Buenos Aires: city guide Argentina with everything you need


Travel guide of the city of Buenos Aires in Argentina: everything basic and essential.

Buenos Aires It is a wonderful and very friendly city with all the tourists that visit it, a place that is full of cultural activities, museums, entertaining nights, movie theaters and much more. This passionate city has the history of talented footballers, designers, musicians and the outstanding Carlos Gardel who always stands out among the streets where his fans still live.

Although there are different tastes and cultures, Buenos Aires is highlighted by the Tango that was inherited from Gardel and other artists who left a great legacy that today is still taking advantage of, it is very normal to see how young people practice the sensual dance and we can even enjoy it in a high quality show. it is music for love, for the memory or the sensuality of the couple that wants to live a different experience.

This city is considered as cosmopolitan since its doors are open to all, who wish to live a great adventure in the city will be able to do enjoying incredible places surrounded by culture and beauty. The city located in South America has approximately 3 million inhabitants, its official language is Spanish and its currency is the Argentine peso.

How to get to Buenos Aires? 

Buenos Aires - Puerto Madero neighborhood, Argentina
Buenos Aires - Puerto Madero neighborhood, Argentina © jkraft5 - Fotolia.com

To get to this city in South America there are several options, if you are in remote places as very important cities in the world, either in the rest of America or the other continents, you will be able to get to Buenos Aires by air, it is a very comfortable way since the city has two specialized airports to receive tourists from both nearby areas and from remote countries, the two airports are:

  • El Jorge Newbery airport, located at 5 minutes from downtown and specialized in receiving tourists from the interior of the country or nearby bordering countries.
  • El Ezeiza International Airport , located at 15 minutes from the center by highway which specializes in receiving tourists from all the faraway places of the world.

The two airports work with different airlines in the world, which provide different rates to provide a comfortable trip with good security guarantees.

Another option to get to this city is by land, people from the interior of the country or even the countries of South America can use this means to get there, although it may take a little longer, the tourist lives a great experience doing the route while you encounter different landscapes full of beauty and the roads are in their best condition so there is no problem. In many bordering countries and in the interior of the country there are different bus companies which guarantee safety to get to the bus terminal of the city.

What places to visit in Buenos Aires? 

Buenos Aires - Cabildo Building in the Plaza de Mayo, Argentina
Buenos Aires - Cabildo Building in Plaza de Mayo, Argentina © Toniflap - Fotolia.com

The city is full of places dedicated to art, culture, history, tradition and modernity. When you arrive in Buenos Aires you can take a tour to visit different places such as:

El Cemetery of the Recolecta, a mysterious place with a lot of history where the streets are lined with statues and marble sarcophagi with many years of antiquity.

The Museum of Fine Arts, a site full of works of famous artists such as Picasso, Monet, Gauguin, among others where famous Argentines and characters from other parts of the world are combined, here you will find different exhibitions and even a small gift shop.

El Zanjón de Granados, one of the most visited places for its architectural beauty that leaves everyone surprised.

In general, in Buenos Aires you can visit wonderful neighborhoods, zoo, gardens, soccer fields, parks, night spots for entertainment, tango shows and music among others, the city is full of activities for all tastes so you do not stop live a great experience.

What are the means of transportation in Buenos Aires? 

Buenos Aires It is a city where you can walk with great ease, however when you need to travel long distances, tourists will be able to do it by means of a bus, train, taxi system or the famous "Subway".

With the buses you can go to the main places but with the disadvantage that it takes a long route through different routes, maybe the tourist is not prepared to know where to make the stops, the buses travel carrying all the people of the city and they are the ones who choose where to get off, however if you want to use this means, the ideal is to have a bus guide.

With the train the route is very simple, the Miter train line leaves the tourist in the main places to visit.

By taxi, it is certainly the easiest way to get to the destination you want, there are taxis available at all times and everywhere, although care must be taken to ensure that it is an official service taxi.

With the Subway of Buenos Aires The tourist can do a whole tour of the city in a very simple way, however they are very used and you can find that many people enter at the same time, if you use this means it is recommended to take certain safety measures especially with your belongings.

What to eat in Buenos Aires? 

The gastronomy in Buenos Aires is exquisite, among its typical dishes we can find the asado and the grill of the meat, the steak, the chorizos, the churrasco, the pasta and the milanesa.

On the other hand we can find lighter meals like pizza, empanadas or desserts.

And what we can not fail to try, are the delicious ice creams that are reputed to be the most delicious in the world.

Shopping in Buenos Aires 

Buenos Aires has a large commercial offer with variety for all types of pocket, here you can find different shopping centers with international brands, also national exclusive brands and also small shops where you can find different gifts and souvenirs of the city. In the city we can locate places for expensive or low cost shopping, as we travel the city we will see the most wonderful stores or the simplest ones but all with the best details depending on the taste of each one.

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