Astún - Guide to the ski resort in Spain, all the basics and essentials


Travel guide of the ski resort of Astún in Spain: everything basic and essential.

Astún - Panoramic Ski Resort
Astún - Panoramic Ski Station (c) Can Stock Photo

Astún It is a ski resort located in the Aragonese Pyrenees right in the province of Huesca and that fans of skiing and snow sports in general like.

This city also has another well-known station called the Subscribe which is equally crowded in the highest snow seasons.

Huesca However, it is one of the cities with the highest number of ski resorts and, in general, many people who come to this province do so with the idea of ​​skiing or in the snow for hours. In fact, many professionals of this sport meet in the stations that are distributed by Huesca.

La Astún ski resort It is attached to Candanchú and is close to the border of France. It has 42 kilometers of ski slopes and finds its highest point in La Raca which is about 2.300 meters high and also has a slope of 300 meters.



Where is Astún?

As we have already mentioned Astún, it is located in the province of Huesca and is usually a very popular ski resort, since it has everything to be doing sports or enjoy a snow season with the family.

To get to Astún station you can do it perfectly by car but you must always assess that we are in a mountain terrain so access will not be as simple as in a flat space. It is important that you know where you are going to start the exit to Astún because depending on the city where you are the distance and the itinerary to follow logically, they will be very different. In any case, the journey is easy to do by car and can be reached perfectly without being aware of additional transport.

What facilities do we have in Astún?

As in any other ski resort worth its salt Astún, it has many facilities that we can enjoy and take advantage of. First, we must focus on what are the ski slopes that appear as your most important claim when it comes to tourist visits.

The ski slopes are separated by difficulty levels and among them we have all the colors starting with 5 green, 16 tracks that are blue, 23 red and 10 black all of them, very well defined and defined so that those athletes who are accustomed to higher levels of difficulty, you can opt for those clues and people who are starting to focus on those that are not so complex and complicated.

On the other hand, we also have chairlifts to take a tour of the entire snow season and see from the top, the charm of the place where we are at that time.

What can we do in Astún?

In the ski resort of Astún we can do anything but get bored and it is one of the most complete stations that we know in the environment therefore, whenever you have interest in a particular activity surely, you have the opportunity to develop it here.

Astún, panoramic ski resort, Spain
Astún, panoramic view of the ski resort, Spain © PARDOUX Pascal -

Next, we want to show some of the most interesting activities to do in Astun, since we have a good amount of meters, alternatives and material to have fun and spend an afternoon of the most interesting with ours:

Ski and Snowboard: One of the activities with more interest in a ski resort, of course, is always skiing or snowboarding. However, in Astún it may be doubly interesting because the tracks that it has are very wide and almost all of them are always open considering the degree of difficulty that defines them.

In this case, at the Astún station you also have ski lessons for those who are starting and who want to learn something more about this sport either because they like it a lot or because they see it as a fun pastime.

Trekking: If we start thinking about the various activities that we can do in the ski resort of Astún, hiking is one of the most curious because thanks to this, we can see part of the mountains that we do not see if we are, for example, climbed in chairlift Usually, we have guided tours by monitors that will take us to the most exciting corners of the mountains of Astún.

Rafting: Honoring that Astún is a station with a good variety of activities in this we can also do rafting which is one of the most exciting activities although that is not always available and usually, it leaves the program of what is the station of skiing of Astún itself.

Snow Garden: The month of April is the perfect month to go to Astún station, especially if you want to do it in the company of the whole family. The Snow Garden is an activity to do all together that you will enjoy most of all, if you have children. The routes followed by the Snow Garden make the passage the most exciting for that, if you want to enjoy something beautiful and beautiful this activity, it is highly recommended.

Where to sleep in Astún?

In the Aragon Valley there are many accommodation opportunities for that, we do not have to worry when thinking about where we will sleep in that night. All around the Astún station is full of places where we can stay in case we are going to be more than a day or for a season.

Hostels range from hotels in the snow to small mountain houses that we can easily book online. Usually, they are very close to each other and prices are based on the qualities you have.

Astún station has been running from 1976 and on that occasion it only had a pair of chairlifts. The success that it was generating over time is what caused it to be extended a little more to what we now know. Do not miss the opportunity to visit it!
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