Basic tips for your trips (I)


Here begins the first of a series of articles with which we intend to give you to understand certain details that we believe are necessary when we are going to buy some of our belongings to go on vacation.

As articles there are many, we will start in this post by some of the classic elements of the market, on the one hand, the inflatable mattresses, those mattresses in which more than once each and every one of us have spent some night and that have taken us out of more than a hurry and on the other hand, the TSA locks, those that always come great to prevent unsuitable people curious about the things we carry in our suitcase.

Inflatable mattresses

The utilities of these types of mattresses are multiple and the market offers a range of options and prices aimed at satisfying different types of needs.

But know how much I have what to spend and what model to choose It is quite complicated, I tell you, I bought a cheap price and it ended up being very expensive, I deflated all of them all within a few hours.

Luckily, there are a wide variety of websites where you can easily compare and value the mattress to our dreams. You just have to look at this comparison of inflatable mattresses To understand what I mean.

Anyway and for making a quick summary, the three main keys When choosing a good mattress are the structure of the product (resistant structures based on different interwoven plastic formats, independent rest areas ...), the inflation system (super important that it has an inflation pump and that it has to be done by the manual) and functionality (areas that allow you to adjust the sheets, models that incorporate a raised area on top of the bed ...)

TSA locks for suitcases

Surely more than one and one does not know the difference between a normal lock and a TSA lock, I explain: a TSA lock looks like the rest of padlocks for luggage with numerical combination. That is, they are locked with the numerical key that the owner puts.

They differ from traditional locks in that they have the option of an opening with keys, but not with any key, but with universal ones that are exclusively available to customs agents, thus preventing your suitcase and luggage from being damaged.

Models of Tsa locks for suitcases There are many, if not, take a look through Amazon and you will see the wide variety that you will find. What is important to keep in mind is that each TSA lock has its password configuration and change system.

¿These locks are really safe? The word has been spreading for some time that TSA locks are not as safe as they claim. It is true that the counterfeit keys that open TSA locks are present, and that they say that they are manufactured even with 3D printers but what is certain is that it will give you greater security than a normal padlock.

Anyway, the better options are the locks that allow you to enter keys with numbers that have three or four digits since they will undoubtedly be the most practical and efficient.