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Hotels in Bruges Belgium

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With its beautiful medieval architecture, its pleasant canals and delights such as exquisite chocolate and beer, it is no wonder that more than 2 millions of tourists come to this Belgian city every year.
The convents, bell towers, guild houses, cobblestone squares and canals allow you to enjoy a fascinating journey through Bruges' past. Today, the old town of Bruges is a place of international fame, declared a World Heritage Site, and the most popular tourist destination in Belgium, although its architecture and history are just part of the city's appeal. On your trip to Bruges not everything is going to be tourist visits: take the opportunity to taste the famous Belgian beer and its exquisite chocolate between monument and monument.
The easiest way to get around this small city is on foot, but there are more options. You can take a horse carriage from the park located near the Minnewater or travel by boat the impressive Bruges canals.

In the center of Bruges you can find Grote Markt, a pedestrian area with spectacular architecture. To admire the best views of the city, go up to the tower Belfort. Other places of interest are the Basilica of the Holy Blood, the Cathedral of San Salvador, the old San Juan Hospital and the many bridges that cross the canals. If it rains during the trip, take the opportunity to visit the Groeninge Museum and admire the mastery of the artists of the region throughout history. Discover the religious history of Bruges in the Beguinage, a religious community in operation since the 13th century.

But you can not dedicate yourself solely to history. Belgium is famous for its unique beers, so you'll have to try them, accompanied by the typical dish of "moules frites" (mussels and chips). For dessert, visit Choco-Story, the Chocolate Museum, where you can get to know in depth the history of Belgian chocolate, before tasting this delicacy known throughout the world.

Bruges is a permanent tourist attraction. It is most popular during the summer, when music and dance festivals are held on weekends. In July the Cactus Festival, rock and reggae, takes place in Minnewaterpark. For its part, the MAfestival of August focuses on ancient music, with organ, harpsichord, piano and baroque choirs.  

But Bruges also has its charm in the colder months, especially thanks to the attractions of this season, such as the Christmas market in Bruges and the festival of ice and snow sculptures, which are held between November and December. If you find a good travel offer to Bruges in winter, you will get a unique memory: the image of its old buildings with the roofs covered in snow.

How is Bruges?

The best thing you can do during your stay in Bruges is to walk anywhere to contemplate the magic of its streets and its canals. Its small size will not lose detail of anything, but we want to recommend places to visit. For example the Grand Place, the nerve center of the city, and the Place du Bourg, its second most important square. Come yourself to check which of the two is more beautiful. We also advise you to go up to the Belfort tower. What awaits you up there? The most impressive views on the small Venice, but also do not lose detail of the tower itself.

There is no waste of the town hall itself, built at the end of the 14th century. Since it is not a big city, in the two squares that we have mentioned and its surroundings, most nightlife places are located. The evening atmosphere of Bruges is varied: you can find pubs frequented by young tourists to places where parishioners are usually native and somewhat older. Of course, beer is delicious in any of them.

Tips for traveling to Bruges

What you can not miss in your luggage, even if you come to visit it in summer, is an umbrella. Do not be fooled by the climate of northern Europe, where the sunniest day can become an impressive deluge, including low temperatures. The size of the city and its narrow streets make traveling by car as unnecessary as it is impractical: we recommend that you rent a bike and discover the charm of its channels.

Bruges is located in the Belgian area where exclusively Dutch is spoken. This language is somewhat exotic for Spaniards, but it would not be bad if you learned some words to get along better. In any case, you can always use French or English in cases of emergency. The increase in prices in summer and the intense cold in winter mean that the best time to visit the city is early autumn and at the end of spring.

It is important to bear in mind also that in Bruges there are not too many ATMs; In this way, the best option is to always pay with a card: you will avoid going through the city in search of a place where you can get money. For the rest, it is a completely safe and open city. Find the best hotels in Bruges and enjoy a peaceful vacation in Bruges.

Where to sleep in Bruges

Bruges is an especially popular destination; In fact, it offers 161 hotels and other types of accommodation that you can easily book through the websites.

Among the most elegant and exclusive hotels you can book in Bruges are the Exclusive Guesthouse Bonifacius, located at Groeninge 4, and Hotel De Orangerie, at Kartuizerinnenstraat 10. Casa Romantico and Hotel Wilgenhof are two other interesting establishments that you can consult through the websites.


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