The best 2016 Christmas markets


Introduction to Christmas markets

Winter in Europe is one of the most wonderful moments to visit the most beautiful Christmas markets that we are lucky to have available. If you are looking for Christmas gifts, enjoy the smell of freshly cut trees or simply hear the beautiful sound of Christmas carols, we invite you to discover our incredible selection of best Christmas markets in Europe, the best destinations for the perfect ones Christmas holidays.

We offer you to discover the most beautiful Christmas markets, such as German Christmas markets in Aachen, Cologne, Dresden, Leipzig and Nuremberg, as well as the magic of Christmas in the United Kingdom with the Christmas market of London or Manchester. You will also see our selection of the most Beautiful Christmas markets in France, with Strasbourg and Lille, as well as Belgium, Spain and Switzerland.

The Zagreb Christmas Market

You have to come see for yourself why the Croatian capital is the city most visited during the time of Advent by a number of tourists that grows more and more each year; You can get to know their most idyllic side and participate in the thematic programs that develop in the streets and squares from all the downtown area.

During the time of Advent, Zagreb offers a special atmosphere, that you simply have to experience it in the first person and live and direct. Every time is greater the number of tourists who choose the capital of Croatia as a destination at that time of year. The streets and squares invite to participate, to sing, to dance, and many other types of entertainment together with friends and family. Of course you can also taste the traditional delicacies outdoors that offer the stalls and enjoy the different thematic programs that there is throughout the city.

When? From 26 from November to 8 from January


Strasbourg and its Christmas market

Strasbourg Christmas Market
Strasbourg Christmas Market
(c) Can Stock Photo / LeonidAndronov

It is the oldest Christmas market in Europe, the Christkindelsmarik, dating from first realization in in Strasbourg in 1570. With their 300 sales outlets spread over 12 locations In the center of the city, the authenticity, warmth and generosity of the Christmas capital forms an Alsatian tradition that has been maintained successfully ever since.

The spiritual environment and Advent traditions are well established in Strasbourg. They emphasize their 4 Advent concerts, live nativity scene and a wide range of authentic live music and cultural events. ! It is the perfect occasion to enjoy a cultural trip through time!

When? From the 25 from November to the 31 from December


Aachen: the market to see at Christmas

Every year just before Christmas the squares and streets around the cathedral and the town hall of Aachen become a Festive paradise of lights and colors, sounds and smells seductive. The magnificent fair at the “Christmas City“, Which has been erected with great care and feeling, fascinates both young and old. The huge choice between original, elegant products and precious makes small and big dreams come true.

It is not surprising that the market for Christmas in Aachen has become a "mandatory" visit for all those who love Christmas, to markets and, of course, also to cities as beautiful as Aachen.

The Aachen market has been made famous beyond the limits from the Aachen region itself. This is partly due to its friendly and familiar atmosphere. People come to Christmas market in order to meet their families, friends, acquaintances and colleagues.

When? From November 18 to December 23


Colmar and its 5 Christmas markets

Let's go up Colmar, a city where magic of Christmas you can be experiencing in its purest form for 17 years ... during 6 weeks! There you will find 5 Christmas markets linked to each other thanks to spectacular lighting, it is an authentic labyrinth of streets full of houses that recall the first half of the previous century, it will leave you speechless!

Nestled in the squares of the city and with their own and very special architecture, these markets are like the city itself: intimate and authentic. Each market is a mini-town, highlighting above all its passionate and enthusiastic artisans. Most of them are from Alsace and have been chosen for the quality and uniqueness of their products.

In addition to all this, all of us are invited to participate in a wide range of activities, so that the Christmas in Colmar It becomes a rare experience to find: guided tours, wine tastings, children's animations, traditional toys exhibition and numerous shows and concerts.

When? From November 25 to December 31


Brussels and its 'winter wonders'

Five weeks full of charming visits, perfumes, colorful stalls, great gift ideas and original tasting sessions. The brilliance and joy of the lights envelops visitors in the festive atmosphere of these Christmas markets. The beauty of the 'wonders of winter'is already legendary, so it is a key event in Brussels during the Christmas season.

This unmissable event contributes to a great extent to make this capital a mandatory travel destination. The ice skating rink, a spectacular Christmas tree, the lights and the spectacular and magical sound of Christmas, videomappings, the Christmas parade, the traditional Ferris wheel, the little horses ... All these surprising activities enchant young and old alike and make this event one of the most visited at Christmas time.

When? From November 25 to January 1


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