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Hotels in Cesky Krumlov Czech Republic

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Trips to Cesky Krumlov

Magical walks through streets framed by medieval monuments and lively bars full of life await you in a fairytale village on the Vltava river.
The village of Ceský Krumlov, under the shadow of an impressive castle, evokes the glorious medieval and Renaissance times of the Czech Republic. In fact, its labyrinthine historical center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Find out during your holiday in Ceský Krumlov. The romantic centuries-old churches, the pedestrian bridges, the gardens and the meandering Vltava River are other attractions.

The heart of Ceský Krumlov is its fascinating Old City, Unesco World Heritage Site, which overlooks the river. In its center is the Place of Concord, or Námestí Svornosti, a large cobbled area surrounded by large bourgeois houses. Its labyrinthine streets will lead you to tourist places such as Church of San Vito as well as the Jakoubek House. Afterwards, you can immerse yourself in centuries of local history in the Moldavite Museumplatforms, Torture Museum and Regional Museum of Cesky Krumlov, as well as watching the works of the Viennese artist Egon Schiele in the Art Center of Egon Schiele.

Ceský Krumlov vibrates thanks to the street artists, who animate almost every corner of the old city, and the terraces of the cafes and cozy bars, where local beer is served. On the river, canoe trips, boat trips and inflatable donut descent are organized with views of the magnificent roofs of the village.

If you have booked one of our cheap trips to Ceský Krumlov, save a day to visit castle, from the 13th century, which you will reach by crossing the pedestrian bridge at the northern end of the old city. In this fortress, you will be amazed by its resplendent rooms, its perfect baroque garden and the moat, which has been the home of bears since the 18th century. Later, you can walk around the Latrán street and observe the scenes with puppets of the Puppet Museum. If you prefer, join a guided tour of the Eggenberg brewery.

Crossing the river, on the other side of the old city, extends the Mestský park, ideal to relax when the sun shines. The Museum of Fotoatelier Seidel as well as the Church of San Vito.

In the city there are fun parties, such as the September Festival of Baroque Arts. In June, historical reenactments of medieval events are held at the Fiestas de la Rosa de Cinco Petalos. Complement our excellent holiday packages in Ceský Krumlov with tickets to performances of chamber music, opera and philharmonic concerts during the International Music Festival in July.

You can easily reach Ceský Krumlov, in the South Bohemian Region of the Czech Republic, in four hours by train from Prague. The summers are mild and, in winter, the snow creates a fairy tale in Ceský Krumlov, a miniature version of the capital of the country.

Where to sleep in Ceský Krumlov

Booking the perfect hotel is essential to enjoy a perfect trip. Check out the different websites and you will discover some of the accommodation options that receive the most reservations in Ceský Krumlov.

Hotel Ruze, located at Horni 154, and Hotel Grand, located at Namesti Svornosti 3, are two excellent examples of accommodation options in Ceský Krumlov where you will surround yourself with authentic luxury and elegance. Two other great options, which are also highly rated, are Pension Marie and Pension TIFFANY.


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