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Borneo Island Guide

Borneo, located in Southeast Asia, is the third largest island in the world. The island is not made up of a single country, but of three different countries: Brunei, Malaysia and Indonesia. When we speak of Borneo Indonesia, we speak of a region enriched with flora and fauna. Among the flora, jungles and virgin forests stand out. Among the Fauna, unique animals stand out, such as: the Orangutan and the Komodo dragon.

We can define Borneo as the perfect destination for nature lovers because the natural reserves on this island are gigantic, although lately they have been affected by serious problems such as the cutting of forests, hunting and illegal trade in animals.

Borneo was discovered by the famous navigators Magellan and Juan Sebastian Elcano in the year 1521 and throughout its history the struggle of ambitions by the Spanish, Portuguese, English, and Germans to have part of the territory was relevant. In 1521, Spain helped Sirela, a character who aspired to the throne of Borneo to get the throne, then the Portuguese helped the dethroned and helped him regain it, but again the Spanish put Sirela on the throne.

Spain dominated the Joló archipelago and part of its provinces in the years 1851, after having rid the region of a group of pirates who besieged it and did not allow trade in the area.

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How to get to the island of Borneo

By plane

The first thing to keep in mind before arriving in Borneo is that to enter you need at least a tourist visa which can be obtained at any Indonesian embassy. The only ways to get to Borneo is by boat or plane, by boat you can get there through the ports Medan, Batam, Jakarta, Semarang, Surabaya etc.

By plane, which is the most important means, you can get there from Medan Bantam, Manado, Jakarta, Blak or Pekabaru airports. The main entrance to Indonesia and the one most used by tourists is Bali. One of the options that right now seems the most direct and affordable in terms of price is travel to Borneo from the island of Java.

Our recommendation is that use a good flight comparator to locate the flight that best suits your needs.

How to move around the island of Borneo

To move from one region to another uses a lot of small airlines of small planesThat is why you must take it into account if you carry heavy luggage. And if you want to visit a specific park, you should consult guides about it and inform yourself well, since the way to move to those places differs a lot from each other.

For example, in the Tanjung Puting National Park It is accessed through boats, which are also the means to move within it. You also need a guide for adventures within the park, the most recommended is hire a klotok for three or four days, these are excellent and include food, guides, transportation etc. The experience of spending a few days in the jungle is usually wonderful and unforgettable.

If you are looking to have a beautiful experience, in Borneo or any of the Indonesian islands, you could move by bike and treat yourself to beautiful walks through the wonderful landscapes. For larger rides you could take the bus, and in places that have trains like Sumatra and Java, it is recommended that you use it, although some of these have the occasional rusty tin.

To move from one island to another you will only have the option of doing it by water or by land, for this you will have available the ferris and planes. Ferries provide excellent service and are usually quite inexpensive. To move by plane, you will have at your disposal several airlines such as: Airasa, Lionair, Garuda, Batavia air etc. These will give you an excellent service, the price will depend on the class where you travel of course.

When is the best time to travel to Borneo?

Borneo has a tropical climate, that is, two seasons, one rainy and the other dry. The dry season is from April to September, and the rainy season is from October to March.

The best time to travel to Borneo is in the months of June and September since at this time it rains less and the temperatures are more pleasant.

It is recommended that if you travel to Borneo and want to venture into the jungle, prevent yourself with tetanus, polio and hepatitis vaccines.

Video of the island of Borneo

What to visit during our stay in Borneo?

Borneo, as we said at the beginning, has very good nature reserves, one of these reserves which would be a good option for you to visit is the Tanjung Puting National Park, which is located south of Borneo. The main attraction (so to speak) of this and many parks, are usually the famous orangutans, there you can see them both in the wild and the so-called rehabilitated (orangutans raised in captivity which are trained to live in the wild)

An excellent idea would be to visit the cities of Balikpapan, Tenggarong and Samaringa, where you will find beautiful parks and natural reserves, they are also excellent places to dive, there this activity is practiced quite a bit.

If you are fascinated by mountain parks, then it is recommended that you visit the Betung Kerihun park or the Bukit Baka Bukit Raya National Park. But if what fascinates you the most are the tropical jungles, then I recommend that you visit the Kayan Metarang parks, Danau Sentarum and Kutai.

4 essential things to do in Borneo

  • Visit National Park Tanjung Puting and tour it in a Klotok  and delight in seeing the jungle, orangutans, proboscis monkeys and pure nature in action.
  • Observe marine life in all its splendor diving in Maratua, Sangalaki, Kakaban. The lake that is located in Kakaban is usually an excellent place to practice snorkeling.
  • Visit one of the curious floating markets of Kalimatan and visit the Dayakes villages which still live in a natural state in perfect harmony with nature.
  • Spending the night in one of the Parks is a pleasant and unforgettable experience, this must be done with a guide of course. This can be done on an excursion in a klotok, repellent and protection against mosquitoes is recommended.
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