 points with respect to the data reflected in the second semester of the 2015 year.

This means that the trend of rural tourism nowadays moves towards accommodation that offers more privacy and those establishments that have stays per room stay at 16.04%. There are also those who have both modalities, they are only 3.61%.

Where to travel to get cheaper?

It is important to consider which places are cheaper, since some people prefer to manage according to their budget, others instead prefer the more expensive ones.

The cheapest provinces in offers for rural accommodation are: Murcia and Huesca, where the average price of one night per person is 21 €. Follows you with 22 € on average Cordova, Jaén, Palencia and SalamancaWe also present those provinces with the most expensive rural houses at an average price of one night per person: Ibiza with 76 €, Mallorca 52 €, Menorca 49 € and Formentera 37 €. These prices show,

The price of one night per person is in Ibiza with an 76 euros, Mallorca with an 52 euros, Menorca with 49 euros and and Formentera with 37 euros. That make it clear that the highest prices are in the Balearic Islands.

These data are important to take into account when organizing a trip.

What type of establishment is the most frequent?

In Spain, the trend of rural tourism is marked in full rental accommodation.

In the 2016 the 70.06% of the rural houses complied with this element that gives the visitor more privacy. While the establishments that offer stays per room stay in the 16.04%. There is an 3.61% of accommodations that have both modalities.

By communities

The full rentals are more present in the communities: the Region of Murcia that presents an 94.86%, followed by Castilla and León with an 93.36%, Navarra with an 76.90%, Canary Islands 75.81% and Andalusia 75.26%.

As for room rentals, two Basque provinces are shown first: Vizcaya with the 63.80% of offers in room mode and Guipúzcoa with the 58.70% and in the same order, there are two Galician provinces: Ourense with an 64.20 % and Lugo with an 62%.


The capacity offered by rural accommodation is diverse and intended for families, couples or groups; however, the largest offer is centered on establishments with capacity for two people, showing an 54.80% of the national total; a difference from heaven to earth with those who offer 3 and 4 people who have an 17.50% and those who have capacity only shows an 10.20%.

What does the tourist prefer?

The client is the one who decides and chooses what he prefers when going on vacation, of course, those decisions are usually linked according to the offers made by the rural houses and coincide with the traveler's demand.

The preference of the demand lies in requests for couples that show an 21.71%, followed by those that are made between 3 and 4 people, show an 21.43%. These are the options most sought after by travelers.

Also, the results of the demand are shown between 5 and 6 people with the 14.22% and between 7 and 10 with an 19.05%, between 11 and 16 is in 16.44% and from 17 to 20 in 4.1%.

These data reflect that rural tourism is increasingly oriented to couples and groups of few people.

This tourist activity, as important and pleasant as rural tourism, offers the visitor a perfect connection with nature, an ancient environment in the cobblestone of farmhouses, farmhouses or restored monasteries to provide the best service to its visitors.

Elements offered by these rural houses

Su historical-cultural wealth keeps alive the tourism of those who seek something more than nature, those who seek to get involved with the history and customs of a people.

Feelings and inspiration: the sound produced by the waves of the sea or the river bed, the song of the birds that stimulate the admiration of any human being, are part of the elements that inspire life.

Adventure: the large number of cultural and sports options that can be done, from hiking, horseback riding, games and other options related to gastronomy or nightlife ... make rural tourism par excellence.

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