Why email marketing is the best ally of tourism bloggers


Small "intro" to email marketing

The bloggers have experienced an unprecedented 'boom' in the fashion, communication and especially fashion industries , where the blog has adapted perfectly. So much so that some international blogs have more than 100 thousand followers. However, this overwhelming figure hides a serious problem for its authors, who are unable to effectively communicate their news to such a large volume of followers. The solution? Give up conventional mail services and bet on the email marketing, a tool that increases up to an 200% the reach of newsletter on platforms like Mailrelay.

The tourism bloggers They live their golden age. The most influential blogs (such as Pinoy Adventurist, Nomadic Matt, Matthew Karsten or the Spanish The Ricle de Sele, Backpackers TV o Travel Cotter) have nothing to envy traditional magazines and media. Some even have a greater number of subscribers, which is why most use platforms email marketing instead of the email services to use (Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, etc.).

Numerous studies support email marketing as the most effective promotion technique in the 2.0 world. According to an acquaintance report Ascend2 company, this methodology allows to increase the leads more than one 40% and improve the engagement with consumers up to an 49%. On the other hand, the consultancy Silverpop demolished some myths about the mailing, such as the low opening of post office, demonstrating in a recent study that these rates could reach percentages of 63,3%.

Of course, the effectiveness of email marketing is unquestionable. However, one of the usual obstacles for those who decide to use these tools is the saturation of the market, where we stumble upon an irregular, deceptive and sometimes harmful offer for the blogger (as evidenced by MailChimp's security conflicts). Fortunately, the platform Mailrelay.com has known how to make a difference with a series of features and features that are hard to match. Do you know what the Advantages of doing email marketing with this provider?

Free account for bloggers

In Mailrelay understand that starting a blog and getting a constant flow of visitors is not an easy task. Social networks are a very poor dissemination mechanism in these cases, and do mailing It is too expensive with most email marketing platforms. To make matters worse, most free profiles (as limited as ineffective) do not provide a real solution.


Aware of this problem, the free Mailrelay accounts allow to send 15.000 emails per month, with a limit of 3.000 subscribers. If we follow them on Facebook or Twitter and Google+, we will extend this limit to 75.000 emails per month and 15.000 subscribers. To make matters worse, members of the blogosphere can request a special account that allows them to make up 600.000 shipments per month and add to a maximum of 120.000 subscribers. Some amazing figures, which have no rival in this market.

For those who suspect that such generosity must have some "but" or hidden clause, we will highlight that Mailrelay does not force its clients to mention their brand or make any type of publicity in their blogs, unlike other suppliers. Undoubtedly, one of the great attractions of Mailrelay for the blogger public. On the other hand, this provider also has offers adapted to the needs of SMEs, NGOs and large companies.

The best technical support in the market

According to a recent survey, a 93,7% of customers of Mailrelay have been fully shown satisfied with your technical support, a very high percentage, which certifies the excellence of the customer service of this provider. And is not for less! Mailrelay assigns each of its clients a consultant specialized in email marketing, who will solve all your doubts and guide you to use, configure and customize your campaigns in an appropriate way.

This custom technical support is available in the free and paid profiles, and can be requested at any time, either by email, phone, skype and using the platform's instant messaging (chat). In this way, Mailrelay guarantees as few can do a complete assistance at any time.

Real-time metrics

Measuring and quantifying data in useful results is a fundamental step for both large corporations and "humble" bloggers. Only in this way is it possible to know where we are with respect to our objectives, detect the imperfections of a campaign, define our target more accurately and ultimately, optimize the effectiveness of newsletter.

Some of the company's main metrics, we recognize the opening, click, conversion and rebound ratios, without forgetting the users' cancellations, their geographical location, the device they use or if they report our bulletins to the SPAM folder. This last metric is a useful indicator when it comes to specifying the quality, interest and affinity of our shipments to the recipient. Also, Mailrelay allows you to compare different newsletters; Through values ​​such as total and processed emails, the number of clicks or visualizations, we can easily determine which is the most successful.

On the other hand, this provider has one of the best SMTP servers, whose shipments we can configure to show very useful statistics. Thus, we can continue using Mailrelay without giving up our usual software.

Test A / B, autoresponders and multiple free templates

Another of Mailrelay's strengths is the possibility of do tests A / B, an advanced feature with which we will test the effectiveness of our newsletters with a portion of the subscribers. Once we have analyzed the results and polished their imperfections, we will have the confidence to know which is the newsletter more effective

At the same time, the autoresponders of this platform. The call marketing automation it is not an isolated tendency; For those who do not have marketing departments or have enough time to carry out promotional work, automating the responses to followers and / or consumers is the only solution. Also, this functionality has proven its effectiveness when sending newsletters on key days: birthdays, Black Monday, end of a promotion, back to school, etc.

While the delivery deliverability leaves much to be desired in most platforms, Mailrelay is proud of own IP ranges, SPAM detection engines and contracts with whitelists (trusted databases), which allows us to achieve better delivery rates.

It is worth mentioning that members of the blogosphere and other sectors do not have the knowledge to design models of newsletter professionals, a reality that Mailrelay's specialists have not overlooked. So much so that they put at our disposal multiple templates without cost. Their designs are very varied and are classified by themes, for greater comfort.

Quick, simple and completely in Spanish Dashboard

Another invaluable advantage of Mailrelay is its interface, accessible to users lovers that do not have advanced knowledge about email marketing. Its intuitive structure and menu provide fast navigability from the start. These same virtues stand out in the HTML editor, very similar to conventional CMS (Joomla, WordPress, etc.), which greatly facilitates the writing and design of emails. For this work we will also have useful templates by default. To make matters worse, we can adjust and moderate the commercial tone of our shipments thanks to the SPAM verifier, a metric that will surprise both locals and strangers.

As proof of its innovative philosophy, Mailrelay uses AJAX and other cutting-edge technologies to offer its customers a constantly updated service. Therefore, this new interface works smoothly in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and other browsers, as well as in the main operating systems (Windows, Mac, iPhone, etc.).

On the other hand, one of the usual drawbacks in most email marketing platforms is the limitation of language, rarely available in Spanish and almost never in Catalan and other dialects. With Mailrelay, both the interface and the guides, the tutorials and the blog are available in these languages, a plus in all respects, which allows users to work with greater comfort, agility and efficiency.

Safe Barbor 100%

Unlike its competitors, Mailrelay has own servers in the European Union and can guarantee an optimal Safe Barbor or Safe Harbor. The cancellation of these international treaties has severely affected the privacy of numerous providers of mailing (Get Response, Mail Chimp, etc.), whose use can lead to penalties of up to 40 thousand euros in extreme cases. On the other hand, the Mailrelay services demonstrate a great conformity with the current legislation, which guarantees the complete security and confidentiality of the campaigns and databases of its clients.

This being the case, bloggers have found a powerful ally in MailRelay, a provider with more than 15 years of experience, which never includes watermarks (logos, signs, link in the foot, etc.) in their results, regardless of whether we design the newsletters making use of free or paid accounts. Another compelling reason to welcome this giant of the email marketing

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