Baqueira Beret opens the season

Baqueira Beret - Panoramic ski resort, Lérida, Spain
Baqueira Beret - Panoramic ski resort, Lérida, Spain © Marga Mourelle -

We are already in November so, if all goes well, we must not rule out that it will soon start to snow and with a bit of luck we will be able to start approaching the main snow slopes of the country, which are already beginning to prepare little by little to be able to receive the first visitors to the country.

One that like every year is going to be Baqueira Beret, the new ski season begins in Baqueira beret and this year with more enthusiasm than ever. Without a doubt, the landscapes offered by this ski resort is one of its great attractions, far superior to that of many other neighboring resorts.

In addition to being one of the largest ski areas in Spain, its more than 1.010 meters of unevenness and its 103 slopes (in a 155-kilometer skiable area), make it a great destination to enjoy a weekend of skiing.

In the case of families, the offer becomes more than interesting, and I mean the children's ski school: snow playgrounds such as Sports J.Moga.

In them, the smallest of the house can stay in the care of specialized monitors with whom they will participate in games and workshops, in addition to having their first contact with the snow and even starting to move on skis.

Surely more than one family have no intention of doing this activity, especially because you have the equipment, don't worry, everything can be solved, if you travel without material you can always look for one ski shop in Baqueira.

By the way, in the Baqueira Beret station we have 6 green ski slopes, 36 blue, 29 red and 7 black, all of them very well differentiated and with superbly marked accesses so that there is no confusion.

If you are curious to know more about the clothes to rent before going to enjoy the ski resort, we recommend you visit the official website of J.Moga Sports

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