Atelier de Hoteles implements its butler service and the innovative concept called Signature Upscale Minibar


When we think of vacations, one of the places that surely comes to mind quickly and that is related to dream beaches is the Riviera Maya, it is one of those wonderful places that offers everything to the most demanding tourist: spectacular beaches of fine sand sea ​​bream, excursions to incredible places such as the cenotes or the pyramids themselves, parties and fun in nearby places such as Cancun or Playa del Carmen, spectacular water parks...

Choosing the best accommodation for our vacations

All this is very good, but… And the accommodation? A bad accommodation can ruin what was going to be a dream vacation and it is not a plan to spend hours and money to reach that destination with which we dream and then everything is spoiled by having an accommodation that we would not visit again. . That is why to go thinking about some Luxury Resorts Cancun Playa Mujeres where to make the most of our stay.

Can you imagine a resort with all inclusive and also with butler service? It seems that it is something that can only happen in dreams, but no, it exists and nothing and nothing less than in a wonderful beach where to spend the holidays, in Playa Mujeres! Without a doubt, one of the most famous and touristic places in the Riviera Maya. 

The accommodation we are referring to is the Atelier Estudio Playa Mujeres, one of the best All inclusive hotels in Playa Mujeres that you will be able to find and that offers a butler service for guests staying in selected categories of Inspira Suites. With this service we will have managed our agenda of activities inside and outside the resort, priority reservations, last minute laundry or dry cleaning, personalized aromatherapy service in the bathroom, etc...

Beyond the accommodation we go with some things that you should not miss on your visit to the Riviera Maya.

Visit the ancient Mayan temples Tulum and Chichen Itza

Chichen Itzá is an ancient Mayan city that is located just two hours by car from the main destinations of the Riviera Maya, such as Cancun, Tulum and Playa del Carmen. The Mayan ruins of Tulum is another of the essential places to see in the Riviera Maya. One of the most important cities of the Mayan civilization for being an essential place for merchants. 

Visit Coba

The massive Nohoch Mul Pyramid, 45 meters high, is one of the most spectacular of all Mayan temples. Currently it is not possible to climb to the top.

Spend the day at Xcaret Park

Xcaret is one of the most requested parks by travelers who go to the Riviera Maya with children. It is one of the most spectacular parks in the area. It has more than 40 different activities for an unforgettable day. Plants, animals, adventure and culture are combined to spend a great day with your partner, friends or family.

Get closer to Holbox

Although you can stay in Holbox, this island located north of Quintana Roo does not have the hustle and bustle that you can find in Playa del Carmen or Cancun. But, if you want tranquility, it will certainly fascinate you. If you like snorkelling, you won't want to miss the boat trips that take place every year, between May and September, to be close to the peculiar whale shark, the largest fish on the planet.

Visit Merida

Mérida is one of the cities founded by the Spanish colony during the conquest. Capital of Quintana Roo has a population of over 800 inhabitants. Of course, it offers you all the services and gives you the possibility of making large purchases in its commercial area.

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