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Hotels in Belgium

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Discover Belgium

What better place to enjoy food and art than medieval cities? Visit the breweries housed in ancient monasteries and tour the royal palaces of past centuries. 
The three regions of Belgium, WalloniaFlanders y Brussels, they are full of war and medieval history, art, historical castles and gardens. Visit the monasteries where the breweries are located, which still use the old recipes to make some of the best beers in the world.

Start your Belgian adventure in the capital, Brussels, where the French-speaking area of ​​Wallonia and the Flemish Flemish area merge. Spend the summer days walking through the Royal Palace of Brussels and by the gardens, or eating in the huge Cinquantenaire Park, in the middle of the museum district. Visit some of the most 80 museums and art galleries that houses the city. You can find an art object at a good price in the markets of Les Marolles or Grand Sablon square.

Antwerp, the capital of the Flanders region, has an excellent collection of museums and magnificent churches. Its streets are full of original shops and breweries, where you can try the best beers of Flanders. Do not miss visiting the 16th century cathedral, where you can admire paintings by Rubens, or the old castle of Het Steen, which houses the Museum of Archeology and Maritime History of the city.

In Flanders there are also the cities of Witches y Ghent, famous for its perfectly preserved medieval architecture and its history. Bruges itself is a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and has more than 20 museums, many of them with works by famous Flemish artists, such as Jan van Eyck. Explore the "Beguinage" of Bruges, a set of beautiful buildings with white walls that houses a museum about Beguines, a female religious order. Enter the chocolate shops in the city, where Belgian fries are also sold to combine the flavors.

The number of castles in Belgium can be overwhelming, as it has both medieval castles and aristocratic palaces from the 15th to the 19th centuries. Some are found within cities, such as Gravensteen of Ghent; however, it is worth moving a little to visit the fairytale castles of the district of Namur and some of the abbey breweries. After exploring the Abbey of MaredsousAbbey of Saint Sixtus of WestvleterenAbbey of Scourmont and Orval Abbey, you can recall the moments of the trip that you liked the most tasting a craft beer. Organize your trip to Belgium with time to find interesting offers.

How is Belgium?

Brussels It combines modernity with tradition and a very careful historical center, where in addition to the Cathedral of San Miguel and Santa Gúdula, in Gothic style, you can discover the famous statue of Manneken Pis, which is disguised several times a year with costumes of the most curious. The Royal Palace and the Atomium are two of the symbols of the city that you can not miss during your holidays in Belgium.

La medieval beauty of Bruges, with a romantic air worthy of a fairy tale, is the perfect setting to spend a couple of days. This city, declared a World Heritage Site, deserves you to walk through its historic center full of canals, and to approach the Grote Markt and the convoluted Basilica of the Holy Blood. Ghent, Tournai, Ameberes and Waterloo are other destinations that you can visit while staying at the hotels in Belgium that we put at your fingertips.

Hotels in Belgium

Belgium has turned tourism into one of its hallmarks. It all started with hotels for tourists who were looking for fun and relaxation, but the tourism sector has been reinventing itself over time. Currently, the wide range of tourism in Belgium appeals to the traveler who seeks diversity and satisfies the most demanding clients.

In addition to the essential typical summer holidays, you can plan getaways to charming towns, make a gastronomic route, follow the rhythm of music and film festivals, put on your mountain boots to walk along centennial paths, soak up the latest trends, relax in a hotel with spa, have fun with the family in the exciting amusement parks or active tourism. Endless possibilities among which you will have a hard time choosing. We already know what you're thinking: you want to start planning your next trip.

The offer of hotels in Belgium has adapted to the new demand and is as complete and varied. We have Cheap hotels of all categories and the best hotel offers so that your holidays are as you had planned. What type of accommodation are you looking for? A luxury, family hotel with restaurant and entertainment all day? A charming hostel away from the hustle and bustle? A tourist apartment well central? A more rustic lodge?

How to find a hotel in Belgium

We know that hitting the hotel is one of the most important factors for a vacation to go well. This is where we come into play. We help you find hotels so that you do not lose yourself before the barrage of possibilities. We have worked to optimize our website and offer you the filters and descriptions you need to choose well. Select your preferences in terms of type of establishment, price per night, location, proximity to major monuments, services, food regimes, etc. What our users value most is the fidelity of the descriptions and the independence of the opinions shown. Thanks to this, you can be sure that you will not get any surprises.

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