Cambrils: guide with the most important things to see, beaches to enjoy and activities to do.

Marina of Cambrils, Spain
Marina of Cambrils, Spain © silvaconstantino -


Cambrils is a summer municipality of 35 thousand inhabitants located in Tarragona, in the heart of the Costa Dorada. In recent decades, the many attractions of its environment and the varied leisure offer have made this coastal paradise one of the great tourist attractions of the province, with a massive attendance of tourists from all corners of the world.

Cambrils climate offers very pleasant temperatures all year round, with warm summers and moderate winters, as is usual in the Mediterranean. So much so that the mercury remains at 25º in the summer, an ideal temperature to enjoy our vacations.

Every year more than 50 thousand tourists are captivated by the scenic beauty of Cambrils, whose charms go beyond the leisure and beach offer. Also urban parks, historical monuments and other attractions multiply the fun and comfort of visitors.

How can I get to Cambrils?

Cambrils communications with the rest of Spain and Europe are admirable, both by road, by train or by plane.

Less than 10 kilometers away we have the Reus airport and about 100 kilometers that of Barcelona, so we will arrive at the municipality without unnecessary detours.

For those who prefer travel by train, the rail network is magnificent in these regions, with countless lines of proximity. The Camp de Tarragona AVE station is quite close to Cambrils, and connects the main points of interest on these coasts with Madrid, Zaragoza and Lleida.

Moreover, travel by car Nor does it pose major difficulties thanks to the N-340 and the AP-7 motorway, which facilitate access to the municipality. Finally, public transport is a really cheap option to move inside and outside the territory.//

What can we see in Cambrils?

There is much to see, much to do and much to enjoy at Cambrils, home to a rich maritime heritage where there is no shortage of green spaces, symbolic squares and buildings, monuments and other attractions. And it is that in this Tarragona municipality there is never a lack of leisure and fun options.

Part of the coast of Cambrils, Spain
Part of the coast of Cambrils, Spain © JackF -

At Port of Cambrils, one of the great icons of these coasts, we will discover a marvelous enclosure with 600 moorings, exceptional facilities and a panoramic view that will surprise locals and strangers. The fishing tradition, which has been practiced for millennia, is deeply rooted in these people, and even when modernization is evident, not even the locality itself can escape this charming marine environment.

El Cambrils Promenade will conquer romantic adventurers. An extraordinary perspective of the coast, various hotel establishments and the warm Mediterranean breeze are the ingredients of this passage, which we can travel by bicycle or on foot.

El Club Nautic, in the immediate vicinity, is the nerve center of the port. In addition to the courses, regattas and tournaments that are organized in this building, we will find a sailing school, conference rooms and a perfect restaurant to taste the local gastronomy.

In this sense, seafood, rossos noodles, black rice and other indigenous delicacies are available to our palate in the numerous restaurants and bars that dot Cambrils. Even the most demanding 'gourmets' will be amazed. For visitors with cultural appetites, nothing like visiting the most emblematic neighborhoods of the municipality.

El Cambrils Old Town It is one of the largest tourist attractions at the regional and provincial level. In addition to being the venue for countless festivities and events - such as Christmas concerts, the Medieval Market, etc. - these neighborhoods treasure the famous Plaza España, a highly attractive pedestrian area where visitors can enjoy the views of the crowded facades. color and architectural beauty.

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Excursions near Cambrils

For nature lovers, Samá and Fisherman's parks they offer landscaped spaces endowed with a varied arboreal mass that turns beautifully green in the spring months. It has recreational areas for children and all the equipment to enjoy a country evening. An unforgettable experience in many ways.

Although for experiences, the Castle of Vilafortuny proposes a trip to the past, specifically to the XNUMXth century, where we can see first-hand medieval architecture and decoration. On the other hand, the Red Lighthouse is the main protagonist of the port breakwater, as well as an exceptional companion during the evenings.

What are the best beaches in Cambrils?

How could it be otherwise, Cambrils owes part of its popularity to the beaches of golden sand and crystal clear waters - on the other hand, a house brand on the Costa Dorada - that stand out on its coastal strip. Thus, to fully enjoy this place, its more than 9 kilometers of sandy beach are a must.

Beach of Cambrils, Spain
Cambrils beach, Spain © pictarena -

Of all of them, the Cap de Sant Pere beach occupies a position of honor. With 600 meters in length and 20 in width, this Balearic jewel has a wide range of services (showers, access for the disabled, restaurants, etc.), and as it is rarely overcrowded, it is perfect for relaxing or strolling along its banks.

La Vilafortuny beach it has nothing to envy to the previous one. In its 1.700 meters in length we will discover a privileged space, ideal for practicing any sport. Such is the quality of its waters that they have been awarded the 'Blue Flag' by the European Union.

The benefits of Esquirol Beach they are not for less. The distinctive 'Blue Flag' and the assistance of the Red Cross guarantee the excellence of its services, where we will also find showers, toilets and even a playground that will delight the little ones in the house.

La Cavet Beach It is located at the eastern end of the municipality and enjoys calm waters that invite you to enjoy the aquatic disciplines. Like most of these beaches, it has the 'Blue Flag' and a medium occupancy rate.

Other coastal paradises are the beaches of La Riera, de la Llosa, l'Ardiaca or l'Horta de Santa María, charming corners where the sun always shines with special intensity and the temperature of the water invites you to enjoy diving, snorkeling and other leisure activities.

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