Baqueira Beret - Guide to the ski resort in Spain, all the basics and essentials


Travel guide to the Baqueira Beret ski resort in Spain: all the essentials and essentials.

Baqueira Beret - Panoramic ski resort, Lérida, Spain
Baqueira Beret - Panoramic ski resort, Lérida, Spain © Marga Mourelle -

The ski resort of Baqueira Beret is one of the best known in our national area of ​​Spain, since being located in the North, right in the Catalan Pyrenees, is the largest in the territory and therefore has many visits and in the highest eras it is crowded to the fullest.

Located in Lleida as we have said, in the Catalan Pyrenees, it is of singular attraction for many people because of its disposition and also because of the fame it has (in that of being the largest ski resort in Spain) and, of course, of the activities daily that are organized there.

If you are one of those who want to know a little more about Baqueira Beret Without a doubt, you should continue reading this guide because we want to take you for a beautiful snow tour and show that you will not forget.



Where is the Baqueira Beret ski resort?

As we have already said, the Baqueira Beret ski resort is located in Lleida, specifically in the Catalan Pyrenees and it is, as we have also reported, the largest station in Spain that is known so far. Inaugurated the 6 of December of 1964 the station is located in the Valle de Aran and since the year 2003 has an unsurpassable fame that is what has made it one of the best ski resorts that we can find in our country.

If we want to reach it we can do it in very different ways as it is by means of our own vehicle, for which access is available in the surroundings or by bus (we have different lines to reach the mountain) or, depending on from the distance that we are, we can also do it by plane.

In any case, the important thing is to know that we are in the part of the world in which we are, the station of Baqueira Beret, has a simple access for us. Although we must know that the journey by car will be more or less kilometers depending on the area of ​​Spain in which we are, for example.

What facilities can we find in Baqueira Beret?

Taking into account that we are in the largest ski resort in Spain we can make an idea of ​​everything there we can find. Like any other ski resort in this place especially, we can come to ski and also has many tracks that as with other stations, are differentiated by the colors that go from more to less dangerous.

In the Baqueira Beret station we have 6 green ski slopes, 36 blue, 29 red and 7 all black, very well differentiated and with the accesses beautifully marked so there is no confusion.

What can we do in Baqueira Beret?

Baqueira Beret - Ski lifts in the plain of the ski resort, Lérida, Spain
Baqueira Beret - Chairlifts in the plain of the ski resort, Lérida, Spain © Marga Mourelle -

In addition to having all these ski slopes that we have named in the previous point and although we know that the vast majority of people who go to a ski resort do skiing, we have to recognize that the Baqueira Beret area stands out also because of the many activities that its facilities have, so here you can find people who are going to ski but others who are simply going to have fun with family or friends enjoying the good amount of options that this station has .

Next, we want to do a little review for all those activities that the ski station of Baqueira Beret offers us and everything we can do when we are in their facilities. Do you dare to meet her?

Mountain hiking: one of the most interesting activities that we can find in this ski resort is the mountain hiking that we can enjoy. A guided tour around the entire station that also goes beyond this is the perfect option to be with the whole family or to launch the adventure with our friends.

Chairlift: classic of all the ski resorts to Baqueira Beret could not miss a chair lift that makes anyone who is up on it, can enjoy the beautiful views offered by the snow and the entire station itself. The view from on high in this chairlift is spectacular as it gives us a very beautiful perspective of its nature.

children's activities: as we know that there are many couples and families who go with children to the ski resorts, we must clarify that Baqueira Beret is perfectly equipped for the little ones of the house and throughout the station we can find activities of all kinds and workshops so that our children feel at home.

One of the most interesting features of this Baqueira Beret station is precisely that the valley and its mountain is also very busy in summer so the station has open parts throughout the year so, if you have not had the opportunity to be In the winter stage or when the snow is without it, you may find all the attractiveness that Baqueira Beret has available so that you can understand why it is one of the most beautiful places in Spain.

Where can we sleep in Baqueira Beret?

When we go on a trip to a place or we want to make a visit to a specific area of ​​the accommodation, it is one of the things that most concern us in fact, we almost always think about what we are going to see and then, where we are going to sleep.

At the Baqueira Beret station we have a good amount of options for our rest for it, we do not have to worry at all if we will find a place to rest after all the trot that we have with the different activities of the station .

As we have already said, Baqueira Beret station is one of the most popular that we have in Spain and as such has many spaces to stay. Among the most interesting offers of accommodation we have apartments, hotels, hostels and even rural houses.

On the other hand, as in any other station in Spain we also have the option to stay in any of the spaces inside the station or, anywhere in the vicinity because the mountain itself is a tourist area and busy.

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