Boi Taull - Guide to the ski resort in Spain, all the basics and essentials


Travel guide of the Boi Taull ski resort in Spain: everything basic and essential.

Boi Taull - Panoramic ski resort, Lérida, Spain
Boi Taull - Panoramic ski resort, Lérida, Spain © oksmit -

The ski resort of Boí Taüll is one of the many that can be found in the famous Catalan Pyrenees and which is located specifically in the Bohí Valley. From here, its name comes as we can see. On this website we have already talked about other stations that we found in the Pyrenees of Lérida but instead, this one that we have here is one of the most requested by tourists from all over all, of which we find in the region of Catalonia more than nothing, because of the proximity that exists towards it.

If you are a big fan of snow sports without any doubt, in the Boí Taull Resort station You have everything you need to make this space one of the most visited because it offers the skier everything he needs to enjoy his favorite sport at the highest level.

With this guide we pretend that you know a little more closely one of the most popular stations in Lleida, so that you have all the information at hand and you can enjoy a lot of adventures that this space has prepared for you. You dare?



To get to the ski resort of Boí Taull in Lérida we will first have to know that it is situated as we have said, in the Catalan Pyrenees, where we can also find many other very interesting ski resorts. As always, we can count on different transport options to move from one place to another.

If you are in areas near this station it is best that you come in your own car because we have different routes marked so you can arrive perfectly in your vehicle. However, bus or plane options, if you come from outside or much further, are equally feasible to get to the station of Boí Taull.

What facilities do we have at the Boí Taull station?

As we have already mentioned, the Boí Taull station is quite popular within all those stations that we can find in the Catalan Pyrenees and has many things so that the skier can enjoy his favorite sport and so that families in full, can equally, spend a beautiful stay in the snow.

Boi Taull - Panoramic ski resort, Lérida, Spain
Boi Taull - Panoramic ski resort, Lérida, Spain © Gudellaphoto -

The station Boí Taull It has a privileged situation in the North of Spain, which makes it even more popular because, thanks to the high quality snow levels it has, there are many options that skiers can benefit from in this space.

The ski slopes that we can find in Boí Taull are perfectly differentiated as in other ski resorts and among them, we find 10 of green color, 7 that are blue, 28 of red color and 9 of black color. All these slopes have good slopes so that skiers can be, according to the professionalism they have, in one or in other without any problem.

In addition to the classic ski slopes that we find in all seasons, in Boí Taull, we also have many other options such as these that we discuss below:

Chairlifts: If we mention that the ski slopes are great classics of the seasons, the chairlifts are also part of those classic facilities that we always have and also, with these we can enjoy the whole family because we do not need to know how to ski or be big fans of snow sports to enjoy these.

Snowboard: One of the most interesting and fun activities that we can find in the ski resorts without a doubt, is snowboarding and in the Boí Taull station you have it so that, if you are a great fan or just want to try, you have the opportunity to do what.

Ski school: We always meet people who go to the snow and who are beginners and therefore want to be learning a little more about the techniques or the ways to ski. The ski schools fulfill this fabulous function and all those who want to learn from this sport here, will be able to do so.

These are some of the great activities that we can do in the ski resort of Boí Taull. However, not only do we find these facilities but we also have place for rest or certain services.

The restaurants or the gambling halls as well as the coffee shops are perfect for making small stops in our activities in the snow and thus, get the strength to go for more. In addition, we have good services such as parking areas or medical service, both very important for our stay in the snow is the healthiest.

Where can I sleep at the Boí Taull station?

As always when we travel or we are visiting somewhere that is not our home, knowing where we are going to sleep is one of the fundamental things that we have to take into account, our rest is essential for the trip to be as much as possible. fun and emotional

We know that the Boí Taull station It is located in one of the mountains of Lérida and, in case we want to go to the province to meet it there, we will have different spaces to stay among which we find hotels, hostels or apartments among others. On the other hand, it is also interesting that we know that in the same station of Boí Taull have different rooms where we can sleep, since being such a busy space, try to have the best accommodation options for our rest.

As we see in the ski resort of Boí Taull we have a good amount of options to be more comfortable and above all, have fun and have fun on our vacation so, if you want to know the snow or be with your family, friends or couple in a place without equal, without a doubt, this ski resort offers you a good collection of opportunities to enjoy to the fullest. Are you going to miss it?

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