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Boston City Guide (USA)

Boston It is the capital of Massachusets and one of the oldest cities in the United States. It is a great city with some of the best universities in the world including the famous Harvard College.

This city is a cultural core, a great center of higher teachings, it stands out in the environments of medicineresearch projects.electronicsengineeringfinance,technology or biotechnology, Among others.

Boston It is one of the cities with more history in the United States since it had a very active role during the US war of independence in the s. XIX with episodes as well known as the famous "Tea riot".

The city can surprise by its size, much smaller and more compact than you can imagine due to its fame. That is why it is always said that Boston is the most European city in the United States, basically because it can be explored on foot or using public transport.

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How can I get to the city of Boston?

If you plan to arrive from Europe  but also Boston, the most recommended option is to travel by plane. Boston It is very well connected, but the best way to get there is from the Logan International Airportel Boston Logan International Airport, is one of the most important of United States. It is located in the metropolitan area of BostonMassachusetts, in fact to be more precise in the East Boston neighborhood and serves the entire “New England” region.

Our recommendation is that use a good flight comparator to locate the flight that best suits your needs, here we leave one to facilitate the work of looking for.



How we can get around from Logan International Airport

Once in the Logan International Airport, it's easy to get to Boston, because it has many transportation options to get to the city, includingbuses, metro, maritime buses "water shuttle" and taxis.

Un free bus, Massport, makes stops at each terminal of the airport and at the station metro. This offers service to different points of the city of Boston. The blue line of the subway goes to the center.

There are also several bus lines that connect the airport with several sites Boston and localities of the surroundings as Braintree, Framingham, Peabody and Woburn. The 448, 459 and CT3 buses go to different points in the area of Boston. The stops of taxis They are in all terminals and work 24 hours a day.

How to get around the city of Boston

El public transport is the most speed boat toursafe y cheap to move around this city. The Massachusetts Bay Transport Authority (MBTA), the company in charge of metro network, currently operates four lines: blue, green, red and orange. They all start from Park Street Station, which is located northwest of the corner of Boston Common, or also called "T”, Which is the name by which the metro is popularly known. This transport network began to function in 1897, thus being the oldest in the United States.

Boston, public transportation 61015 / Pixabay

Regardless of the metro, the MBTA not only manages it, but is also the train operator, which has 13 intercity lines, in addition to three services ship y Ruta 185 de buses. But the cheapest option are the latter, the public buses, which as an advantage also has more stops than the metro but it is more difficult to find your way around since there is not a wide availability of maps, as is the case with the metro. Even so, they can be slow given the traffic but they are more suitable for people with reduced mobility.

As a curiosity, Boston has water taxis. They are a way Attractivestriking e interesting to know the city. They are operative during all year and both as an intercity and ordinary service, it is also possible to link to Logan Airport. The operators of these services are City Water Taxi y Harbor Express.

In the field, the bicycle rental If you are one of those who usually go out to pedal, because the streets of Boston are not an activity for those who are not used to it, given the dangerousness of roads and so variable climateBoston has cycle paths for a walk along the charles river. One of the companies that offers this service is Back Bay Bicycles.

What are the best areas to stay in Boston?

Boston Back BayT3W_boston / Pixabay

The neighborhoods of Boston

Once we have clear as to move by Boston and the most interesting displacements comes the most important step, choosing where to stay. This population consists of two areas that concentrate the entire environment and the hotel offer: the Downtown, or old Boston as others name it, or the neighborhood of Back Bay, located just beyond Downtown along the Charles River.

If you plan to visit the city, it is best to stay near a metro station and thus also visit both neighborhoods. Depending on whether you are a fan of the Red Sox or if it's more of a quick tourist visit to enjoy a walk you will choose Back Bay o Downtown respectively.

Boston It offers an impressive variety of hotels and those that face the parks are the most sought after. Back Bay It is an attraction for tourists for being a luxury boutique shopping area and a large business center. The rich neighborhood is called Beacon Hill with a very picturesque romantic postcard atmosphere.

Boston Cambridge
Boston Cambridge @https: //

History buffs can not forget the area Waterfront center being a short distance along the freedom trail. While the very first sea ​​line is occupied by more luxurious hotels, the old Italian neighborhood North End offers some of the cheapest accommodation opportunities while also being a paradise for gourmet restaurants.

Keep in mind that the neighborhood Chinatown from this city it's not dangerous at allsince it is a city in particular quiet And we advise that, given its small center, you look for accommodation in the suburbs and travel by metro as it is fast and cheap.

As a summary of the recommendations we propose Cambridge as one of the most interesting, another advisable neighborhood is the South End, elegant and French style considered as the Gay neighborhood. If you prefer the center we Brookline and it's an area really quiet, finally we have the North End Being the Italian neighborhood in front of port.

What to do in Boston?

Once in the city and when they have settled down, they will most likely want to go visit it and thus get to know it a little more. TOtime we are going to explain a little the tourist attractions that are currently available to enjoy this Wonderful city:

  1. European architecture - Boston is a city with beautiful architecture, based on classic British architecture, the simple fact of walking through its streets is more than enough reason to want to visit it.
  2. North End Market, Little Italy - Little Italy is the first residential area of ​​Boston, also as a curious fact it is where the first Italian neighborhood in the United States was formed. Here the gastronomic culture is exquisite, you will feel that you have been transported to the Italian peninsula to taste the best pastas, wines and dishes of the Mediterranean.
  3. Cambridge and Harvard Square - Across the Charles River is Cambridge, known as the “City of Squares”, the multicultural headquarters of the first and most outstanding house of higher studies in the United States, Harvard University. University life here is lively, especially in Harvard Square, the heart of the University, where you can find everything from cafes and restaurants to exotic bookstores with unimaginable copies. Central Square and Inman Square are highly recommended to visit, filled with restaurants, ethnic cafes and shops.
  4. Museum of Fine Arts - Museum of Fine Arts has a large collection of Egyptian art, works of french impressionism. Has the clargest selectionof art Japanese outside of nippon territory. Wednesdays the entry is free after 4:00 pm.
  5. Isabella Stuart Gardne Museum - Isabella Stuart Gardner Museum It is a museum with a large collection of works of art and a very intimate atmosphere. Here you can find works by great authors such as Matisse, Vermeer and Rembrandt, and Italian Renaissance paintings, among others.
  6. Boston Public Library  - The LBoston Public Library it is an invaluable jewel of the Neo-Renaissance architecture, a pioneer in the public library systems currently in force around the world, with exhibitions and shows throughout the year.
  7. Institute of Contemporary Art - Institute of Contemporary Art must be in your itinerary if you like to appreciate the new expressive proposals.
  8. African American History Museum - The Museum of African American History is of utmost importance, since it was in Boston the first place where aslavery bolió.
  9. Museum of Science - Museum of Science will surprise you with the wide variety of experiments, discoveries and inventions that are displayed inside, remember that it was in Boston where the ra was developedI laser and the atomic bomb.


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