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What are you going to do in Budapest? Book activities, tours, guided visits and excursions in Budapest in Spanish.


Széchenyi Spa, entrance without queues

  Széchenyi Spa, skip-the-line entrance Built in 1913 in neo-baroque style, the Széchenyi Spa is one of the most fascinating thermal baths in the world. Buying...

Excursion Esztergom, Visegrád and Szentendre

  Excursion Esztergom, Visegrád and SzentendreIn the excursion to Esztergom, Visegrád and Szentendre you will know three of the most beautiful cities of the Danube. It's an excursion ...

Free tour of Budapest Free!

  Free tour of Budapest Free!Fall in love with the pearl of the Danube with this guided tour in Spanish through the Hungarian capital. You will go through Parliament, ...

Boat trip at nightfall

  Boat trip at nightfall If there is a city that stands out for its night lighting, that is Budapest. On this cruise you will enjoy ...

Guided tour of Budapest

  Guided tour of BudapestWhat better way to start a trip to Budapest than with a guided tour in Spanish? During the 3 hours of ...

Guided tour of Budapest + Parliament

  Guided tour of Budapest + Parliament On this tour we will visit the main points of interest of the city and visit the interior of the Parliament, being ...

Tours & Excursions in Budapest

The union of the cities of the West: BuddhaÓbudala, and the East Pest, they were separated by the Danube river. The Hungarian capital becomes a single city, "Budapest ", from the November 17 of 1873.

It is one of the most beautiful and picturesque cities in Europe. If you want to live all its charm and romanticism, here you will discover the interesting Tours and excursions.

With this interesting and practical guide you will take the best decision as to what attractions, activities and tours to visit.

Budapest Cultural

Explore with us the interesting monuments full of culture, art, and rich history that this emblematic city has.

  1. Hungarian National Museum: One of the most beautiful buildings of La Gran Avenida and has the largest collection in Hungary.
  2. Museum of Fine Arts: Museum Located in the Plaza de los Héroes, composed of Hungarian and international works.
  3. The Budapest Opera: It is a neo-Renaissance opera, the theater is shaped like a horseshoe and was opened in 1884.

Tours for Religious Temples

Meet the main temples of religious cults in the capital. Walk with us:

  1. Budapest Synagogue: in the Jewish quarter the most impressive and largest synagogue in Europe. Enter next to us and discover it.
  2. The Basilica of San Esteban: It is the cathedral of Budapest, and its twin 96-meter high towers make it one of the tallest in Budapest.
  3. The church of San Matías: catholic church, one of the prettiest eclectic architecture temples in the capital.

Guided tour of the era of the Castles of Budapest

Live the excitement of visiting and traveling to the past through the magic of the impressive and magnificent Castles of Budapest.

  1. The Buda Castle: also known as the Royal Palace, since the kings of Hungary settled there. Come and discover The Buddha's Labyrinth and its tunnels.
  2. El Castle of Vajdahunyad: It is a replica of a castle in Transylvania, Romania. The darkest enigmas are hidden inside these walls, do you dare to enter?

 The Grand Tour of Budapest

This tour is tailored to those who hope to make the most of their stay in the Hungarian capital.

  1. Chain Bridge: Icon bridge of Budapest, has become a tourist attraction and makes it possible to communicate to “Buda and“ Pest ”. His real name is Széchenyi Bridge, dedicated to its founder the Count István Széchenyi.
  2. Square of the Heroes: dedicated to commemorate with its statues the leaders of 7 founding tribes of Hungary.
  3. Budapest Citadel: Built in the 1854 year by the Habsburgs. At first it was a surveillance post. This is the highest geographical point of Budapest, here you have the best views of the city.
  4. The Parliament of Budapest: Built between the years 1884 and 1902. This is where the meetings of the Hungarian National Assembly take place. Headquarters of other public institutions and a Library.

Most important aspects of the Budapest Parliament

  • It is the most important building in Budapest. After the Romanian parliament, it is the second largest in the world.
  • Because of its size, it was the largest work in Hungary.
  • In its center the coronation jewels of Hungary are exhibited: the Crown with the crooked cross with the country's shield, the scepter, the orb and the sword.

In addition to touring Budapest with the great variety of Tours and excursions, you also have the chance to have relaxing days. If you just want to rest in this impressive city, we have more information for you so we can complete your experience.

The Baths of Széchenyi

They are medicinal-thermal baths, they are located in the City Park and were built in 1913.

What do we find in the Széchenyi Baths?

  1. Private baths, steam bath area, as well as a public bath area.
  2. The water with which it is supplied is by two sources of thermal waters, with temperatures between 74 ° C and 77 ° C.
  3. These waters are medically indicated for degenerative diseases of the joints.

The Gellért Spa

It is a complex small pools, contain mineral water from the warm springs of Mount Gellért.

What do we find in the Széchenyi Baths?

  1. The composition of its waters contains magnesium, calcium and sulfates.
  2. The complex has eight thermals, a swimming pool with artificial waves in the open air.
  3. Private pool with champagne and fruits, and a sparkling pool.
  4. Massage services, a sauna for medical and therapeutic services are available. Tour & excursion guides will help you better plan your trip to make the best decision. Visit the experiences of travelers from our community, the most recommended routes and the best areas to do the tours.


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