Cangas de Onís, travel guide of the Spanish city: everything basic and essential


Travel guide of the Spanish city of Cangas de Onís with all the basics and essentials.

Roman Bridge in Cangas de Onís, Asturias, Spain
Roman bridge in Cangas de Onis, Asturias, Spain © mrks_v -

Cangas de Onis It is a council of the Autonomous Community of the Principality of Asturias in Spain, where great places and architectural pieces were built, thanks to the monarchy that chose it as its home.

Asturias is a natural beauty in all its splendor. From the Parador de Cangas de Onís you can see its steep mountains, the beautiful white beaches, the most hidden caves, its majestic lakes, the imposing green of its forests and the crystallinity of the water of its rivers, and above all you can go to enjoy them without the need for long journeys.

From the towns near the city we can invite you to go to the town of Cabrales, half an hour from Cangas de OnisThere we can find a museum in a natural cave where we will see the making of the famous local cheese, extremely delicious and traditional for several centuries.

This is a place to enjoy various types of landscapes, which have perfect hiking routes around the lakes of the region and the mountains, in these places you can feel the air that gives tranquility, the wind that travels with great subtlety through the Parador and the unique privilege that visiting Cangas de Onís gives. At this point you can begin to understand why the monarchy of Asturias chose it several centuries ago as its home.


What can I see in Cangas de Onís?

Among the most outstanding sites that any tourist can visit we will find The bridge better known as Roman bridge, built in the reign of Alfonso XI. The Palace of Cortés, built in the XNUMXth century, and we cannot fail to mention La Antigua Audiencia, the place where the city council currently resides, but artistic monuments is what we can find, along the route that all travelers take wanting to know the most emblematic and representative places of the place we visit.

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What can I do if I visit Cangas de Onís?

Enos Lake in Picos de Europa near Cangas de Onis, Asturias, Spain
Enol Lake in Picos de Europa near Cangas de Onís, Asturias, Spain © herraez -

If we want to take a tour, we can recommend you to go along the banks of the Sella River and you will appreciate that it is surrounded by the most spectacular Picos de Europa, there you can stop and find a place of incomparable beauty, it is the Parador de Cangas de Onís.

The facilities where the hotel works is the old San Pedro de Villanueva Monastery, it is a beautiful building, composed of stone and wood rooms, with an elegant, warm and traditional decoration.

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The common areas such as the lounges and the garden next to the river are the ideal places to hold the most special celebrations that you consider holding in your life, if you want these to be an unforgettable event you should consider holding it there. The hotel is constantly attentive to the smallest detail that you can observe and experience when trying the gastronomy of the place, the main objective that the organization seeks is that you fully enjoy an idyllic place.

All this can be found just two kilometers from the city and it is a perfect starting point if you are looking to visit the Natural Park of Los Picos de Europa, the Sanctuary and the lakes of Covadonga, as well as various coastal towns such as Llanes o Ribadesella.

If it is a question of going for a walk by car you should not miss visiting the Ruta del Cares, its natural landscape is a spectacular canyon with a distance of 12 kilometers, it offers another of the most impressive views of the region, in the same way and once Again in the vehicle, the other route you can visit is the Desfiladero de los Beyos, another impressive canyon parallel to the Sella River. On this route you can stop at La Salmonera, where you will enjoy the show of the salmon lift.

What are the main festivals of Cangas de Onís?

Basilica of Santa María in Covadonga, near Cangas de Onís, Asturias, Spain
Basilica of Santa María in Covadonga, near Cangas de Onís, Asturias, Spain © aljndr -

Among its most representative celebrations you can find in the month of June, that of its patron, San Antonio de Padua, on the date that the celebration takes place is the 13th of the month, and consists of transferring the saint from his chapel to the parish by the middle of a procession where all the locals come; After praying and thanking their patron, they await the arrival of the night, where there is a great fireworks display next to the Roman Bridge, the night of San Juan with the jump of the bonfire and the San Pedro festivities in Villanueva.

And if we make our trip for the month of October we can go to the festival of El Pilar, held on the 12th of the month in the capital, we can attend the Picos Cheese Contest and the Honey Fair, giving free rein to our taste and gastronomic delight. But this is not all, other parties with great importance within the council are; The Shepherd's Festival in Vega de Enol, takes place on July 25, the day where the shepherds of the one who cultivate in the mountain choose the guards who will rule the pastures during the following year, in the same way the folkloric and sports activities are organized that each year they attract more visitors.

By the Principality of Asturias, is celebrated on the day of Our Lady of Covadonga, patron saint of said monarchy, which is celebrated on September 8 with a large crowd of pilgrims to the sanctuary. The celebration begins with a solemn mass and procession of the image, where the locals invite all tourists to learn about the legend of the Fuente de las Mozas, which is about drinking from all the pipes of the same to get married in the next year.

I at least dear tourist friends, I cannot go to this source, if I am happily married, I recommend that to all those who wish to abandon their singleness and loneliness and who are still looking for that half half that we all need humans. That is why if you have the opportunity to visit the city of Cangas de Onís, do not forget to go without your partner, because if you have not managed to make her fall in love completely, this is the ideal place to do it and especially because of the similar natural settings that can accompany you. in such hard work.

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