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Guide with the BEST to visit CALPE this 2023 with excursions and accommodations in which to sleep.

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Guide of the municipality of Calpe in Spain

Quiet y insurance, Calpe is a destination that, in addition to having clean and well-kept beaches, has pedestrian streets, museums and squares, along with a wide range of parks and gardens. A city open to families, with cinema, theater, activities and guided tours for you to enjoy all year.

In addition to activities and programs for the whole family offering restaurants and hotel establishments, there are various family routes to enjoy the city or start hiking.

Calpe is the site ideal for water sports, with a complete offer of nautical facilities distributed in the 13 km of coastline that make it one of the main nautical destinations in Spain, both for competition and leisure. Nautical reference of the Regional Station to which it belongs, in the Valencian Community, internationally recognized for the celebration of top-level events, such as the America's Cup and the Volvo Ocean Race. Wherever you look, Calpe is your nautical destination.

Calpe is multicultural and proof of this are the variety of restaurants with international dishes that will bring you closer to knowing, among others, German, American, Austrian, Belgian, Oriental, Greek, Indian, English, Italian or Swiss cuisine.

The weather in Calpe

20.5 ° C
22.8 °
18.6 °
20 °
20 °
17 °
15 °
15 °

Best areas to stay in Calpe

To make the most of your stay, in this section we offer you a small guide with the best areas of Calpe: the most tourist, the safest, from which it is easy reach any point of the municipality, walk on foot or eat and buy without problems, a few meters from your accommodation.

The area near the Fossa or Levante beach

The beach of Levante or de la Fossa is the ideal family beach area in Calpe. Bordered by a long promenade with numerous restaurants, bars and shops, it is the best place to stay in Calpe for families with children and couples looking for rest and tranquility next to the Peñón de Ifach.

Very near the beach is the port, one of the classic places of any coastal area from where to depart on excursions to other areas of the coast. In addition, this area has a wide variety of restaurants where food is somewhat cheaper than in other areas of the municipality.

Similarly, if you like the snorkel, 20-25 minutes walk is the Racó Creek, One best places where to practice this sport in the whole municipality.

Note for families with children: the area has a small fair where the little ones (or not so much) can enjoy every afternoon and evening of the week (mainly in summer).

The area near the Arenal-Bol beach

The Arenal-Bol beach is, together with that of La Fossa, one of the largest and busiest beaches in the municipality of Calpe. The area, like the previous one, is ideal for families or couples look for some good and quiet beach holidays.

The beach of Arenal Bol located on the opposite side of the Peñón d'Ifach from Playa de la Fossa. It is a long stretch of fine white sand and clean, turquoise waters with a lively boardwalk and all services, including restaurants and cafes, children will spend incredible days building sand castles and paddling in the sea.

The Arenal Bol beach is very well equipped, in it we can find rescue equipment, wooden walkways, public toilets, showers and footbaths, rental service of sunbeds and beautiful hemp parasols.

With regard to their accommodations, new hotel bets They have SPA services for a full enjoyment of the stay in a very careful and comfortable environment, with the added value of a wide commercial offer in its vicinity.

How to get to Calpe by plane

Although Calpe is a municipality that is often reached by car, for those whose origin is quite distant, it is possible to arrive through Alicante airport Then take a short bus ride. Alicante airport receives the name of L´Altet and it is located seventy kilometers away from Calpe.

Our recommendation is that use a good flight comparator to locate the flight that best suits your needs, here we leave one to facilitate the work of looking for.

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How to move from the airport

To get to Calpe using public transport, the only option is use Alsa company buses (http://www.alsa.es/) that you can catch in the same airport and doing transshipment in the city of Benidorm.

How to move around Calpe

Calpe is a municipality in which moving is very simple, ideal is to do it with your own vehicle, but if you can't do it you always have the public options. We leave you below a car rental comparator so you can see the best offer available.

[search for city cars = ”calpe”]

Move us by bus

Taking the bus is very simple since it only has 3 lines. The lines 1 and 2 span the entire city from end to end. The 1 is operational all year, and the 2 only operates in July and early September. The 3 line It reaches Teulada / Moraira, so if you want to spend a day outside the city it is interesting.

Move with the tourist train

In summer you can have fun going up to tourist train that runs through Calpe, from Plaza Colón to Hotel Esmeralda, passing through the port. It can be taken in June, August and September every 45 minutes, and in April, May, June and October with departure from the port with the same schedule. It is a very entertaining way to get to know the city!

You have the updated schedules constantly from both train tourist like from the lines of Bus in the official website of the municipality of Calpe: https://www.calp.es/es/content/transportes-urbanos

The best what you can see and do during your stay in Calpe

What are the best beaches and coves of Calpe?

Calpe has 13 km of coastline with 14 beaches and coves where you can choose between kilometric beaches of fine golden sand, quiet bays, small sandy coves or unspoiled rocky coasts with cliffs, all recognizable by the purity of their clean waters of an unmistakable turquoise blue. Here we leave you with some of the ones we have selected as the best ones.

The Fossa-Levante

Beach of the Fossa or Levante
Beach of the Fossa or Levante
(c) Can Stock Photo / MikeCharles

With fine golden sand and crystal clear waters, it is an urban, quiet, family beach that offers all the amenities to spend a good day at the beach.

From the beach you can contemplate the view of Peñón de Ifach, for its less known face with small remains of natural vegetation that slide to the edge of the beach.

The Pit It has a high degree of occupation in the summer months and is one of the most visited in Calpe with all kinds of services and facilities in its surroundings and with the award of the Blue flag. A very well-kept beach throughout the year.

This beach is somewhat quieter than the Arenal-Bol since its surroundings are less urbanized although it is not exempt from buildings either. Delimited by a careful boardwalk, you will find a lot of restaurants, ice cream shops, pubs and all kinds of stores.


Beach of the Arenal-Bol in Calpe
Beach of the Arenal-Bol in Calpe
(c) Can Stock Photo / perszing1982

The beach Arenal-Bol has more than one kilometer of fine golden sand and transparent waters, dotted with small palm trees that give a special attractive to this urban beach, one of the busiest in Calpe.

Along the edge of your long seafront some of the most modern hotels are located, where you can enjoy impressive views over the beach and the rock.

If you like the watersports Do not miss the opportunity to rent windsurf boards, paddle surfing or take a motorbike ride. The Arenal Beach Bol is very well equipped, in it we can find rescue equipment, wooden walkways, public toilets, showers and footbaths, rental service of sunbeds and beautiful hemp parasols.

For its unbeatable facilities, the quality of its waters, the cleanliness and the beauty of the landscape, the Arenal Beach Bol proudly waves Blue flag granted by the European Union.

The Racó

Cala El Raco Calpe
Cala El Raco Calpe

The Racó is a small stone cove Located at the foot of the Peñon de Ifach, perfect for fishing, diving or snorkeling. From there, the Príncesa de Asturias ecological walk also starts.

It is advisable to wear good footwear because otherwise it will be an ordeal to enter and leave the water. The entrance to the sea it is done immediately very deep and do not touch the bottom with what may not be very convenient to go with children.

In the cove there an underwater footpath marked with buoys and informative signs They tell us about the native flora and fauna, it is something unique in the coasts of this region, so if you like to dive, you can not miss it.

Getting to the cove is easy, since you only have to go to the end of the port of Calpe. The difficult thing is to park as there is little parking near the cove, so the main thing is not to arrive too late there to be able to park in the parking lots what's in the area of Calpe Nautical Club.

Del Morelló

Cala del Morelló in Calpe
Cala del Morelló in Calpe

It is a small cove of fine sand located on the Infanta Elena promenade (which runs along the beach of the arenal-bol) and in which the presence of the deposit known as Baños de la Reina, with a set of structures from Roman times that housed an old fish farm and some thermal baths.

The cove has about 50 meters in length by 10 meters wide, as you can see from small dimensions and above, the normal thing is that you have a great influx of public with what, or you go soon, or maybe you are up people.

El landscape that the cove offers is splendid at the same time of relaxing with palm trees around that contribute shade of natural way in high season of affluence of tourism.

Les Bassetes

Cala Les Bassetes Calpe
Cala Les Bassetes Calpe

It is a very quiet cove located next to the Bassetes marina, suitable for snorkeling, diving and fishing. From there you can see a peculiar perspective of the Peñón de Ifach.

De transparent waters, it has some extraordinary Posidonia backgrounds, that make it an ideal place to relax and enjoy water sports, in a quiet and familiar environment.

The same cove has a bar and a restaurant where you can taste the local cuisine or simply take a drink enjoying the great views of the coast that Calpe has.

In this same cove is the access to the Ecological Walk through its south door. During your tour you can enjoy wonderful views of the coast and various information panels.


Calalga Calpe
Calalga Calpe

Calalga is a cove located at the end of the north side of the Fossa beach o Levante, it is a quiet cove that even has a lifeguard whose rocks accumulate remnants of underwater vegetation that guarantee us healthy and full of life funds.

The cove has an approximate length of about 100 meters and is access a through a simple ramp what is in the walk that surrounds it. It is usually a Very little creek, unlike the beaches of La Fossa or Arenal.

In addition, It has a nautical service rental service, ideal to have a good time with friends or family and discover new places together.

Other coves and beaches of Calpe

Map beaches Calpe beaches
Map beaches Calpe beaches

As we mentioned at the beginning, these are the ones that have seemed most outstanding, but remember that there are a total of 14 the coves and beaches owned by the municipality of Calpe, well worth spending a little time in each of them if you have the chance because each one has its charm.

We leave you a map (which you can find in any beach and Calpe cove) where you can perfectly appreciate the location of all the coves and beaches of Calpe.

The map is obtained from the El Racó cove.

Activities and excursions near Calpe

Close to Calpe and no more than 45 minutes by car you will find a endless variety of excursions or activities to do, because not everything is going to be in Calpe on vacation. Beautiful inland villages, theme parks, aquaparks or nearby islands will delight more than one @.

Denia, one of the great destinations of the Costa Blanca

Denia, harbor and castle
Denia, harbor and castle

Among the numerous tourist destinations of the Costa Blanca, Denia is one of the most attractive. Not only is it packed with the beautiful beaches that make the Costa Blanca famous, but it also has a beautiful historic center, a remarkable artistic heritage, an active marina and a spectacular natural environment.

Its proximity to the municipality of Calpe (30 minutes by car) makes it one of the ideal destinations to spend the evening / night. Obviously, it does not give to know all Denia, but if to enjoy its incredible castle, its spectacular harbor and its Tapas y scenes in the main streets of environment.

Located on a small hill are the remains (very intact) of the fortified castle of Denia, depending on the interest we have to visit it there are up to 3 possible routes on the inside, making visiting easily take a couple of hours. The visit, of course, is paid, but we believe it is one of the obligatory to see if you come to visit Denia.

Another of its strengths is its port, not only for the great deployment of boats that you are going to find there (some quite spectacular) but because it also concentrates a large part of pubs as a leisure area, most of them very well cared for where you can taste any drink.

Already as a last recommendation, if what you want is to go from tapas or just eat or dine at a good price, get close to Loreto and Marqués de Campo streets since it is where the main points of tapas and atmosphere (especially in summer) of this city are located.

Mundomar, the animal park in Benidorm

Mundomar Dolphins Benidorm

Mundomar (https://www.mundomar.es/) is a animals Park located in Benidorm (at 30 minutes from Calpe) and thought for the fun of the whole family. It is the most popular marine flora and fauna park in Spain and third in Europe according to the TripAdvisor survey.

The park has different species of mammals, birds and reptiles with which you can enjoy a great visit, complemented with different shows and the possibility of living special experiences like swim with sea lions or have a meeting with dolphins, or photograph yourself with different animals.

If you plan to come to this park, look well before tickets online, first because they are somewhat cheaper and second because there offers combined with other parks as can be for example aqueland and you can save a good amount of money.

Before going or at least nothing else you enter, fix and plan schedules so much of the shows as of the accesses to feed the animals or to do photos with them. While there are forums on the internet where people say that this park with one morning or one afternoon is more than enough, from here we can assure you that it is the opposite, if you take advantage of the park's offer, it takes almost the whole day to enjoy all its offer.


Guadalest, its castle and its old town


Guadalest is a nice medieval village of 208 inhabitants included in the denomination of one of the most beautiful villages in Spain, and why not, also from the Costa Blanca, largely thanks to the Castell de Guadalest of which we will give a couple of strokes to soak up its magic.

Being a indoor village, it will be necessary to have a vehicle to get there, since the approximate time by car to get from Calpe is about 45 minutes.

Most of the shops and services of the village have an early closing (castle included), keep this in mind in case you decide to go at sunset, it might happen that you find yourself with an old town practically lifeless.

Some of the company's worthwhile visits in this town the remains of his medieval castle and spectacular reservoir, the color of the water will leave you amazed at more than one @. Encourage lose yourself between the cobbled streets and its charming houses painted white.

Rent a boat (without a license) and walk the coast

Motor Boat without a License
Motor Boat without a License

Is one of the most demanded activitiesAll you have to do is go to sea and discover that on a day when the sea is calm, there are dozens of boats that are "walking" through the sea.

both Calpe as in nearby towns (Altea for example) you can take one of these motor boats that do not need a license and that are ideal for traveling the coast (or nearby islands) without any problems.

With a maximum speed of about 30 km / h and a capacity of up to 6 people, they allow us to easily approach coves of incredible waters that otherwise it would not be possible to enjoy. Once there, snorkeling, diving or just bathing, are unforgettable experiences.

From what we have been able to verify, the boats can be book by the hour, half day or full day, the companies that offer these outings adapt quite well to the demands of tourism. It is a way to enjoy the great works of nature, such as the Peñón de Ifach, in a different way.

Aqualandia, one of the best water parks in Europe

Aqualandia Benidorm
Aqualandia Benidorm

If you want to spend a Full day enjoying the water and attractions At the same time, you can go to one of the biggest and best water parks in Europe, to the aqualandia of Benidorm (https://www.aqualandia.net/).

The park has Several areas for the enjoyment of all ages, from the lagoon area or the children's area where, as you can imagine, the youngest can enjoy mini slides and games prepared for them, going through moderate attractions and more oriented to the more adolescent / adult public such as great attractions only suitable for the bravest and the most courageous.

Of course, there is no lack of mythical pool with waves, so that everyone can take a bath and at the same time enjoy the closest thing to the waves of the sea.

About cheaper tickets, as often happens in these cases, buying online cheaper, there is also a joint purchase offer if you go to more parks (Mundomar is right next door), look at it on the web. On the other hand, whenever you go to the park, when you leave you get discounts, be attentive to this in case relatives or acquaintances go to the park before you, so you can take advantage of discounts.

And finally, another classic, the food and drink. The park leaves total freedom to carry the food or drink that you want. But if you don't want to bring anything, inside you can buy all kinds of food or drink (that is, not at too cheap a price ...).


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