Boat rental on the Costa Brava

Routes and places to discover

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La Costa Brava is, without a doubt, one of the Spanish areas par excellence for nautical tourism, since it offers multiple leisure options, being the Boat rental one of the most successful due to the variety of routes and places to discover.

Cheap and cheap boat rental in Costa Brava

Nautical tourism on the Costa Brava

With more than 200 kilometers of coastline and 17 marinas, without a doubt, the Costa Brava is a place more than prepared to receive this type of tourism. In fact, all ports are characterized by having quality facilities, as their users emphasize, without forgetting the more than 12.000 moorings that people who rent a boat have at their disposal, which allows that there are no large saturations, if It is true that there are times of the year where finding a free one can be more complicated.

For this reason, our first recommendation is that, if you are going to rent a boat and it is you or one of your companions, the person who is going to drive it, make sure that there is indeed no problem. Something that you will avoid if you work with reputable companies.

Another highlight of the marinas of the Costa Brava is that they are very aware of the protection of the natural environment, something that contributes to the fact that this area of ​​the Mediterranean continues to enjoy the beauty that characterizes it.

Boat rental on the Costa Brava

The boat rental options are extensive on the Costa Brava, but what are the types of boats that are made available to customers? Sailboats, yachts, boats, catamarans or inflatables.

From here, it is a question of the client opting for options such as the following:

  • Number of people: the capacity of a boat, for the comfort of the people who use it, in addition to their safety, is very important when selecting the boat to rent.
  • With or without pattern: because the first rule to be able to travel by boat in the Mediterranean is that the person who directs the boat has the title of skipper. For this reason, people who do not have it, but want to enjoy this option, can do it with a professional person and safely.
  • The power: to be able to enjoy a greater or lesser intensity when crossing the waters of the Mediterranean.

In addition, there are other options that different boat rental companies offer. 

5 places to discover

If we had to mention all the places that the Costa Brava has to visit, the list would be endless. And it is that from Blanes, where it begins, to PortBou, where it borders with France and ends, the Costa Brava has hundreds of places, many of them charming fishing villages, that are worth visiting.

But, in addition, the Costa Brava has natural parks, coves and beaches that deserve special mention. However, in the following lines we mention the Top 5 places to visit by boat:

  • Natural Park of Cabo de Creus: Salvador Dalí said of Cabo de Creus that it was a “great geological delusion”. And it is that the forms that can be seen from the part that faces the coast and which can be enjoyed in a unique way from the boat, are really abrupt and striking. A place to enjoy, above all, its fauna, which is very rich.
  • Cadaques: After visiting Cap de Creus, you can visit the town of Cadaqués. It is one of the most beautiful and picturesque towns in the area, which has managed to combine its originality, without the need to be invaded by the demands of mass tourism. One of its most emblematic places is the Dalí House Museum.
  • Medes Islands: Protected by the richness of its ecosystem, this small archipelago in the middle of the Mediterranean is one of the Costa Brava's treasures and, without a doubt, the best way to get there with total freedom is to do it by boat. Also, if you like diving, you will love its red coral reef.
  • Cala carried: located in the town of Tossa de MarThis cove is difficult to access on foot, but by boat you will get there without problem. Its beauty is spectacular and you will be surprised by the color of its waters and the beauty of the cliffs that complete the cove.
  • Blanes: The town where the Costa Brava begins or ends, depending on how you look at it, has endless leisure options, as well as a port where you can dock the boat and explore its streets and monuments on foot, as well as the possibility of bathing in one of the beaches that run through its more than 4 kilometers of coastline or those coves that are worthy of admiration.

As you can see, touring the Costa Brava by boat is one of the best options to get to know, from a different point of view, this area of ​​the Mediterranean, where families, couples or groups of friends are welcome. What are you waiting for to rent your boat and start this new adventure?